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Holy Grail – Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I’ve tried a lot of primers, but Too Faced Shadow Insurance, aka TFSI has been my Holy Grail of primers. Other primers do work, and some quite well, but I always go back to TFSI. It’s the one I can use as a ‘no brainer.’ I just reach for it, slick it on my eyes, and away I go, applying eye shadow! Other primers I have to take the time to apply carefully or in special ways to deal with my super oily lids, but not TFSI.

In my big primer Comparisons (V1 and V2) it wins for its innovative packaging, color intensity and wear. I can wear TFSI all day in 80+ degree heat and humidity, running around outside in sticky Orlando, and not have my eye shadow budge. I can’t believe that no one else thought to make packaging like the TFSI tube for primer!

While its price has increased slightly recently, from $17 to $18 for .35 oz, it’s still worth it to me. I enjoy not having to think about how carefully I need to apply my primer to get it to not crease on my oily lids. It works really well with my personal body chemistry.

TFSI works wonderfully with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, another Holy Grail product of mine.

This is definitely a product that I’m Thankful for.

How about you? What’s your holy grail eye shadow primer?

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  • I am really loving Palladio’s herbal eyeshadow primer. It’s a wand though, so I had to cut it open to get more of the product out. But I think it compares to TFSI and it’s only $8 at Sally’s!

  • I’ve posted on here before about not being able to find a primer that works, but I think it was my application – UDPP is working for me once again. I have hooded eyes, and the key has been applying directly onto the crease and spreading it out from there, instead of applying onto the lid and blending onto the crease. I’ve retried my ELF in this manner and it still doesn’t work for me though.

    • It’s great that you can get UDPP to work for you. With TFSI,I just apply it to my lid and go up to my crease and browbone and it just works 🙂

  • I finally bought a new tube of TFSI and I feel like it’s well worth the money. The first tube I bought back in January is STILL refusing to quit so it’s gone in my touch-up kit I take with me every day.

    • Yep, my first tube lasted over a year! My 2nd one is still going and I have my 3rd tube ready for when my 2nd one dies.

  • A month ago, I got ahold of UD’s Professional-size Primer Potion that comes in the tube, and I loooove it!! The formula definitely seems more moisturized compared to the 2 bottles I’ve had before.

    I haven’t tried TFSI, but.. I’m such a curious person!! And, Pixie Epoxy is on my wishlist big time. I can make better use of my glitters!

  • I did choose between TFSI and UDPP a couple of years ago, and decided to go with UDPP as it was slightly cheaper. And even if the packaging is so impractical I still find it quite cute! And I’ve only gone through one decapitation so far.
    But I think I have to try this one too, maybe it’ll change my mind? I also have oily lids and UDPP has worked very well for me.

  • I agree. TFSI is the best. When I first bought it I was like “I can’t believe I’m paying $17 for a little bitty tube” but that was well over a year ago and I still have plenty. It’s definitely worth it, especially when you wear bright eyeshadow all the time like us 😛

    • I know! My first tube lasted me over a year, and that’s with me using it every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

  • Agreeeeed! UDPP was mine just for the price but I got sick and tired of having to slice the tube open and if I didn’t I’d be losing what $$$ I saved anyway. So TOO FACED ALL THE WAY!!
    Dear Urban Decay, SMARTEN UP YO!

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