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Geek Chic Ever in Your Favor Collection

Geek Chic Ever in Your Favor Collection Video Review Swatches

Happy Black Friday! I’ve got the Geek Chic Ever In Your Favor collection video and swatches to share with you. Geek Chic is cruelty free and vegan. Ever In Your Favor is an 11 piece set with 9 shadows and 2 lipsticks. Limited Edition tins with full size products will be available in limited quantities.

PR sample.

Geek Chic Ever in Your Favor Collection

$49.99 with tin
$44.48 without tin

Geek Chic Cosmetics

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All eyeshadows swatched on Coastal Scents Step 1 Primer.

Geek Chic Cosmetics Reaping - Nightlock
Reaping – Nightlock

Reaping – sheer silvery white
Nightlock – gorgeous deep purple


Geek Chic Victory Tour - Starcrossed Lovers - Baker's Boy - Rue's Lullabye - Mockingjay
Victory Tour – Starcrossed Lovers – Baker’s Boy – Rue’s Lullabye – Mockingjay

victory tour – dusty pink with orangey gold iridescence
starcrossed lovers – deep purple with pinky-red shimmer
baker’s boy – taupe base with silvery iridescence on top
rue’s lullabye – metallic gold with rainbow iridescence
mockingjay – rich, aged gold

Geek Chic The Dark Days - Boy with the Snares - Nuts and Volts - Girl on Fire
The Dark Days – Boy with the Snares – Nuts and Volts – Girl on Fire

the dark days – rich, deep green with subtle green shimmer
boy with the snares – mossy green (this was originally named Panem but the name changed to Boy with the Snares)
nuts and volts – bright metallic coppery orange shade
girl on fire – deep aged coppery brown with pinky red iridescence

My favorite shades in the collection are Nighlock, Starcrossed Lovers and Rue’s Lullabye.

What shades do you like best? Will you be partaking in the Geek Chic Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale? See sales details here!

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