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HSN Today’s Special Too Faced the Sweeter Side of Sexy


HSN Today's Special Too Faced the Sweeter Side of Sexy

I wanted to share this exclusive sneak peek at the HSN Today’s Special Too Faced the Sweeter Side of Sexy. The Sweeter Side of Sexy collection is so cute. It comes with the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette (arguably the most versatile of the 3 Chocolate Bar palettes), Better than Sex Mascara, Shadow Insurance Primer (my all time holy grail eyeshadow primer), and Justify My Love Blush (bright pink w/fine gold sparkle), all full size. This is an $118 value for $49.

HSN Today’s Special Too Faced the Sweeter Side of Sexy

PR sample.

HSN Today's Special Too Faced the Sweeter Side of Sexy

Too Faced Chocolate Palettes Comparisons - Semi-Sweeet Chocolate Bar Palette

You can get the Sweeter Side of Sexy collection for just $49 on HSN tomorrow (March 22nd, 2016) only! Click here for the link – it will be live Tuesday! This link will work beginning 12 am EST on March 22nd  (March 21st 9 pm PST). It will be available while supplies last from 9 am – 9 pm PST.

Check out my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Comparison to see swatches of the Semi Sweet, Chocolate Bon Bons and Original Chocolate Bar.


What do you think of the HSN Today’s Special Too Faced the Sweeter Side of Sexy?

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  • I debated the set. I think I’ll hold off. It’s a really nice set but, getting an estimate from the vet for my foster cat’s neutering and extraction of broken tooth drained the color from my face. I guess it is convenient that blush is part of the HSN set. :- )

    • awwww sorry about your kitty, prayers for that, I totally get that, my furbabes are my babies and vet stuff is expensive, one of my doggies that I rescued, she has bad allergies and a sensitive tummy, so I’ve had to do that too. there will always be more sets and deals. Another cool palette that is out but there is a waitlist is the MannyMUA Makeup Geek, by the time that opens if if you’re able that’s a cool, unique palette. I actually held off on the Chocolate Bars, sometimes I like to just get a duo or something I really want instead ie one item-even if the other is a better deal. I think to get a palette you want to make sure you really love the shades and that it will add to your collection.

      • Thank you! You’re right, I have to really like those shades to buy a palette. And I have quite a few shadows anyway.

        • Yeah totally! and there’s also Saucebox and a few other indie brand that I love for shadows, Phyrra has a great list, Sugarpill is great, Saucebox too I am so happy that she introduced me to! if you click on the brand here on Phyrra’s site you can see her review, she introduced me to that brand and a fave palette that I have, it’s called the ETUDE palette(it’s currently available) It’s packed with huge pans of the most velvety luxe matte shadows you’ll find, so smooth. . And they have NEW singles-so you can grab a couple of those and try, or just one. And also you can check what shades you have and what compliments it, and like you said if you’re happy with your selection right now, think about a an eyeliner(I spent a lot this past month and too so I’m playing with what I have!)blush or lippies(love shopping Beautylish btw!) that you’re missing and don’t forget the ULTA 21 days of cruelty free beauty is still on until the 2nd of April so they have some good deals too! Prayers for your kitty baby always

          • Thank you so much. Teddy the cat is acclimating to being an indoor cat and is being fed really well (including 3 kinds of treats, one of which is meant to boost his immune system). The lip product idea is a really good one and I think I’ll treat myself to one at the end of the week – in addition to my dog and the cat, I have to pet sit my brother’s dog.

            • Oh ok, sounds like Teddy is on a good plan with the food and the vet. And I think yes, change in environment, too you are right but he will acclimate ) You are a rescue mama like me. My pitbull Alice, (I’ll have to show you a photo sometime) like I was telling you she’s a rednose pittie so they have a lot of allergies, and we when we got her we had to take a lot of care of her feet, swollen, infected, due to allergy- prednisone and everything. Now she’s doing great, and food is super important for cats and dogs, what works for her is Blue Buffalo Blue Wildnerness Grain Free Chicken(they do have it for cats, that brand is expensive but for us it’s worth it), that is good for her allergies/tummy sensitivities. So just have to find one that works for Teddy. And we found a really good vet that is awesome, and not expensive. She now takes just one antihistimane rx and rarely gets flares. She loves her “baby” brother Henry, he’s a jack/russell/chiuaua mix, he’s really easy as far as health is concerned. Both rescued/adopted from same shelter. Yes, sounds nice to treat yourself to a lipstick! Those OCC lip pencils/RTW tars are neat, and also Too Faced La Mattes look nice too. And La Cremes, and those are not bad on price.

              • Teddy is on Simply Nourish wet food and ProPlan True Nature dry food. My dog who was a rescue just switched to Blue Buffalo Freedom Small Breed.
                I’ve been interested in the OCC Lip Tars since they created the new container.

  • Dreaming of the looks I could do with the Semi-Sweet Chocolate, so many choices for a crease color (Peanut Butter) being my favorite for a crease shade.

  • Aw man this set is a dream come true! The Semi-Sweet palette is the only chocolate bar palette I want!

    • Yes I’ve been wanting it too, I don’t know if you’ve seen Phyrra’s reviews/posts/looks with it, I really love the shades! And the versatility.. Amazing value, you get everythinig for the same price as the palette itself, and the other awesome items as freebies! I bought it last night, did it sell out already?

      • It looks like it hasn’t yet thankfully! I don’t get payed until Friday so I’m keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way!

        • Oh I totally hear you, I’m pretty sure it will be, and there are going to show it on HSN on tv in a few days so it should be for that reason too, and prob worst case it would go up to $59, and you can always do that flex pay, I was going to get the Bon Bon(I had so many other things on my wishlist, ie the new Charlotte Tilbury foundation, Goss brush/es but since the palette is versatile I went with it. The Manny MUA/Makeup Geek palette that Phyrra featured looks really neat too, it’s backordered but you can sign up to be notified. Oh also, with that Peach palette, or for other Too Faced stuff, besides Ulta, Macy’s has a good selection too so they might get it in too!

        • I did see it’s now sold out and
          now at the price of $59, but I think they are showing it live on HSN (I believe they are going to have the special live on HSN Fri 25/Sat/26th so you could catch it there-still a great deal at 59 since everyting’s full size, but if not HSN has other TF sets 🙂

          • Aw man you’re right! I can’t seem to find it on HSN’s schedule either so I guess it wasn’t meant to be…I’ll be able to get the palette eventually some day.

    • Yep, it’s still available, just checked! . I think what she said was it will be available today at that price $49 vs. $59 after today, until it sells out. Everything is full size, the blush, the Shadow Insurance(my favorite shadow primer, and I was running out of that anyway) and the BTS mascara.

  • I’m purchasing, because I don’t have the palette yet (YAY!!! THANKS COURTNEY!), and you can think of the rest as incredible full size freebies and I’m almost out of my Shadow Insurance and I don’t have the Blush, I bought the Love Flush palette for my sis and she says they are great. . BTS mascara is actually not my fave, it’s a good one, it’s not great on me- I love the curl of it and the look but it’s gets flaky on my lashes, I guess it totally depends on the person, I like to layer it though- for me I love NARS Audacious right now(and of course Perversion) , I love that total but I’m going to try it with the Subversion primer(which I want to try anyway) and see if that makes it work better for me.. And what an awesome giveaway for sure!

      • It so does, and your technique is looking gorgeous! And thankfully if I want to try falsies I have your post for that(some neat ones at Sugarpill!) It really does take playing around with the technique. For me I like to take a small mirror(I actually use the one from that NARSissist Smoky Eye Kit(use/used it so much it detached lol but I still have shadow left(and love it, the third works so well for liner too!), and for me I tilt my head back to really get into that base w/better leverage-the Audacious brush is crazy awesome,it allows me to get that bold look I love-I do two coats/and then I’ll go in again for like another half just to set it up- but yeah everyone loves their own. Audacious would be hard for someone with super sensitive eyes b/c of the brush-and Perversion I love the the richness of it/creaminess. YES TFSI is amazing!

  • I will always be glad our paths crossed. Makeup is a shared passion, yes, but you are a truly lovely person I hope to meet someday. ?

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