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More Earth Day Beauty

Earth Day Beauty

I received a box of goodies just in time for Earth Day, so I have more Earth Day beauty to show you (and beauty for poodles, too!).

Pr sample.

More Earth Day Beauty

4 Black Paws Collar - Organic Collection

Four Black Paws Modern Stripe Collar
This awesome modern stripe collar is made of 100% organic cotton. I personally love the deep teal blue, lime green, icy mint, silver and white stripes. The bow is detachable so you can put it on and take it off easily. It’s got a heavy duty cast D ring for you to attach tags or a leash. Some of the collars on etsy are marked down to 50% off right now. This is from the Organic Collection on etsy.


Phaedra models the bow and collar.Phaedra2


She’s tired of modeling, so she now decides to nap in my lap. I love having a 50 lb lap poodle.

Three Sisters Apothecary Sweet Orange coconut Body Butter

Three Sisters Apothecary Sweet Orange Coconut Body Butter
I’d never heard of Three Sisters Apothecary before but clearly I need to remedy that. This stuff smells and feels amazing. It seems to absorb quickly into the skin, too. They have a dark chocolate and mint body butter that I clearly need, too. You can find Three Sisters Apothecary on etsy.

For Pit's Sake Lime and Clove Natural Deodorant

For Pit’s Sake Lime and Clove Natural Deodorant
I’m not always a fan of natural deodorant because I typically want an antiperspirant too. However, after getting back from my workout at the gym tonight, I showered and put this on. The unusual combination of Lime and Clove is slightly sweet. Ray says he likes the scent. You can find this at Urban Oufitters.

Ellagee Earth Day Set

Ellagee Earth Day Set
This is a really perfectly coordinated polish duo. Take Only Memories is a rose copper with gold shimmer. Leave Only Footprints is a clear based top coat packed with pale gold micro flakes. It’s on sale for $16. You can find them at Be sure to check out the Dolphins collection. I love my Dolphins of the Caribbean.

Pure Natural Diva Body Butter in Natural

Pure Natural Diva Body Butter in Natural
This is a cruelty free and vegan body butter. The scent is described as a fresh and inviting scent; imagine a picnic in a rose-bordered citrus grove. Notes include a hint of Clary Sage, exalting Pink Grapefruit, Moroccan Rose, and soothing Ylang Ylang. You can find Pure Natural Diva at

Did you do anything special for Earth Day? Let me know!


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  • Omg, I NEED to get one of those collars for my pit bull, Lavender! So cute! Hers will HAVE to be pink though 😉

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