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Makeup Geek Makeup Brushes Review

Makeup Geek Makeup Brushes Review

I wanted to share my thoughts on the Makeup Geek Makeup Brushes. Makeup Geek Makeup Brushes are cruelty free and vegan. They’re made with synthetic bristles, so that everyone can use them.

PR samples + purchased by me.

Makeup Geek Makeup Brushes Review

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Face Brushes

Round Blush Brush – $8.99
Maybe I just don’t know how to use this one correctly, but it’s very stiff for my taste. I like the size but I wish it was softer, because I feel like it’s hard for me to apply my blush just right with it.

Angled Contour Brush – $8.99
I have the same problem with this brush as with the round blush brush. It’s just too stiff for my taste. I can do ok with contouring with it, but really wish it had more give.

Face Buffer Brush – $17.99
I love this one! I use it to apply setting powder, but it could be used for powder foundation too. Everyone needs a good powder brush and in my vast collection, this is my favorite. I use it daily. It is the best powder brush that I own and it gives me beautiful results. I use it under the eyes to press setting powder on top of concealer, I use it for all sorts of things. You could even use it for blush.

Foundation Stippling Brush – $17.99
This has a large head and it’s soft. I love how it feels.

Angled Stippling Brush – $15.99
I really like this one and I recommend it over the regular stippling brush because of the angle. It’s easier to get around the curves of your face.

Cheek Highlighter Brush – $8.99
I love this one and it’s so easy to apply your highlighter with it. It’s super soft.

Face Brush Bundle – $44.99
If you want to buy the brushes that Marlena recommends, this set includes the Angled Stippling, Rounded Blush, face Buffer, Angled contur and Cheek Highlighter. I like all of these except for the rounded blush.

Eye Brushes

Stiff Dome Brush – $7.99
This is a super stiff brush, which I do not like.

Eye Blender Brush – $7.99
This is an angled crease brush / eye blender brush. It’s kind of stiff for my taste and I don’t like it for blending.

Outer V Brush – $7.99
This is an ok brush. Good give, not scratchy.

Soft Dome Brush – $7.99
I love this brush! It’s awesome for applying color on my lower browbone / upper crease. It’s a steal for the price.

Smokey Eye Brush – $7.99
I own 2 of this brush. I purchased one and I was sent one to review. I adore it for blending in the outer crease. outer v or for smoky eyes. It’s stiff without being scratchy.

Crease Brush – $7.99
I own 2 of this brush. I purchased one and was sent one to review. I do like it for applying color in the crease.

Small Crease Brush – $6.99
This is super soft and I adore it. It’s good for detail work in the outer v.

Pointed Crease Brush – $6.99
This is a great little brush. Love the feeling.

Pencil Brush – $7.99
This is a great pencil brush. It’s not scratchy and it lays down color perfectly. This is a must have brush to me.

Bent Eyeliner Brush – $6.99
I love this brush! I own a lot of bent eyeliner brushes, from It Cosmetics to Sonia Kashuk and e.l.f. but this one is the best because it has the perfect amount of bristle density and give to help my lines be thick or thin.

Brushes I Would Skip
Eye Blender Brush
Stiff Dome Brush
Foundation Stippling Brush(I would recommend the Angled Stippling Brush instead for more versatility)
Angled Contour Brush
Round Blush Brush

Brushes I Highly Recommend
Soft Dome Brush
Smokey Eye Brush
Bent Eyeliner Brush
Pencil Brush
Pointed Crease Brush
Face Buffer Brush
Cheek Highlighter Brush
Angled Stippling Brush

What do you think of the Makeup Geek Makeup Brushes? Have you tried any? Which are your favorites?



  • Hey girlie. Your review is fantastic. This is the first time I’ve seen a reviewer demonstrate the density of a brush by pushing the bristles perpendicular into her hand. Please keep doing this. It informs me in a way that is challenging to express in words/text.

  • Oh my now I have a long list of brushes I want – and I was in the market for only a buffing brush lol. The angled stippling brush looks great – I wonder if it works well with powder foundations?

    • I haven’t tried it with powders, but only because I’ve had trouble wearing powder foundations (they accentuate dry patches) lately. It’s great with liquids. I love the buffing brush with setting powders / tinted loose powders.

      • My face produces enough oil to rival some Middle Eastern countries 🙁 Powder is the only thing it does not eat up. I think the Face Buffer is the ticket for powder for me – and I’m definitely getting the cheek highlighter brush!

  • Interesting! I just bought a bunch of Crown brushes from Hautelook, maybe I should have gotten these instead.

    • Yes! I would vote Makeup Geek over crown for most brushes 🙂 I do like my tapered blending brush by crown from my purple HD set

  • From memory you have used the Furless eyelash comb, but have you used any of their brushes? I’ve been using synthetic brushes of years, and their brushes are by far the best I have ever found. They are cruelty free, synthetic, and cheap – and oh so soft as well.

    • I have 2 sets of Furless brushes. They’re very nice, don’t get me wrong, but I like my Makeup Geek and Wayne Goss brushes more.

      Furless and Makeup Geek have similar price points.

      For me, I still find that the Goss eye brushes blend my eyeshadows better than anything else. The 6, 5, 4, and 3 are my staples for blending. I used to have such trouble trying to blend before I found them.

      • Good blending brushes are so hard to find, I agree. I love the Furless BB crease and the blending and blunt blending brushes, but I agree it’s a really personal thing. Are the Wayne Goss brushes all synthetic? There was a reason I didn’t check them out, and I thought that was it…

        • They are not synthetic. However, I emailed Beautylish who told me that the brushes were cruelty free, and Wayne Goss made a video on them stating that the hair was gathered humanely. Because of that, I decided to purchase them. I was very iffy on buying brushes without synthetic bristles because the majority of my brushes are all synthetic – Urban Decay, Too Faced, ecotools, bdellium, Makeup Geek, Sugarpill, etc.

          Part of my problem with the Furless brushes are that I don’t feel like any are the right shape / density for blending for my eyes.

          • I was really hoping I’d got it wrong about the Wayne Goss brushes 🙁 I don’t use anything but synthetic. I know what you mean about shape and density – there are some Furless, and most other blending brushes, that I can’t use. But luckily there are three that work for me. I’m always on the hunt for good synthetic brushes though so the MUG one will be added to my wishlist.

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