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Makeup Wars – Favorite Waterproof Makeup

Makeup Wars Favorite Cruelty Free Waterproof Makeup

It’s time for another Makeup Wars! This time we’re talking about our favorite Waterproof Makeup. Because I have very bad allergies and I wear contacts (talk about a double whammy!), I need an arsenal of waterproof products to help me out when my eyes are watery. I’ve included all of my favorite cruelty-free waterproof makeup for you today!

1. Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner $19
UD’s liquid eyeliner comes in 11 gorgeous shades. My favorites are Siren (teal), Perversion (black), and El Dorado (gold). Siren is the perfect shade of blue teal, so if you’re a teal fan, you need it. Perversion is the quintessential matte black, which is a staple in any beauty lover’s collection. El Dorado is fun because it’s gold, and well, I love gold. I need to pick up Bobby Dazzle (white iridescent), Sabbath (deep navy) and Retrograde (dark purple).

2. Anastasia Lash Genius $21
If you suffer from allergies like I do, Lash Genius is a MUST! Since my allergies have been awful lately, I’ve been applying Lash Genius as a lash primer, then also using it as a top coat for my mascara. I have had NO ISSUES with flaking, clumping or smearing because of Lash Genius. I LOVE this stuff. It works with any mascara.

3. Too Faced Shadow Insurance $20
I can’t live without eyeshadow primer. TFSI is great for keeping your eyeshadow in place. I use this even when I use a ‘paint pot’ type shadow or a shadow stick, since it helps keeps things around.

4. tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner $22
This is a great liner / pencil that stays put. I have Golden Black, which is perfect for me. It’s a great go-to liner color that brightens my eyes. It’s easy to use in a smoky look or to wear on its own. This comes in 12 different shades.

5. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil $20
I love these shadow pencils! I bought a ton when they first came out and they’re still as pigmented and awesome as they were when I first tried them. They now come in 12 different brilliant shades. My favorites are Noise (hot pink), Lit (golden bronze), Clash (turquoise) and Delinquent (purple).

6. tarte EmphasEYES™ Waterproof Clay Shadow / Liner $24
I have this gel liner in Bronze (a rarity for me) and it’s so pretty! This is a great gel liner formula that is definitely waterproof. This comes in 6 different shades.

7. Buxom Smoky Eye Stick $19
I think I actually own every single shade made by Buxom in the Smoky Eye stick formula. This used to come in more colors but it looks like it’s only available in 6 currently. 5″ Stiletto and Silver Sword are my favorites.

8. tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush $16
Ok, so maybe this isn’t waterproof, but it’s VERY long wearing! I only own the shade Glisten (peachy pink), but it’s a beautiful color.

9. Jesse’s Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner $6.99
This has quite possibly the thinnest brush on any liquid eyeliner that I’ve ever tried. The tip is perfect and flexible, making it easy to make a thin or thick line. This does not budge! It’s the best budget friendly liquid liner that I’ve ever found!

10. Illamasqua Paranormal Palette $46.50
I don’t own this one, so it’s a LUST HAVE for me. The Paranormal palette is supposed to be waterproof. It’s so beautiful and perfect for summer with its bright shades. Illamasqua says this about it “Welcome to effortless application and blending. This palette looks like a powder but feels like a cream, delivering beautiful waterproof washes of color with long-lasting hold.”

I do still own several Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams, Aqua Eyes and Aqua Liners, which I love, but apparently MUFE is now selling in China, so I did not include them in my list. If they were still cruelty-free I would have included them in a heartbeat, as I loved the Aqua Creams and Aqua Liners.

What are your favorite waterproof makeup products? Are there any that I need to check out?


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  • Urban Decays siren is beautiful, I’ve been lusting after it for some time now.

  • perfect post!! i’ve been looking for the perfect waterproof makeup for summer!! loved the post 🙂

  • Illamasqua Paranormal palette is on my lust-have list too.  Do you have any suggestions for summertime/hot weather foundation and/or powder?

    • HollieHaradon Right now I’m wearing Paula’s Choice SPF 30 Sheer Matte tinted moisturizer like crazy. Perfect for hot humid FL!

  • I agree with everything you picked that I’ve tried. While I’m not a fan of liquid liner in general, UD’s 24/7 liquid liner is bulletproof. Buxom’s Smoky Stick thing (I’m not sure what it’s called, I got it as a gift) is excellent as well. And UD’s 24/7 shadow pencils are AMAZING, not just for liner, but for a color base.
    As far as the Tarte products, ohhh man Tarte gets so much of my money. I fell in love with their blushes, which are definitely sweat-and-tear proof, and then started trying their other products. Tarte’s EmphasEYES converted me to gel liner (before I’d been lining my eyes with powder, then going over with Illamasqua’s sealing gel). Their SmoulderEYES pencils are fantastic, and come in different shades than UD offers. Their blushes are still my favorite product, though.
    Oh, and TFSI. Fantastic. Lasts forever, doesn’t darken shadows, cheap for how long it lasts. You have good taste.
    I’m lemming like crazy for that Paranormal palette, too. I have several Illamasqua single shadows, and I just recently got the Fundamentals palette for $15.50 when Illamasqua’s site had a huge sale. Love everything about it, and intrigued by this new formula.

    • Purple Oleander I love Illamasqua powder eyeshadows, but unfortunately apparently this palette creases. Makes me so sad to hear!

  • Love your picks!  And love your looks, too!  Will have to try Jesse’s girl liquid liners… I love me a good liquid liner!

  • Those UD pencils are amazing! Love the eye looks that you created here! Beautiful!!! Oh, and Lash Genius really is a must-have for allergy sufferers (like me) who suffer from watery eyes!

  • Love the Urban Decay pencils… have them in Clash, Clinic, Delinquent, Sin, and Morphine (kind of a duochrome)…

  • It’s too bad about MUFE since it really is a great line for waterproof. 
    I have a ton of the tarte pencils but not black gold – that will be remedied though. What a gorgeous pencil that is. I hope Ulta has it since I have a 20% off coupon!!
    And a trip to Rite Aid is in my future to find the Jesse Girl eyeliners. I’d love to try them.

  • Perfect timing!  I am heading to Hawaii on vacation next month and can’t wait to try these out!

    • oldergirlbeauty TFSI & Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics are tied for me. TFSI has been a long time favorite so I was shocked to find another primer that works as well for me, especially after trying over 20 and never coming close!

  • Holy crap I love every single one of your eye balls.  You do such an amazing job with color.

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