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eBay Guides and Collections Round Up

eBay Guides and Collections Round Up - 2

I’ve got another eBay Guides and Collections Round Up  to share with you. I’m writing new guides and collections every week. You can see them by following me on Ebay!

eBay Guides and Collections Round Up


1. Best Ways to Use Coconut Oil – plus some weird ways too!

2. 6 Nail Polish Brands You Seriously Need to Know – including who makes my favorite base coat and top coat.

3. The Best Alternatives to Classic Nail Polish – so if you don’t like to paint you can still have a pretty mani.

4. Hair Color Tips for Beginners – avoid box dyes, check out oVertone & more

5. Best Ways to Wear Pink – including how to pick the right pink blush for your skintone.

6. Favorite Ways to Wear Purple – you know how much I love purple!

7. Best Ways to Wear Orange – including how to pick the right orange lipstick for your skintone.

8. 10 Best Summer Lipstick Shades – For the perfect pout!


1. Black Vanity Pieces – you always ask where I got mine, so here they are!

2. Off-Beat, Alternative Purple Fashion Dresses – dresses I own or would love to own or I think are cool.

3. Off-Beat, Alternative Black Fashion Dresses – dresses I would wear or own

4. Alternative Fashion Dresses – with a bat theme.

5. Alternative Fashion Tops – shirt I own or would love to own.

6. Eye Catching Cell Phone Cases – sure to garner attention

I hope you find my eBay guides and collections helpful. Let me know if you have any requests. So far I’m really loving the fact that I’m able to write cruelty free beauty and alternative fashion articles for eBay!