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My Eyeshadow Hoard

Phyrra's Eyeshadow Hoard

Some people are goo hoarders. I have an eyeshadow hoard. Today I’ve got a special video that shares my eyeshadow obsession with you. As an added bonus I did a quick tour  around my makeup room, too, since you’ve been asking for that. Please excuse my skin. The day I filmed this I had my 4th IPL treatment and wasn’t comfortable putting makeup on. Instead I had a bunch of soothing creams on my face.

PR + purchased by me.

My Eyeshadow Hoard

I decided on the term hoard, like a dragon’s hoard, instead of collection. Since, ya know, they are my pretties. Please remember, this is not a normal sized eyeshadow collection. Before I started blogging my MAC collection (which you see in the video) would have taken up only 1 drawer in my sherrieblossom icebox skinny. That’s more of a normal sized collection vs. what you’ll see in my eyeshadows. All MAC and MUFE purchased when the brands were cruelty free.

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Urban Decay, Sauce Box, Glamour Doll eyes, Notoriously Morbid, and more


A mix of brands

  • Urban Decay Vice 3, Electric, Naked Basics palettes
  • Urban Decay Black Magic Set
  • NARS Smokey Eye Kit
  • Supergoop! Acai SPF 30 lip balm
  • Nudestix Concealer Pencil Light 1
  • Saucebox Etude, Forbidden Fruits, Temptation, and Creme de la Creme palettes
  • Notoriously Morbid eyeshadows
  • Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadows
  • Siren Cosmetics eyeshadows
  • Performance Colors Lip Repair
  • Rainbow Honey Lip balm
  • Life’s Entropy lip theories

Darling Girl Cosmetics


All Darling Girl Cosmetics.

Silk Naturals and Colour Pop

This drawer has

  • Silk Naturals eyeshadows
  • Colour Pop eyeshadows
  • Violet Voss glitters
  • Ardency Inn eyeshadows

My Light box with all my beauty books

Above is my light box with all of my beauty / makeup books. I have 3 storage cubes filled with various things I need to review. And of course, a sleeping Phaedra on the floor.

My Storage

This is most of my storage. The 2 Alex on the left contain my nail polish and wigs. The 2 black storage towers are semi-full and the pink one is empty. The Helmer is currently empty.

My Tokidoki Unicorns and Funko characters

These are my tokidoki unicornos, funko pop characters, and other various Cheshire cats and skulls.

My Desk

My desk with the 5 Jack Skellington masks hanging out behind it. You can see both my sherrieblossom icebox and ediva princess on top of my short Alex. I’ve got a Purple Snowball mic on my desk, a webcam, 3 umbrella stand lights and my ring light. I’ve got another flexible neck light on the window sill. You can see both my q-tips and tissues on top of the icebox. (See my blogging equipment here)

Are there any eyeshadows fom cruelty free brands you want me to check out? Let me know!



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