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CVS Salma Hayek Nuance Party Orlando

CVS Salma Hayek Nuance Party

My bff Brittany from Clumps of Mascara hosted a Salma Hayek Nuance Party for CVS in Orlando this Sunday. It was a lot of fun! We were at Urban Rethink, which is a really nice space in Downtown Orlando for events. I’ve been to one other Salma Hayek Nuance party, and that was in LA, so it was really cool to get to have one in Orlando, too! Brittany talked about the brand, about the skincare products, the makeup and did giveaways. We also had tasty sandwiches and snacks.

About the Brand
Discover Nuance Salma Hayek, a unique collection that combines exotic ingredients and ancient beauty secrets passed down through generations. The proprietary formulas are created using modern science to provide the most effective results. These products are designed to help every woman enhance the nuances that define her individual beauty.

The Nuance Salma Hayek collection embodies Salma’s family heritage. The products represent the fusion of her grandmother’s cosmetology training with her own vision of beauty, shaped by years of travel around the world. Nuance Salma Hayek was conceived for women who seek high-quality, efficacious beauty products customized to address their personal skincare, body care, haircare and cosmetic needs.

Salma Hayek is a cruelty-free brand.

CVS Salma Hayek Nuance Party

Here we all are tweeting and instagramming the event, sharing pictures and using the hashtag for the event.

Nidia Judi, me, KariMe with Nidia, Judi, and Kari 🙂


Ziesha and her beautiful pixie cut.

Cat and her beautiful updo

The beautiful Cat and her gorgeous twist updo.

Beautiful Updo

Brittany’s beautiful cousin, also named Brittany! I loved her beautiful updo! No hair donut required and she made it perfectly circular!!!

Judi and me

Judi and me.

Cat and me Cat and me.

Brittany and meBrittany and me 😉

My Outfit for the event
Shirt Tokidoki Marvel Psylocke
Grey capri pants
Shoes Crocs Molalla II

Grand Prize Bag

I ended up winning the raffle for the grand prize back, so I was excited over that 🙂

Beauty BagsThe beauty bags that everyone got, which were nice, pictured above.

They also had foundations, but they didn’t have the lightest warmest shade, which is what I am guessing would be my closest match. I actually have the lightest cool shade from the LA party. The formula is veyr nice on the foundation.

As always, I had a wonderful time with my fellow Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida. It was great to learn more about the Salma Hayek Nuance line. I can’t wait to try the new products! I also need to try and scoop up the dual-phase makeup remover as I’ve heard great things about it.

What have you tried from the Salma Hayek line? Any favorites to share?



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