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How to rainbow color your hair for the weekend

How to rainbow color your hair for the weekend

My lovely friend Christina of Hair Romance has a hair chalk tutorial on how to rainbow color your hair for the weekend to share with you. Christina is the author of Braids, Buns & Twists. We both believe that hair is your best accessory.

How to rainbow color your hair for the weekend

I’m in love with Phyrra’s amazing rainbow hair colors. In the past I’ve experimented with pink and orange hair but it can be a big hair commitment. If your work or school won’t let you go crazy with color you can still have rainbow hair for the weekend.

Hair chalk is the answer.

Hair chalk comes in a rainbow of colors and lets you try-out different shades with no regrets. It’s applied to dry hair and is perfect for rainbow dip-dye looks. The colors will last in your hair for the weekend and then wash out in time for Monday morning. Here are some tips to make sure you get the best result in your hair.

How to rainbow color your hair for the weekend

How to use hair chalk

  1. Start with dry hair & brush out any knots before you begin.
  2. Wear old clothes and put a towel down as it can be messy.
  3. Plan out your finished style so you can best place the hair chalk to be seen in your hair.
  4. Rub the chalk down your hair in the sections you want to colour. You can twist pieces of hair then apply the chalk. This gives a more natural starting line for the colour to give a dip dye effect.
  5. Once you’ve applied the chalk, spray a light hairspray over to help hold the color in place.
  6. Style your new rainbow hair in your favourite hairstyle!

Tips for using hair chalk on dark hair

For longer lasting results on dark hair, try Liquid hair chalk. The liquid hair chalk really covers dark hair. The formula is easy to use and allows you to achieve a fun mix of colours.  In blonde hair it can stain and last longer so it’s ideal for dark hair.

If using traditional chalk, spray your hair with dry shampoo or use a white chalk first to make the colors brighter.

How to rainbow color your hair for the weekend

Tips for using hair chalk on blonde hair

If you have pale blonde hair or colored hair then you need to be a bit more careful using hair chalk. Hair chalk can stain blonde hair and last longer than the weekend. If you want to avoid staining your hair, make sure your hair is totally dry. If your hair or the chalk is wet it can adhere to your hair and be harder to wash out. But if you want longer lasting colour, then wet the chalk or try the liquid hair chalk mentioned above. Blonde hair is easier to colour and you can keep your rainbow hair for 1-3 weeks.

Follow Christina at Hair Romance for awesome hair inspiration and tutorials.

You can also find her on Instagram.

Have you tried hair chalk? What’s your favourite colour to play with?

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