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Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Review and SwatchesToday I’m sharing my thoughts on the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette with you. This palette is part of the Holiday 2015 release and I bought it from Sephora as soon as I saw it go online. It has really cute, vinyl record inspired packaging. The bright shades inside are laid out in a color wheel shape. The inner circle of colors is a mix of neutrals. The name of this palette comes from one of Kat’s favorite tattoos, meaning “My Crazy Life” in Spanish.

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette

Kat Von D Beauty is proudly cruelty free.

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Review

Where to Buy

$59 ($110 value, 24 eyeshadows each .04 oz)

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette

About Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette
Go crazy for color with 24 new high-pigment eye shadows in a palette inspired by vintage vinyls. With a striking combination of technicolor brights and everyday neutrals, this palette proves that there’s no shade too bold or combination too daring. It features an inner wheel of seven nudes and neutrals surrounded by an outer wheel of 17 vivid brights. Discover how to rock three stand-out and insanely vibrant looks on the illustrated insert. Each is named for one of Kat’s cult favorite Studded Kiss Lipstick shades.

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette

The left side is on Ofra Eye Gel Primer. The right side is on bare skin.

Kat Von D Hyperballad swatch

Hyperballad (sea blue)
Deep teal green matte, sort of patchy on bare skin.

Kat Von D Synth swatch

Synth (electric blue)
Vivid electric blue matte, sort of patchy on bare skin.

Kat Von D Dark Wave swatch

Dark Wave (deep navy)
Deep navy blue matte, sheer on bare skin, very disappointing. As someone who loves darkwave music, I was excited to see an eyeshadow with this name until I swatched it.

Kat Von D Echo swatch

Echo (purple glitter)
Deep blue-toned purple matte with purple glitter, sheer on bare skin and fallout from the glitter. You know me, I love purples. It’s so disappointing to see a purple perform like this.

Kat Von D Muse swatch

Muse (lilac purple)
Semi-sheer and patchy light lilac purple satin, barely shows up on my skin. This one does not impress me at all. Even on primer, you can see on the left side of the swatch the pigmentation can’t fully cover my freckle.

Kat Von D Anthem swatch

Anthem (purple)
Red-toned magenta purple satin-matte, patchy on bare skin. As someone who loves purple, this color deeply disapppointed me. It didn’t want to apply evenly.

Kat Von D Love swatch

Love (shimmery rose)
Light rose shimmer.

Kat Von D Swoon swatch

Swoon (fuchsia)
Hot pink satin-matte.

Kat Von D Destroyer swatch

Destroyer (bright strawberry)
Warm bright strawberry red satin-matte.

Kat Von D Rewind swatch

Rewind (aubergine)
Brown-toned burgundy satin. A pretty shade that I want to wear right now because I’m burgundy obsessed.

Kat Von D Harpsichord swatch

Harpsichord (metallic bronze)
Metallic orange with copper tones. This makes me think of fall. It’s beautiful if you love orange shades.

Kat Von D Analogue swatch

Analogue (burnt orange)
Rich deep orange satin matte.

Kat Von D Fran swatch

Fran (deep mustard yellow)
Orange-toned yellow satin. This was surprisingly pigmented to me.

Kat Von D Legend swatch

Legend (golden yellow)
Light metallic yellow gold.

Kat Von D Vinyl swatch

Vinyl (neon green)
Bright chartreuse green satin.

Kat Von D Misfit swatch

Misfit (kelly green)
Bright satiny green.

Kat Von D Lemmy swatch

Lemmy (grass green)
Deep green shimmer with a slightly smoky base.

Kat Von D Black Metal swatch

Black Metal (matte black)
Black matte, easy to smoke out.

Kat Von D Skulls swatch

Skulls (iridescent pearl)
Sheer white pearl, good for an inner corner highlight or to layer on top of another shade to add dimension.

Kat Von D Lyric swatch

Lyric (white pearl)
Sheer light beige pearl, really matches my skintone pretty well.

Kat Von D Moulder swatch

Moulder (butter yellow)
Light satiny yellow beige, barely shows up on my skin.

Kat Von D Strutter swatch

Strutter (taupe)
Taupe matte.

Kat Von D Noble swatch

Noble (nude)
Light milky brown matte.

Kat Von D Vox swatch

Vox (chocolate brown)
Dark brown matte, makes me think of a 90% cocoa dark chocolate bar

The swatches below show the top of the swatches with primer and the bottom of the swatches on bare skin.

Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches
Vox – Noble – Strutter – Moulder
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches
Lyric – Skulls – Black Metal – Lemmy – Misfit – Vinyl
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches
Vinyl – Legend – Fran – Analogue – Harpsichord
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches
Rewind – Destroyer – Swoon – Love – Anthem
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches
Anthem – Muse – Echo – Dark Wave – Synth – Hyperballad

I am very glad that I started swatching on primer and on bare skin. I feel like it gives me a clearer picture on the performance of the eyeshadows.

The packaging is very pretty, though it is bulky. It feels thin. This is one I would recommend depotting. I really like the Get the Look guides that are included with the palette.

I love that Mi Vida Loca Remix has bright mattes and satin mattes with a few shimmery shades thrown in. I feel like too many palettes are composed of pure shimmer, and the extra matte / satin matte brights make it special. I love the fact that the colors are all color wheel influenced so you’re getting a real rainbow of shades. I’m not as fond of the included neutrals because I don’t feel like the color range of neutrals works very well for me, but they may work better for light to medium skintones.

Muse, Lyric, Skulls and Moulder blended in with my skintone rather than having enough pigmentation to stand on their own. Echo, Dark Wave, Synth, Hyperballad and Anthem really disappointed me as I felt they were patchy. I also feel like Vinyl, Misfit and Lemmy didn’t perform as well as they could have. Rewind, Love, Destroyer, Analogue and Harpsichord seemed to perform the best to me. The colors with the poor color payoff are surprising after how well the Metal Crush eyeshadows performed.

While it’s true that I always use primer and these shades certainly perform better on primer, I have such a large collection and many similar shades that already perform better, so I don’t feel I can justify keeping this palette. I’d be more inclined to keeping it if the blues and purples performed better. Last year I probably would have given this palette a much better review, but I’m more critical now with the way I judge eyeshadows.

You’re getting 24 nearly full size eyeshadows (.04 oz each) for $59, which isn’t a bad deal if the quality is there. Unfortunately, I feel like the quality is lacking with this palette. Because of the disappointing performance, I’m going to be returning it. You know I hate to return things but I just don’t feel that my money was well spent. I wanted to love this palette, but it let me down.

If you want a solid bright color palette, I recommend either the Urban Decay Spectrum Palette (LE, Holiday) or the Urban Decay Electric Palette (permanent). You can also get a ton of awesome bright eyeshadow singles from Sugarpill.

What do you think about the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette?



  • A true test of an eye shadow palette is when it is swatched without primer – and, in this case, the assumption is made that everyone uses eyeshadow primer. Oh dear and some of the colours are lovely too. I think this would be bulky to store and use, organized the way it is. Thank you for the detailed review Phyrra. It is a pass for me.

  • Wow, such a huge difference the primer makes with these. I bought it, because I’m not into the chunky glitter and fallout in the UD stuff, but I still haven’t decided if I’m keeping it.

  • Thanks for the review – been waiting for it!! I ordered it and am excited to get it. A lot of my excitement is because of the “collector” in me. I love that it looks like a record, the artwork on it, “My Crazy Life” (since I’ve always been pretty crazy). It will be perfect for me; this old broad won’t want full color payoff all the time, and when I do, I’ll use primer. I’m excited that I can create a Seahawks look with this (crazy about the Seahawks; grew up in Seattle and have very sentimental attachment). But I can see why this wouldn’t necessarily excite you Courtney because you wear bold colors (and wear them well!). Thanks again!!! ps. I agree you shouldn’t feel bad about returning it! xo hugs

  • Thank you for your review! I’ve been wanting to buy it! and don’t feel bad about returning it, I am a former Sephora employee and people return things allll the time! and they return them very used lol.

    • I don’t know if you ever saw my video where I talked about the woman doing a return in front of me at the Sephora at JCP. I felt SO BAD for those women. They returned a beauty blender that was almost a year old, clearly used to the point of disgusting. So happy you liked the review!

      • no I haven’t, but I have seen women try to return things that are seriously used and shouldn’t be returned. that’s just cheap people who want to try to get free things. Sephora’s policy is they take anything back up to 40% used, but women try to get away with it and usually the manager will take anything back, but sometimes she will not back down and just say no they cant return it, but that’s very rare. we throw everything in separate bins, depending on if its flammable or not, and then ship it out to get discarded. if some of the items are barely used we disinfect them and the employees have their pick at them. but we never ever put anything used back on the shelves! it is sad to think how much product is being wasted, but at the same time I do like the policy because sometimes you need a couple tries to see if you like a product and if it doesn’t end up working for you its nice to know that you can return it and get your money back instead of just wasted money. but with that policy comes abusers, and women who know that they can get away with it because we have such a lenient policy. unfortunately that comes with it! but I don’t think ill be getting this palette now after your review! 🙂

  • Such a difference with the primer vs bare skin. I really love the colors in this palette. Though I never wear shadows without primer, swatching on bare skin really dows give you a great idea of how they will perform. I’ve seen Wet n Wild palettes perform better than this.

  • When I saw all the purples and teals, I thought this palette would be perfect for you, but I can’t believe how poorly they performed! What a let down from this brand. I don’t blame you for returning it.

  • This should have been a palette that you would use over and over. It has your name written all over it yet the pigmentation is so disappointing. I’m sure your heart was sinking when you were swatching it.

  • This is so disappointing. After reading this and Temptalia’s reviews and looking at both sets of swatches, I’m definitely passing on this. I got UD Urban Sepctrum last week, and my Vice 4 arrived today. Your reviews were spot on. I love both, but Spectrum is something special.

  • So sad about the poor performance! I read another review that spoke of how badly many of the shades were too. I’d take it back too. Super fun packaging and appearance but, no, if they don’t work well, they don’t work well. Thank-you for an honest review. 🙂

  • Very nice review Phyrra. I just got this late last week and haven’t even taken it out of the box as I was waiting on some reviews. I was hoping it would do better than what I am seeing. I don’t have a huge selection of color in my collection, but I have enough. I seem to lean to neutrals. I did buy Spectrum along with this and Vice 4 last week. I also own UD Electric. I really love KVD’s smaller palettes and the crushed shadows. I guess I was hoping this would be at least close. I have no issue with wearing primer and typically do. Man, this is a hard one. I guess I need to dig thru my stash and have a swatch fest.

  • What a gorgeous palette! I’ve only used the Kat Van D liner so far and I love it. It’s great to know that the shadows are just as amazing.

  • I was anxiously awaiting your review of this palette because it was high on my wish list. So sad to see that this palette was a dissapointment. Have you seen the new Viseart color palette at Sephora? Not sure if they are cruelty free or not.

    • Viseart is cruelty free! I haven’t seen the palette but I’ll look for it. Last year it probably would have gotten a higher review from me but with the way I’m swatching now, I’m more critical on things.

  • The very shades I loved in the palette showed up patchy – what a bummer! At least you can return it. Sephoras outside of the US don’t accept returns if you swatch/use/breathe on/wave in the general direction of the product lol.

  • I don’t buy the large KVD palettes anymore. They just aren’t that great beyond being a collector’s item and with so many other great palettes to choose from, KVD’s offerings just don’t have any pull for me other than style. I passed on this, bought Vice 4 (what Mi Vida Loca Remix could’ve been….) and will likely get the holiday Too Faced set.

      • Last year’s Startstudded was so bad, it remains the only palette I’ve ever returned. I love the quality of the shadows in the couple of smaller ones I have.

  • I know it is helpful to many to see the shadow without primer, but I always use primer and I think these shades look fab over primer. What a gorgeous collection of colors! I look forward to seeing the looks you’ll create with it

    • I won’t be creating any looks with it. I’m going to return it. I have a LARGE collection of eyeshadow, as you can imagine, and with so many similar shades that perform better, i just can’t justify keeping this palette.

      • Oops. Definitely returning something that doesn’t perform makes sense especially if you don’t need it.

        • If the pigmentation was amazing I would have no problem keeping it. I just have so many palettes I never touch, I don’t want this one to add to the stack.

          • I know what you mean! But you’ve gotten me to thinking about swatching. I swatch on primer most of the time since so many women complain about oily eyelids (or in my case dry eyelids), and they say they always apply shadow over primer. But maybe I should be thinking of doing it both ways…though I don’t know if I’ve got the patience to do it. Your swatches are always the best!

    • The concept for this palette is excellent – I love the color choices and finish, but I wish they were more pigmented and performed better.

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