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Geek Chic Heroes Never Die and Shadow Galactica Swatches


Geek Chic Heroes Never Die and Shadow Galactica Swatches

Today I’m sharing the new Geek Chic Heroes Never Die and Shadow Galactica Swatches. These are two brand new eyeshadow collections from Geek Chic and they launch during their Black Friday sale. See the details here.

Geek Chic Heroes Never Die and Shadow Galactica Swatches

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Geek Chic  shadows are cruelty free, gluten free and 100% vegan.

Geek Chic Heroes Never Die

Geek Chic Heroes Never Die and Shadow Galactica Swatches Geek Chic Heroes Never Die and Shadow Galactica Swatches


Geek Chic Right Beside You swatch

Right Beside You
pastel peach with pink shift and twinkle. I think this is a pretty color for the lid and I can see people using it as a blush too.

Geek Chic Nerf This! swatch

Nerf This!
bubblegum pink with strong blue shift and sparkle. I love this one as an inner lid shade. It can double as a blush too.

Geek Chic One Shot One Kill swatch

One Shot One Kill
bright violet with blue sheen. This is gorgeous as the main color for a smoky eye.

Geek Chic Fire at Will swatch

Fire At Will
dark cornflower blue with pink twinkle. Fire at Will makes for a great liner color.

Geek Chic Deja Vu swatch

Deja Vu
bronze with blue twinkle. I find this one to be fun for a single wash of eyeshadow or a crease shade.

Geek Chic Justice Rains from Above swatch

Justice Rains from Above
bright blue with gold twinkle. Perfect for a pop of color on the lower lid.

Geek Chic Heroes Never Die swatches

L to R – Justice Rains from Above – Deja Vu – Fire At Will – One Shot One Kill – Nerf This! – Right Beside You

Geek Chic Shadow Galactica

Geek Chic Heroes Never Die and Shadow Galactica Swatches

Geek Chic Iron Crunch swatch


Iron Crunch
white with gold sheen and gold sparkle. I love this as an inner lid or highlight shade.

Geek Chic Aluminum Tsunami swatch

Aluminum Tsunami
pale silvery blue with blue twinkle. It works as a nice inner lid color on me.

Geek Chic Tin Puppet swatch

Tin Puppet
black with gold sparkle. I love this black! It’s gorgeous. Great for a liner or golden smoky eye if you pair it with Iron Crunch.

Geek Chic Starlight Royal Straight Flux swatch

Starlight Royal Straight Flux
metallic red with blue twinkle. Such a gorgeous red!

Geek Chic Lead Tornado swatch

Lead Tornado
metallic burgundy brown with red twinkles. It’s a nice deep liner color.

Geek Chic Galactica Inflation swatch

Galactica Inflation
metallic golden orange. If you’re an orange fan you’ll love this juicy shade.

Geek Chic Shadow Galactica swatches

L to R – Galactica Inflation – Lead Tornado – Starlight Royal Straight Flux – Tin Puppet – Aluminum Tsunami – Iron Crunch

These two sets are super cute! I really love the artwork for Heroes Never Die – both on the tin and the individual eyeshadows.

What do you think of the new sets from Geek Chic? Let me know!

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  • Saw these on my phone the other day, but couldn’t comment for some reason so I’m finally on my laptop 🙂 Anyway, I really love these three shades, especially the first one: Fire At Will, Nerf This, Iron Crunch. And One shot one kill looks good too! 🙂

  • I am in love with the Starlight Royal shade, such a gorgeous pigmented metallic red!!!! <3 All are so pretty! I am going to purchase the Duraline so I can play more with shades like these as liners! I bought TF Glitter Glue because I splurged and bought the Natasha Denona Star Palette for my bday, it really appealed to me-the other palettes didn't in the same way, and it has these gorgeous textured shades…so I'll have to pick up the Pixy Epoxy from Fyrinnae. There is a red shade from the MELT line that would be gorgeous with the shade I mentioned. Well all the Melt shades are great. This is my first time checking out Geek Chic:)

  • That purple shade would look beautiful on you and I also love the Aluminium shade – very soft blue. Whilst I am not a ‘black’ eyeshadow wearer, I can appreciate how that black would appeal to you. It is so pretty.

  • On one hand I almost never use loose eyeshadow so I can’t really justify this, but on the other hand… I’m so tempted by the entire concept of Overwatch eyeshadow.

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