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KBShimmer In the Mood Nail Polish


KBShimmer In the Mood Nail Polish

Hey friends, happy Saturday! Yesterday I did a new full set of nails so that I could bring you KBShimmer In the Mood Nail Polish today! In the Mood is going to be a part of the November Polish Pickup. Thank you to KBShimmer for sending me this nail polish, sugar scrub, and cuticle oil. In case you don’t know, KBShimmer is an indie nail polish brand located in Indiana. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They make AMAZING nail polish.

Where to Buy
The Polish Pickup

$10 for the nail polish
$10 for the sugar scrub
$7.50 for cuticle oil

The Inspiration for the Polish

While not all reality TV is my cup of tea, Project Runway is one exception.  As someone who can’t sew, I love watching the designers get inspired, turn seemingly random sketches into designs, and travel to Mood to select luxurious fabrics.  Seeing the shop dog, Swatch, chilling on the floor while designers frantically run around is also entertaining. I knew I wanted to do something inspired by the show, so I set to seeking out the perfect dress.  My inspiration dress was designed by a judge from a foreign Project Runway, but with its dramatic black bodice fading into hues of lavender, coral, deep purples, and pinks, I knew this was the one!

Here’s a photo of the dress it was inspired by.

Sparkling Champagne Sugar Scrub

Sparkling Champagne Sugar Scrub

Sparkling Champagne Hand & Body Scrub is inspired by the golden, bubbly drink we love to sip at celebrations. Soft and fresh, this scrub features light notes of fresh apricot, a hint of brandy, and subtle notes of flowers and pink berries, all ready to tickle your nose.  Off-white in color with gold swirls throughout, this sparkling scrub is perfect to add a bit of cheer to your pampering routine. 

The KBShimmer Sparkling Champagne Hand and Body Scrub smells divine! I love champagne inspired notes mixed with fruit. Definitely a fun foodie smell to me. This is going to be $10 at the November Polish Pickup. As soon as Dave smelled this, he told me he loved it. I think he may end up using this as a body scrub too.

In the Mood Thermal Nail Polish

KBShimmer In the Mood Swatch

Here’s KBShimmer In the Mood nail polish when my hands are cold. It’s a rich black with lots of multi-colored flakies.

Black to Purple Thermal Nail Polish

To show the color shift of KBShimmer In the Mood Nail Polish, I got my hands wet to warm up the middle two fingers to make them shift.

Tri-Level Cuticle Oil

KBShimmer In the Mood Nail Polish

KBShimmer In the Mood Nail Polish swatch


The two photos above were taken after I did my nails last night and my cuticles were a little rough from the e-file. I applied the KBShimmer Tri-Level Cuticle Oil to help heal them overnight.

KBShimmer In the Mood Nail Polish

And here’s what my cuticles looked like this morning after that deep hydration. The KBShimmer Tri-Level Cuticle Oil is a steal for only $7.50

The Polish Description

In The Mood is a thermal nail polish that features a deep black base that shows off hues of lavender and purple when warm.  A mix of gleaming flakes shows off shades of indigo, fuchsia, peach, and coral, while a shifty shimmer sparkles with hints of pink and purple. This fashionable shade is best in 2 coats.

Final Thoughts

Purple and black is my favorite color combo, which you probably already know if you’ve seen my modern romantic gothic bedroom. I’m in love with KBShimmer In the Mood nail polish! I love how this thermal looks on me, whether it’s solid black or a mix of black and purple. I’m never warm enough for it to stay fully purple for long.

What do you think of the KBShimmer In the Mood Nail Polish? Have you ever purchased from the Polish Pickup?



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