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My Makeup Collection

Phyrra's Makeup Collection Tour

This has got to be one of my most requested videos in all of my years of blogging! This is a tour of my makeup collection. It doesn’t include makeup that I’m currently reviewing. All of the products in the video were either purchased by me, press samples, or gifts. Please keep in mind that the size of my makeup collection is not your average size. It’s from 5+ years of beauty blogging, plus being a makeup lover. Before becoming a beauty blogger my entire makeup collection would have taken up like 1 or 2 drawers in my sherrieblossom. My nail polish took up 1 train case at that point.

Pr + purchased by me.

My Makeup Collection

I do show two different ways to fill the top of the sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny in this video. Plus you can see a third way in my sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny review.

Since filming, I’ve changed things again. The entire top drawer in the right hand 10 drawer storage unit is just Urban Decay palettes. Below that is all z-palettes. I decided it made the most sense to have all the UD palettes either in that drawer or in my sherrieblossom. I also wanted it to be easier to find all my Inglot and Makeup Geek eyeshadows.

This video was so long, even after me trimming it, that I had to split it into 2 videos. It’s about 28 minutes total.

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If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up!

Storage Devices

So anyway, this is my Makeup Collection. Let me know if you have any questions. I did link to some of my other videos so you could see some of the items more in depth. If you make it through both videos, I applaud you!

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  • Hi Phyrra!
    Have you ever used e.l.f. cosmetics? They are cruelty-free and mostly vegan (except for their essential line brushes). You have such an expansive collection of cruelty-free makeup, I was surprised you didn’t have any e.l.f.

  • Loved the video, and thanks for showing what the lipsticks look like packed into the top drawer of the Sherrieblossom! That’s how I love to keep my lipsticks, event though it’s a wrestling match with the MAC ones to get them to stay how I want. Now that I saw them all in there I don’t think I would need as many of those Sherrieblossom cases as I thought. Also, one question – with the 10-drawer storage units that you use, do you find that dust gathers on top of the stuff in the drawers because they are somewhat open? I used to have a drawer unit sort of like that but the dust gathering in it drove me crazy and I had to clean it all the time.

    • I have to dust it once a week because it does seem to attract dust. If you saw the 3 drawer plastic divider, that’s how I keep my MAC. I cut off the bottom of the lipstick boxes and pack them in that to keep it so you can easily see the color name

  • I noticed you have a fair amount of Lime Crime, but you only mentioned them by name once. Do you use them? If not, why do you keep them? Same with Smashbox. Will Stila’s choice to sell in China effect your willingness to wear the products you currently own of theirs?
    On a related note, besides giving it away, what is the best way to dispose of makeup? Is makeup packaging recyclable, on average? Are there certain considerations to take about disposing of the makeup itself, like with nail polish?

    • I have Lime Crime that I was sent to consider for review. I’ve reviewed their nail polish, but opted not to review the rest. I found the products to be hit or miss. There doesn’t seem to be a consistency in their formula, as some colors have good color payoff and some have poor.

      The Smashbox, like my MAC and Stila, were purchased when the companies were cruelty free.

      As stated in my cruelty free posts, I won’t repurchase from companies like that, but I will keep the products unless I decide to give them away.

      I have no idea of the best way to dispose of products, to be honest. I do know that Zoya always does a polish exchange for nail polish. And also, for nail polish, it lasts far longer than you think. Even when it gets goopy, you can put some renew drops in it to fix it.

      • Thanks for the response! Makeup is so expensive, I know not using stuff you buy can feel just as bad as using brands you no longer support. As for nail polish, that’s good to know, I hardly ever paint my nails because it’s so frustrating, but I have some pretty nail polish from 2 years ago that someday I might want to use :P.

        • If I’m really displeased with a brand, I do often swap it or give it away. In rare cases, like Glittersniffer, I threw it away because I didn’t want ANYONE to risk using it and hurt their eyes.

          Sally’s Beauty Supply sells this stuff and you only need like 1 or 2 drops to renew a polish.

          I still love my MAC, I’m just very disappointed in them. That’s why I rarely wear it.

          • That’s a good point, dupe lists are really helpful! I had only just discovered the doedeerelies pinterest when BAM! the very next day, mass deletion. It was a really extensive source of unusual colored lip products, I wish the owner could have kept it and just changed the name to something more general and less…inflammatory :(.

            • I don’t think the name was the problem. I think the problem was the owner of LC wanted to sue. One of the reasons I had accepted Lime Crime products to review was that I thought they had changed their actions and were moving forward as better people. I was clearly wrong.

              I know that having good dupes of any brand is helpful, especially when they’re not CF products and people want to find CF products, like replacements for MAC or Stila. Speaking of, I guess I better get on finding a Kitten dupe.

              • I didn’t think she had any grounds to sue, but I have no idea. It’s sad how keeps turning out. But there’s nothing illegal about each individual blogger providing their own dupe lists for whatever brand they want, right? Keep doing what your doing, I appreciate honest, well researched and responsible blogging!

  • Your stash gives me a serious case of grabby fingers! lol You have such a sweet voice and I loved that you did the videos in your cute blue wig.

  • You have an incredible stash. Just when I thought I’d seen most of it then comes the face products! Phyrra, this is amazing.

  • i loved the video! when you’re makeup stash is that big, how in the world do you decide what to wear every day?!

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