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Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review Video Swatches

Today I’m sharing the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette review. I’ve got live swatches of the palette, which I don’t normally do because I feel like they end up looking messy, as well as neat swatches on bare skin and primer. This is a 100% vegan palette and it’s cruelty free, too. This is currently available at Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I believe it will also be available at Beautylish in the near future.


Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Video

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Where to Buy
Jeffree Star, Beautylish

$45 for 10 eyeshadows that are .09 oz each.

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review Video Swatches

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review Video Swatches

Just to give you a frame of reference, Urban Decay eyeshadow singles are $19 for .05, Kat Von D Metal Crush singles are $21 for .10, MAC singles are $16 and refills are $6 for .04, and Makeup Geek singles are $10 for foiled and $6 for regular for .064. The closest palette I could think of price wise would be the Urban Decay Electric Palette which is $49, so a little more expensive, which gives you 10 shades for $4.90 each, though they’re less than half the size of the Jeffree palette, at .04 oz each.

Now, I took this palette and several other eyeshadow palettes with me on my trip to Traverse City Michigan. This is the palette that I played with the most. I can actually create several complete looks with this palette without having to reach for supplementary shades, like I normally do.

The top half of the swatches are on Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the bottom half is on bare skin.

Jeffree Star China White swatch
China White
a pale creamy white matte, which makes a great base shade or highlight shade on my skintone.

Jeffree Star Courtney swatch
a peachy nude matte that can be used as a soft crease or transitional shade on me.

Jeffree Star Vanity swatch
a deep brown matte. This is great to contour the eye, as a deeper crease color or even a liner.
These three shades are staple neutrals that are great for crease or hood work. They’re office safe for a conservative environment. The rest of the shades are more fun!

Jeffree Star Star Power swatch
Star Power
a hot pink matte. I’m not sure if this is a reference to the invincibility star in the Mario Brothers video game or Guitar Hero. Either way it’s beautiful. This reminds me of Sugarpill Dollipop.

Jeffree Star Black Rainbow swatch
Black Rainbow
an ultra-pigmented black matte with rainbow glitter. This reminds me a bit of Sugarpill Stella.

Jeffree Star Princess swatch
a super pale frosty pink. It almost glows. It makes a great highlighter! Pictures don’t really do this shade justice but the video shows off how pretty it is.

Jeffree Star Expensive swatch
a metallic teal shimmer. This is a beautiful teal. It does have some fallout though.

Jeffree Star Rich Bitch swatch
Rich Bitch
a metallic gold glittery shade with fallout. This had the most fallout of any shade in the palette.

Jeffree Star Violence swatch
a plum purple shimmer. This was a bit of a disappointment because it’s not a true purple, it’s more of a berry plum purple shade.

Jeffree Star Confession swatch
a cranberry brown metallic. This was a bit of a disappointment because it’s not a burgundy.

Violence and Confession were the two shades that I was personally disappointed with in the palette because they’re not what I see in the pan. I feel like we see these shades everywhere. I was hoping that Confession would be a true burgundy and that Violence would be more of a royal purple. Even though they’re not to my taste, I do think that they’re both pretty easy colors to work with.

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review Video Swatches
L to R – China White – Vanity – Courtney – Rich Bitch
Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review Video Swatches
L to R – Rich Bitch – Confession – Violence – Princess
Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review Video Swatches
L to R – Princess – Star Power – Expensive – Black Rainbow
Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review Video Swatches
L to R – China White – Vanity – Courtney – Rich Bitch – Confession – Violence – Princess – Star Power – Expensive – Black Rainbow

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review Video Swatches

Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review Video Swatches
Wearing China White, Courtney, Vanity, Expensive and Princess

For this look I used China White as my base shade. I applied Courtney all over the eye area and the lower lid. I layered Vanity on the lid and hood in the smoky dome shape, as well as at the lash line. I applied Expensive damp with UD’s All Nighter to the lid. I highlighted with Princess at the inner corner and under the brow.

What I like about this palette
The packaging for this palette is slim. It’s not bulky, there’s nothing extra. I love that the names of the colors are printed directly under the eyeshadows on the palette. They’re in a clear and easy to read font. I mostly love the color choices. I love that it’s a great value for the price because you’re getting a ton of eyeshadow. The mix of mattes and shimmers make it perfect, in my opinion, for hooded eyes.

What I don’t like about this palette
I feel like Rich Bitch and Expensive both had more fallout than necessary. I almost felt like they weren’t as nice in texture as the rest of the colors. I felt like Violence and Confession were not true to what I see in the pan. I wish they had been.

If you are not a fan of brights, you won’t want this palette. If you love brights, I think you’ll like this palette. If you have hooded eyes, I think you’ll love this palette because of the mix of mattes and shimmers. If you’re looking for a versatile palette to take you from day to night, conservative office to romantic date night or party looks, this is the palette for you.

What do you think of the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette? Let me know below!

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  • Would love to try this palette now that you have shared it. Gosh I hate being retired with no extra money!!

  • Yes, looking again I was hoping for a lot more richness with Confession-I remember now I was excited about that one, but I see the fun versatility of the palette for sure.

  • Courtney oh wow yay! Now that I see the shades swatched on you-and your gorgeous vid, and your looks, it’s definitely on my list. I was waiting for your full review to think about buying! (I did buy Rose Matter the Lip Velour, I’m excited about that one!) I love the pigmentation-even though a few have a little fallout-they are nice, the shades that I love seam to be better in texture-I LOVE how you showed how the three nude/softer shades can take you from day to night and then makeup them pop for a glam look using Vanity, Expensive, and Princess! Yes I can see what you say about confession, I really like that the matte shades are nice-so I like a palette to have a few nice mattes -China White(great highlight for me too!),the Courtney shade is great! others that double as highlights,(like when a palette can do that) Vanity(I don’t have a lot of teal, Star Power, Black(matte with the sparkle, I love those type of shades) I can see how it was great to apply Expensive with the UD Spray(good one for my NARS Wet/Dry) Are you going to get a Frost? I like that one, last shimmery more of a nice glow-and peach goddess a lot of the people I’ve talked to on twitter love that shade. By the way, Beautylish has a bundle(gift box that’s really nice on the Velours-the two new shades Mannequin, Rose Matter, and one more shade) and it will be back in stock soon!

  • This palette looks so pretty! My favourite shade from these is Star Power because it just looks so bright and eye-catching!

    • I agree, another beautiful teal shade can be found(it’s more foiled and rich) in the Saucebox Art Nouveau palette-if you love teal

  • This palette is goooooorgeous, though too many brights for me to drop the cash as I won’t use it much. Love the look you did!

  • I probably wouldn’t buy this because I don’t wear the bright colors. However, the pigmentation of your swatches is amazing! I’d definitely look at other shadows from the line.

    • This is actually the first eyeshadows they’ve come out with to my knowledge-but their Lip Velours are amazing(there are two new beautiful shades that just launched), they also have these new highlighters called Skin Frosts avail on the JS site and Beautylish(an awesome site to shop) I’m not a huge brights person either but I’m experimenting with it and having fun., I like to do a rich nude warm look and use the brighter shades in the outer crease blended, to line, or in other ways.

  • Courtney you have the most amazing swatch posts, some of the best that I have seen! Doesn’t hurt that you have those gorgeous green eyes that look beautiful in every shade including edgy ones that I can’t wear:)

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