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Is the Ordinary Cruelty Free?

Is the Ordinary Cruelty Free?

Is the Ordinary Cruelty Free?

I recently reached out to the Ordinary to ask, is the Ordinary cruelty free? Here’s the response I received from them.

Thank you so so much for your patience and to your readers too for their’s.
With regards to your query about Tweeba Dropship I have been advised the following –
All of our business in China is through cross-border E-commerce method. We can ship to China without registration, we do not have any physical stores that stock our products. That would require registration, which we will not be doing! 

I have tried to answer your questions as best I can below : ) do let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Are the finished products tested on animals by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company? – NO, only on humans!

Are the products tested on animals during the production process by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company? – NO, only on humans!

Do you have documents from your ingredient suppliers to show that they are not testing on animals for your brand or any other brand? – No, this response comes directly from Brandon, our founders – We cannot have control over what other brands do and so do not ask our suppliers to prove that none of their customers test on animals.


We only work with suppliers who do not perform animal testing – cosmetic suppliers generally do not need to test on animals because only finished products need to be tested on animals for sales in China (the main reason cosmetics ever get tested on animals). Naturally, we do not test our finished products on animals and do not ask others to do so. We also will not work with any distributor or customer unless they agree that they will never test our products on animals.

Does your manufacturer purchase any ingredients from laboratories that conduct tests on animals? Do you have documents to support this? – NO, we make everything in-house at our lab and factory in Toronto (this is where we were founded).

Are the products sold in any markets where animal testing is required by local law and regulations (China, etc)? NO

Are the products vegetarian? (no animals killed for the products – i.e. some forms of collagen, squalane, etc.) YES

Are the products vegan? (i.e. product ingredients that come from animals like lanolin, honey, milk, etc. – being vegan is NOT necessary for my blog, but a bonus for my vegan readers) The majority of products are vegan yes. 

Is your company certified by Leaping Bunny? (NOT necessary, but definitely a nice thing! It’s free to become Leaping Bunny certified, plus they promote you to over 10 million people. Read more about it here

I feel comfortable saying that the Ordinary is cruelty free and not testing on animals. Learn how to create a skincare routine with the Ordinary!
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  • I would ask them to explain why they aren’t certified then ? If they are truly cruelty free then this shouldn’t be a problem

    • Not every brand wants to pay for certification. A lot of brands that used to be certified are dropping / have dropped Leaping Bunny this year and just stuck to PETA.

    • Hong Kong is exempt from animal testing. They’re currently the only place in China that is exempt. That information is on my cruelty free brands page.

  • From the Deciem website on the page about the founder:

    “In June 2017, we entered into a family-like partnership with The Estée Lauder Companies so that we can do more of what we do. Please take a moment to read my open letter about this very special partnership here”

    The open letter says that ELC isn’t planning to interfere and so they will continue to avoid China and will not be testing on animals. However they will be supported by a company that happily does all these things. A cop out, a sell out and a shame.

    • Hi Emma,

      2 things. 1. ‘Investing In’ does not mean they own. They invested in the company to help fix the product demand issues. I.e. the reason that so many products are waitlisted is because the Ordinary, on their own, cannot keep up with the demand, so by having another company invest in them they will be able to make more products faster to meet the needs of their consumers.

      2. As stated on my cruelty free page, I support cruelty free brands who have a non-cruelty free parent company because I believe it will lead to the eventual elimination of animal testing.

  • I have been reading about this line, The Ordinary, and am planning to purchase some in the very near future. Thanks for this post and finding out all of this information.

  • These are such good questions. I feel like cosmetics/skincare/haircare/perfume companies tend to lie through omission wherein you have to ask just the right question to get a completely accurate response. I’m so frustrated with Clean Perfumes who I believed was cruelty free only to discover the parent company can be found at Sephora China. It’s like a sick game of PR nonsense- only give responses to questions asked- do not answer any more, do not reveal what the interviewer really wants to know. It should be cut and dry – ‘Do you test on animals either your completed products and/or ingredients needed to make the final product?’ ‘Do you sell in Mainland China either directly or indirectly?’ Sneaky responses turn me off of the company in question. People/companies with nothing to hide will offer full information without semantics.

  • Very good article and research. We certainly don’t won want our precious animals harmed.

  • Great Job Courtney for Making Sure That These Brands That Claim to Be Cruelty Free are Indeed Cruelty Free! I’m Sure This is Important to a Lot of People, Especially Those That Follow Your Blog Because a Lot of Them are Probably Drawn to Your Website Because You Share Your Knowledge of Different Brands That are Cruelty Free! I Just Recently Heard About the Ordinary But I Have Not Yet Purchased Anything From Them Before! I Don’t Know That if I Had a Beauty Brand That I Would Call it “Ordinary” Though, Maybe Call it Extraordinary! Lol! Anyways Thanks Again for Sharing Courtney, You are Very Sweet to Do So! Have a Lovely Evening! – Jana

  • I went through a pretty serious Deciem obsession over the winter, and am happy to hear this. I thought they were, but thanks for doing the leg work Phyrra!

  • This is good to know because I was considering purchasing some of their moisturisers and cleansers. Thank you Phyrra for investigating on our behalf.

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