Independent Spotlight – Sugarpill Cosmetics Interview

October’s Independent Spotlight is with the amazing Amy of Sugarpill Cosmetics (affiliate link).

How long have you loved makeup?

I was a jeans-wearing, makeup-hating tomboy until my sophomore year of high school. That’s when I met my best friend Zoeria, who introduced me to black lipstick The horror!! I was instantly hooked, and many many years of makeup atrocities followed.

What led you to create your own brand?

I always loved bright, obnoxious-colored makeup, but always found something to be desired in every brand that I loved. I constantly found myself saying things like “I love his eyeshadow but wish it it was less chalky” or “this is awesome but the packaging is a pain in the ass.” So it only made sense to take note of all these things and just create my own line where I could have whatever I wanted. Also, I didn’t feel like there were enough brands catering to the party/clubbing scene. I wanted to create something fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but is still superior in quality.

How did you come up with the name Sugarpill?

I like the idea that makeup gives you a kind of placebo effect, making you feel hotter and more confident. And it just sounds cute!

About how many hours a day do you work?

A billion! For the 4 years leading up to Sugarpill’s launch, I was working about 17 hours a day. But now that we’ve been able to hire help, I work about 12 hours a day, usually from noon to midnite. I love to sleep in!!

What is your favorite product to create?

Hm it’s kinda hard to say since we’re still new and really only have eyeshadows out at the moment. But we are working on lots of new product lines for next year, so I’ll get back to you once I have more products out and can pick a favorite! ^__^

What are your favorite colors?

Hot pink and turquoise. My friends make fun of me when we go shopping because I’m SO predictable and only ever buy things in those two colors. Well, I’m sometimes willing to wear different colors but only if there are cats on it or it was on sale!

What is your absolute favorite eye shadow color?

From Sugarpill only? Those would be Afterparty (turquoise pressed eyeshadow), Midori (bright green pressed eyeshadow) Goldilux (metallic gold loose eyeshadow) and Darling (sparkly teal loose eyeshadow). But if you mean any brand, I’ve gone through at least 20 pans of MAC’s Electric Eel in my lifetime before I created Afterparty, which is similar but slightly more pearly.

What are your favorite lip colors?

Hot pinks!!! MAC’s Show Orchid, and this limited edition Barbie one that melted in my car. Sadness!

Do you have a trademark look or trademark colors?

Someone once described my clothing as “glorified lingerie.” I guess I’m known for tearing up old lingerie and colorful dance costumes and layering them together. In hot pink and turquoise color combos, of course!

Do you have a signature scent?

I’ve actually never worn perfume in my whole life! I like looking at the boxes though, especially if they have Britney Spears on them!

What is your favorite seasonal trend? Or do you ignore seasonal trends?

I don’t really pay that much attention to trends.

Do you enjoy looking at the runways for inspiration or trends?

Not really, that stuff is a bit too serious for me.

What do you look at for inspiration when you’re in the mood to create something new?

I like looking at more fun and playful things for inspiration, like child beauty pageants, dance competitions, and my silly friends!

What’s your skincare routine?

I wash my face with plain water in the morning, and at night I remove my makeup with Pond’s face wipes. I try to keep it pretty simple because I used to break out a lot when I’d use too many different products!

Since I know you love color, what colors have you dyed your hair?

Every color imaginable. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink. But I always go back to blue and pink!

How many piercings do you have?

Just my septum! πŸ™‚

Do you have any tattoos?

My best friend (the black lipstick bandit) and I got 4 matching star tattoos on our front lower hips when we turned 19 together. They’re pretty hidden down there, so not too many people know about them. It was a super personal thing for us.

What’s your favorite way to accessorize?

Whenever I’m in a hurry and only have a few minutes to get ready, the best way to make myself instantly glamorous is to start piling as many hair bows and accessories onto my head as humanly possible!

Can you tell us about your upcoming collection? I KNOW I am dying to see what you come up with next! You rekindled my love for pressed shadows.

No! Top secret!

Do you have any pets?

I have four cats: Maus, Tako, Creamsicle and Little Brother. All males! Oh I also have a cutie pie pleco fish named Orca.

What are your favorite tv shows or movies?

My favorite TV shows are Freaks and Geeks, The Office, and sometimes 20/20 (only when it’s educational… I hate when they do the crime gossip stuff!). My favorite movies are Mary Poppins and Annie.

What are your favorite authors or books?

Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley Twins, just kidding! K, joking aside, I like Michelle Tea and Dave Eggers a lot.

What colors do you like to decorate with in your home?

Believe it or not, I have absolutely no interest in decorating my home at all. I use up all my brain juices designing clothes and working on the makeup line, so I can’t even imagine how stressed I would be if I also had to worry about what the house looks like. Luckily my boyfriend Kevin loves decorating, so I leave him in charge. That means everything in our house is red and black!

What does your workspace look like?

We have a pretty decent-sized home office with three computers set up side by side. My helper Tess on the left, me in the middle, and Kevin on the right. In the back I have a separate room for shipping and another room for sewing. The sewing room is a mess and a half!

What do you do to relax?

Dinner and beers with a small group of friends usually does the trick to relieve stress. But when I really really want to relax and can’t be bothered to change out of my pajamas, I stay home and read magazines while watching COPS!

What do you do to pamper yourself?

I am usually so busy working that I never have time to think about food. I just grab whatever and eat at my desk. So when I really want to pamper myself after working my butt off, I go to a stupidly expensive restaurant and go to town on the menu with total disregard for price and calorie count. Two appetizers, an entree, and three desserts? Hey, I’m worth it!

Thank you so much Amy! I really appreciate you letting me interview you!


  1. I am completely obsessed with Sugarpill right now. Amy is so amazing! She’s sweet, her products are top notch, and her CS is terrific!!! Thanks for doing this!

  2. This was great, thank you! I like hearing about her and I’m really glad that she’s finding success. It’s nice to see someone’s business ( and themself) become popular for all the right reasons. Too often we hear about people with shoddy business practices making money off people they could care less about, ya know?

  3. Her hair is so amazing! I stared in awe at the picture for like five minutes before actually reading the interview like the noob I am. She seems really nice!

    1. Every time I’ve emailed with Amy she’s been incredibly sweet! I think her good nature really seems to come through in her pictures, too πŸ™‚
      And yes, I totally love her hair!

  4. I can’t wait to see the new stuff! And omg haha, that cat looks just like my childhood cat Jack… he used to sleep in the sink, too. ;3

    Thanks for this interview! πŸ™‚

  5. I love that she gave you such thoughtful answers, instead of just canned responses that I could read anywhere! And I was a bit obsessed with Electric Eel for a while too (still am :D). I also love how she’s only promoting existing products, not building up hype about stuff that isn’t out yet.

    1. I found Electric Eel to be a difficult color to work with, even if it is pretty. I love After party so much more πŸ™‚ I am bursting with curiosity over what her new releases will be!

  6. Nice interview, and i’m glad to know Shrinkle has plenty of ideas for expanding Sugarpill. I really love the eyeshadows and the fact they are not tested on animals. I’ll look forward to see the future lines of Sugarpill!

  7. Glad to see such a fun and talented person breaking into this industry with a bang – really like all the Sugarpill I’ve bought so far (Royal Sugar, Love+, Poison Plum and Stella)….the wear is incredible, the colours are true on the skin – I love products that are unabashedly ballsy and these qualify. πŸ™‚

  8. Great interview! Nice to know more about Shrinkle, she was so popular before the Sugarpill launch that I think it makes her seem unapproachable, even though she’s very friendly.

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