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Is CoverGirl Cruelty-free?

Is CoverGirl Cruelty-free?

Is CoverGirl Cruelty-free?

Recently the news came out that CoverGirl had received Leaping Bunny certification from Cruelty-Free International. After checking Leaping Bunny’s website and not finding CoverGirl there, I reached out to Leaping Bunny to find out the tea!

Is CoverGirl Cruelty-free Video

Is CoverGirl really cruelty-free & Leaping Bunny certified? Is Dove? Is PETA evil?

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Leaping Bunny Said

Hi Courtney,
Yes, it is true. Cover Girl has been certified as cruelty-free by our partners at Cruelty Free International. CFI has thoroughly examined the supply chain of the brand and determined that it is free of animal testing. As Cover Girl is owned by Coty, which is not certified by the Leaping Bunny Program, they will be denoted in all versions of our Compassionate Shopping Guide as such. Also, Cover Girl has never been in China.

I Asked

I researched and saw that CoverGirl went into China in 2005 and it looks like they actually pulled out in 2013 or so. I let Leaping Bunny know that. They said that they were waiting for CFI to send them the logo & description to add. It’s now listed on the Leaping Bunny website.

Who Owns CoverGirl?

CoverGirl is owned by Coty. They’re a juggernaut that owns many, many brands. They’re not cruelty-free.

So is CoverGirl Really Cruelty-free?

As far as I’m concerned, yes! CoverGirl is now a cruelty-free beauty brand. They have Leaping Bunny certification, which is the Gold Standard for cruelty-free! I will now be looking to try a few select CoverGirl products. I’m not sure if they make any foundations for pale, dry skin, but if so I’ll give them a try. If you’re a fan of CoverGirl, what do you recommend? What are your favorite products?

Where to Buy CoverGirl

This is something all you cruelty-free drugstore fans are going to love, CoverGirl is a drugstore brand! So you can find them practically everywhere! Be sure to check out my Cruelty-Free Drugstore Brands list.

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  • I hadn’t used Cover Girl for years and years until this past year. I love their new releases and this is only another reason to keep up with their new products.

  • Thank you for this info. Only using cruelty free products is so important. I’m so happy to know Cover Girl stepped up!

  • Wow, this is suprising, i stopped buying their products as they weren’t cruelty free, bothers me though that their parent company is not.

    • This literally just happened yesterday, so I was surprised too! I personally don’t mind about parent companies. I’d hate for people to try to hold me accountable for the crazy stuff my biological mother does.

      • that is a very good point, not paying for the sins of the parents. I will now look into using Cover Girl products again.

    • I think I used to use a CoverGirl mascara, so I’ll be looking forward to picking up a few CoverGirl products to try.

  • Wow this was unexpected! I’ve been eyeing their 2 colorful eyeshadow palettes for awhile, I’ve seen reviews praising them. The Jeweltones and Dazed palettes, I think they’re called.

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