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Espionage Cosmetics Review

Espionage Eyeshadows Review

Today I’ve got some lovely eyeshadows to show you from Espionage Cosmetics. I purchased Astral Plane, Harajuku and Karei. I was sent Josephine Baker and Not Today.

PR + purchased by me.

Espionage Cosmetics Review

Espionage Cosmetics is a gamer-based, woman-owned business from Tacoma Washington. As they say ‘we’re nerds creating makeup for nerds.’ Currently they offer 36 different eyeshadow shades. They have collections ranging from Game of Thrones to Firefly. They also make really neat nail wraps.

To celebrate Espionage Cosmetics’ 3rd Birthday, they currently are offering free shipping until the end of the month. They’re also offering buy 5 nail wraps get 1 free.


$7.50 eyeshadow
$10 nail art
$12 lip serums

These are swatched on eyeshdow primer.

Espionage Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches Astral Plane - Harajuku - Karei - Josephine Baker - Not Today
Astral Plane – Harajuku – Karei – Josephine Baker – Not Today

Espionage Cosmetics Astral Plane Swatch

Astral Plane
gorgeous purple with blue iridescence

Take yourself to a whole new plane of sexy with this eye popping purple! Astral Plane will let you experience the planes of sexy, awesome and kick-ass in no time!

If you only buy 1 color from Espionage, it needs to be Astral Plane. It’s a complex and gorgeous purple.

Espionage Cosmetics Harajuku Swatch

turquoise blue with gold iridescence

Harajuku, loosely translated, means “everything awesome in the world that you ever wanted to see, do, hear, or wear.” Seriously, look it up. And next to its definition, you’ll fall into obsession with the happiest, brightest shade of turquoise known to humankind. This mineral color has been known to dramatically increase the size and adorableness of your eyes with just one application. It’s carrot-underscore-carrot in a jar. ^_^

I love turquoise and when you add gold iridescence to it, it’s even prettier. Plus, I love the name. This is a dusty turquoise with gold iridescence. Even when used foiled or with mixing medium it’s still got a dusty quality.

Espionage Karei Swatch

taupe brown satin

This matte, goldenrod, mineral color gives a subtle warm shimmer to brighten any day. Specifically formulated for contouring and shadowing like a pro!

This satiny brown makes a great crease color or a wash of color on its own. Perfect for a cat eye!

Espionage Josephine Baker Swatch

Josephine Baker
deep green on a brown base

How do you fit a bad ass story of rags to riches to espionage to fighting Nazis and racism into a single color of awesomeness? We’re still working on it. In the meantime, this shimmering color does its best to live up to the super spy’s “Black Pearl” nickname. The dark shades of cocoa swirl with iridescent green for a deadly color you don’t want to mess with.

This is a shade that I consider wood nymph friendly.

Espionage Not Today Swatch

Not Today
warm red matte

A bright, matte, red. Perfect for lip stain, blush, nail color and perfectly safe for your eyes.

Quite vivid, you can make a statement in this red.

Turquoise and Purple Makeup
Wearing Astral Plane, Harajuku and Karei. See the look.

If you are looking for new, geek friendly makeup, look no further than Espionage Cosmetics. I’m impressed by the pigmentation and blendability of the shades. I’m especially impressed by the complexity of Astral Plane, as it’s one of the prettiest purples I’ve seen in forever.

What do you think of Espionage Cosmetics?

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