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Is It Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

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Is It Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

Is It Cosmetics Cruelty Free? I know a lot of you expressed concerns over It Cosmetics being purchased by L’Oreal. I reached out to my contact at It Cosmetics to make sure that they would remain cruelty free.

Their response:

Hi love!

We will not be sold in China 🙂 thank you for following up!

My Thoughts:

I’m relieved to know that It Cosmetics will not be sold in China! They will continue to NOT test on animals.

L’Oreal has a good track record with keeping the brands that it acquires cruelty free. The Body Shop, Urban Decay and Nyx are all cruelty free. Additionally, L’Oreal has actually spent money researching alternatives to animal testing, including Episkin.

What do you think about It Cosmetics remaining cruelty free?

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  • I bought foundation from qvc to then find out that it is made in China,so can not be cruelty free…

    • Hi! Products can be made in China and still be cruelty free. It Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand. Their parent company is not cruelty free.

  • I have read that about L’Oréal myself too. It’s great when a brand can keep its uniqueness and identity after a takeover. I wonder how Too Faced will fare.

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