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Follower Appreciation – Jillian of Gothic Charm School

Hi there! I’m Jillian Venters (also known as Cupcake Goth), and I run Gothic Charm School, which is an advice website/blog for Goths and anyone else who is “strange and unusual”. I address topics such as bullying, trying to get friends, family (especially parents!), and co-workers to have a better understanding of us spooky types, and where to find gothy clothing and accessories. Oh, and I review vampire books that I like!

Things to know about me: I have been described as the Gothic Mary Poppins (even by my parents!), and when I leave the house, I am wearing skirts with petticoats, some sort of fitted jacket or waistcoat, and almost certainly a top hat. Yes, I look like that all the time. ::grin::

Favorite things! Cupcakes, the movies of Tim Burton (especially Beetlejuice, Sweeney Todd, and The Nightmare Before Christmas), tea cups, the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, Fluevog boots, and vampire novels that are more horror than romance. My favorite colors are black, cupcake pink (yes, there’s a reason I’m known as Cupcake Goth), and black & white stripes. (My search for the perfect black & white striped “Beetlejuice” blazer is somewhat infamous.) My favorite makeup brands are Aromaleigh (oh, how I miss them!), NYX, and MAC. And I am *kicking* myself for not having stocked up on the “Prince Noir” lipstick – they finally make my perfect color, but of course it’s a limited edition!

Since this is the season of giving thanks, something I’m particularly thankful for this year: my friends and family. 2011 has been an incredibly painful and difficult year for me, but the support and kindness of my friends and family helped keep me going through the darkest points.

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