Epiphanie Black Lola Camera Handbag Review


Epiphanie Black Lola Camera Bag Hybrid Purse Review

Last month I came across the Epiphanie Lola Camera Handbags. I fell in love with the Black Lola and made it mine. Epiphanie Bags are created by Maile Wilson. She launched her company in 2009 and they’ve been a huge success. I wish I had come across them sooner!

Phaedra with the Best Camera Bag PursePhaedra loves the bag. She posed so cutely behind it I had to take a picture.

Epiphanie Bag CharmThis is the charm found on my Epiphanie Bag. Very cute.

The back of the epiphanie bags charmThe back of the charm is embossed with the name epiphanie.

I purchased my Black Lola for $139.99 on Amazon.com but they regularly retail for $164.99.

Colors Available

Here’s my video review of the Epiphanie Lola Camera Handbag. Give it a thumbs up if you like it ๐Ÿ™‚

Outside Dimensions
14″ (length) x 8″ (width) x 12″ (height)

Weight and Construction
2.5 lbs.
Water-resistant, high-quality synthetic leather
Nickel stud / hardware accents

Outside Specs
2 exterior slide pockets ( 6.25″ length x 5.5″ height) This easily accommodates my Samsung Galaxy Note II
shoulder strap drop length: 9.5″
detachable, padded cross-body strap: 51″ max length

Wearing the Epiphanie Lola Crossbody

Wearing the Epiphanie Lola as a crossbody bag.

Wearing the Epiphanie Crossbody

Wearing the Lola with the padded crossbody strap on th shoulder.

Holding the Epiphanie Lola black camera handbag purse

Holding the Lola by the two shoulder straps.


Wearing the Eiphanie Lola with the two shoulder strapsWearing the Lola by the dual shoulder straps. This is typically how I wear it. I don’t usually use the crossbody strap.

epiphanie interior lola bag

Inside the bag.

Epiphanie tag on the inside

The Epiphanie name tag on the inside of the bag.

Epiphanie Lola Bag Interior
Main compartment 14″ (length) x 8″ (width) x 5″ (height)
Single zipper pocket 6.5″ (length) x 5″ (height)
Extra soft gray lining
6 adjustable velcro panels (4 short, 2 long)

Inside my epiphanie lola camera bag

Inside my bag, you can see all the panels. I make a nest for my camera in the center of the bag, then reinforce it with all the extra panels.

Things I typically keep in my camera bag:
kindle fire
Canon Rebel t3i
tokidoki 24 karat makeup bag (for those of you who loved my tokidoki 24 karat makeup bags I found someone selling them on Amazon!)
dakine wallet

The bottom of the Epiphanie Lola bag is sturdy! The purse stands upright on its own. I love that it has a sort of slouchy style to it. It appears smaller than it is, yet holds way more than I anticipated it would. I love that! I’ve gotten several compliments on it already too, which always makes me happy.

As I mentioned in the video, there is really only one negative to the purse. The zipper is easy to open, but it’s a bit difficult to close. Oh, and if I was wishing, I would add a separate slide media pocket for my kindle fire. But other than that, it exceeded my every expectation for the bag.

I’m very glad that I purchased this bag and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a stylish camera bag that can also double as a handbag or diaper bag. I hope they come out with more colors! I would love to see a bright teal blue bag in my future, or maybe even a tokidoki collaboration!

You can save $25 OFF ANY BAG through June 16th! Use code: DAD252013 at checkout.

What do you think of the Epiphanie Black Lola Camera Handbag? What’s your favorite handbag style?


  1. Ohh..!! Really cute. I just love it. I have many http://www.shopkarma.com/handbags.html but none like this. Its capacity and its structure all are very good. The inner part is quite unique. Its is just awesome. Can you please let me know about its availability? Where can I get it from? Thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I love my bag from them! I wish mine was bigger and that the zipper closed! I can’t carry anything in mine besides a camera and 2 lenses. I’d love to fit an Ipad in there, along with a wallet..

  4. What a cute bag, I love it! I could carry a tonf of mani supplies in it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. OK, the bag is very nice, but I must admit that since I have two big Bernese Mtn Dog girls, I was distracted by Phaedra! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I have this exact bag except mine has hot pink lining. I have used it almost everyday for over a year and a half and it still looks brand new. They wear exceptionally well. I don’t have any problems with my zipper so maybe yours just needs to be broken in a bit. My favorite part of Epiphanie bags is you can rearrange the panels to suit your needs. I carry my Rebel, another lens, plus my wallet and atleast 10 lip glosses perfectly. Enjoy your new bag!

    1. HollieHaradon I love this bag! I wish mine had hot pink lining. I’ll have to figure out how to break it in. It’s just a pain to zip it shut, but it opens just fine.

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