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Geek Chic Cosmetics Scapers Collection Review and Swatches

Geek Chic Cosmetics Scapers collection

Hi there! Today I’ve got the Geek Chic Cosmetics Scapers Collection swatches and review for you. I’ve also thrown in some bonus colors, too. Please note, I still had my Beautisol tan when I swatched these colors.

Geek Chic Cosmetics Scapers Collection Swatches and Review

an opaque white pearl shadow with iridescent shimmer.
My Take
Shimmery pure white

Harvey in my Head
a dove grey pearl shadow with a soft red shift and a smattering of red glitter.
My Take
Dove grey with subtle red glimmers

Anarchist Priest
an ultramarine blue with strong purple shift and tons of rich blue and purple sparkle.
My Take
Vibrant royal blue with lots of blue and purple sparkles

Guiding Star
a very deep royal purple on a black base with a touch of blue shimmer and pink shift.
My Take
Deep rich purple with black undertones and pink and blue shimmer.

Sensitive Warrior
a light gold with bronze undertones and green sparkles.
My Take
Light gold with bronzey tones and golden-green sparkles.

Find a way Home
a rich fall orange velvet metallic shadow with orange and golden sparkle.
My Take
Copper with orange tones and golden sparkle

Bonded to the Stars
a bright chartreuse green with a strong golden shift with green and gold sparkles.
My Take
Lime green with green and gold sparkles.

a complex (and almost impossible to photograph) mixture of synthetic and natural glitters. Bursting with deep shades of brilliant sapphire, icy aqua, and even a touch of black holo glitter.
My Take
Deep sapphire base with icy aqua, sapphire, black and silver glitter.

a raspberry on a red base with a red-violet shift and tons of purple holo glitter and purple and red sparks.
My Take
Raspberry pink with purple and blue sparkles

As an added bonus, I swatched some other Geek Chic shades for you that I recently purchased.

Morningstar (from the Superneutrals collection inspired by Supernatural)
a glitzy nude, golden-brown that is dripping in a blanket of micro diamond shimmer. This color is a fantastic color for the browbone, or even a soft dusting on the apple of your cheeks.
My Take
Ultra pale nude with light golden brown tones and tons of light gold shimmer.

Fabulosity (from the Pwny Tales collection, inspired by My Little Pony)
a plush royal aubergine purple. It has a soft, subtle blue sheen and splash of blue shimmer.
My Take
Pale grape purple with tons of blue shimmer.

Cupcakes (from the Pwny Tales collection)
a bright pinky pink with pops of pink and purple glitter and iridescent sparkles
My Take
Satiny hot pink with blue, pink and purple sparkles

20% Cooler (from the Pwny Tales collection)
aqua-toned teal with rainbow sparkles
My Take
Sky blue with teal undertones and rainbow sparkles

Yay! (from the Pwny Tales collection)
a delicate baby pink with golden sheen and sparkle
My Take
Baby pink with golden sparkles

Geek Chic Cosmetics Scapers Collection Swatches and Review

Guiding Star is an absolute MUST HAVE in my book. I think it’s the best purple that Geek Chic has ever created. Yotz! is pretty lovely too. I obviously adore the non-Scapers colors too, especially Cupcakes and Yay!

What are your favorite colors from the Scapers collection? Which ones are your must haves?

Some products purchased by me. Some products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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