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Cover FX CC Cream Tutorial and Giveaway

Cover FX CC Cream Tutorial and Giveaway

I’m a Cover FX Brand Ambassador and this is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cover FX. The opinions and text are all mine. Today I wanted to talk to you about my first Cover FX Love –Β Cover FX CC Cream. I’ve got a video tutorial and giveaway for you. The first product that I tried from Cover FX was their CC Cream and it got me hooked. From the lack of fragrance (which is typically what causes me to break out) to the SPF 30 and the time release anti aging ingredients, I was impressed. Once I realized how easy it was to build up the coverage from sheer to full, I was head over heels. In the video below I show you how I’ve been applying the Cover FX CC Cream lately.

Cover FX CC Cream Tutorial and Giveaway

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Products mentioned in the video

  • Calming Primer
  • Illuminating Primer
  • Illuminating Setting Powder in Light
  • Powder Brush
  • CC Cream
  • beauty blender

Cover FX CC Cream Tutorial and Giveaway

Cover FX CC Cream Tutorial and Giveaway

Before applying the CC Cream. You can see my redness / blotchyness from rosacea. The redness from my rosacea makes my face darker than my neck and chest, which is why I match my foundation to my chest.

Cover FX CC Cream Tutorial and Giveaway

After putting on my CC Cream and the rest of my makeup.

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What do you think of the Cover FX CC Cream?

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  • Would love to try. Thank you for the chance. Following on ebay – Kimberly Flickinger

  • My primary skin concern is uneven skin tone despite using suncreen religiously so this CC cream would be the ultimate skin-rescuer!

  • I have uneven, problem skin. I’d love to try this product! Thanks for offering this giveaway! ~Elizabeth

  • Shu Uemura Face Architect Smooth Fit Foundation Fair Beige 784

    It would be fabulous for CoverFX to produce the CC cream in N X-Light. The reg light is a touch too dark and although I have white mixins, I’m just not always in the mood or have the time to do it. I just want to grab a product and apply it. Maybe someday you’ll be able to convince them that there is a need for the X-Light. I have complete trust in you! Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Haha!!

  • Thanks for this wonderful giveaway, I’ve always wanted to try CoverFX but haven’t had the opportunity . My oily skin would be so happy with this prize!

  • I’m sorry people are so mean, who cares what those haters think. I entered the giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Thanks so much for your review and video. The results are pretty amazing, and I’m impressed with how build able it is. I also have redness and very pale skin so I can’t wait to see how this works on my skin.

  • I have roseacea, and I love the coverage I get with CoverEffects CC cream – without irritating my sensitive skin. I’ve been wanting to try the drops, so I have my fingers and toes crossed.

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  • I love that this CC cream has such great coverage. Their products are truly what base dreams are made of. πŸ™‚

  • I loooooooooove the cream foundation and would love to try the CC cream! I cannot believe they make makeup light enough for me and neutral. It boggles the mind!

  • I love CoverFX, and you’re right, it’s wonderful for rosacea! Covers beautifully!

  • I’d love to win this! I have about the same degree of rosacea and have so far found nothing that really hides it. What you’ve done looks stunning; not a trace of the rosacea showing.

  • What is your custom mix? Do you mix two CC cream shades, or with the custom cover drops?

    • Because I’m a Cover FX Brand Ambassador, they made me a shade to match the concealer N-Xtra Light, which is lighter than N Light in the CC Cream. To match my shade, what I would recommend is to use N-Light and mix it with Life’s Entropy White Foundation Elixir. The White Foundation Elixir lightens things up with just a drop or two, without changing the formula of the foundation.

      • Thanks for the reply! Do you find the N-Light leans yellow or pink, or is it truly neutral? I have a sample of Life’d Entropy White foundation Elixir as well as Manic Panic dreamtone white on my desk. I’ve been hesitant to try the CoverFX BB/CC creams because the shades seemed too dark, and I don’t like mixing if I can avoid it, but I’ve been seeing so many good things I may have to give in!
        Since you’re a beauty ambassador for Cover FX, do you know of if/when they’ll be coming out with more shades for the BB/CC cream, as well as the rumored new shades of the CCD?

        • I personally feel like N-Light is truly neutral. The Custom Cover Drops come in N10 and they work really well, but you do have to mix them with a skincare product, another foundation, or a primer.

          I hope they come out with new CCDs but I don’t know anything for sure about new shades.

          also, the Pressed Mineral Foundation in N10 is really nice.

          • Thanks a lot! I’ll grab a sample of the CC cream and try it out! I have the CCD in N10, but I feel like it’s not quite right. I would love to see a CCD in White, and a G0 or G10! Fingers crossed!

            • Life’s Entropy also has a yellow foundation mixer, like their white one, so maybe that would help if you need it to be a little warmer? I would love to see a CCD in White too, as well as N0 πŸ™‚

              • I have the LE yellow foundation mixer (sample), it’s more on the brown-gold side and didn’t quite work for me, unfortunately.

                  • Thanks. I’m really hoping CoverFX expands the shade range in the lighter shades and adds correctors, I haven’t had much luck with any other additives I’ve tried, but I really love my CCD, I just need a slightly lighter shade. I’m neutral leaning yellow… almost olive, but with hella redness. I can’t wear anything TOO warm/gold, and anything even slightly pink ends up looking like pepto bismol on my face, or turns very dark and orange. I’ve been testing out Lucy Minerals, since they have a Pale Olive shade and a Snow White corrector, the shade is pretty good when I mix a bit of the Snow White in, but the longevity leaves a little to be desired. Plus, I’d love to have something I could get here at home (in Canada). I love Cover FX as a brand so I’m really hoping for those new shades!

  • It looks great. It’s always nice to find face products without fragrances. I don’t understand why any brand adds them.

  • I’m wearing mine right now. It’s got great coverage even with a small amount.

  • I have rosacea too.i haven’t tried any cc creams.Glad to hear it is unscented.

  • I hope everything comes back ok from the mole! I have a bunch and there’s one that always worries me. Also, that CC cream has impressive coverage, even if I’m not lucky enough to win one, I’m going to have to check it out!

    • I’ve got a ton on my arms. As a kid I was like ‘ooh look, Orion’s Belt! The Little Dipper!’ (learning about constellations and seeing them on my arm). But now, I’m like, are they changing color? texture? You can always pick up a sample of it at Sephora if you have a Sephora close to you πŸ™‚

  • I have oily, acne skin and have looked at the Cover FX display but have yet to try their products. This looks like a good one!

    • They actually have a BB Gel that is geared for oily / acne prone skin. I also love their Concealer Stick which contains salicylic acid for acne.

  • I need to try this! I have rosacea and redness too. I want to find something that doesn’t irritate, provides good coverage and (bonus!) does good things for my skin too! Sounds like this fits the bill!

  • Your skin looks fabulous using this! I like that the coverage can be sheer or be built up and I have a choice depending on what my skin is like that day.

  • Your skin looks incredible. The timing is great. My nephew came to visit with ‘allergies’ which turned out to be a cold. Now I have the cold. The bridge of my nose and my cheeks are so irritated from the tissues that my rosacea bumps look awful.

    • I have the It Cosmetics CC Cream somewhere in my stash, as I reviewed it a few years ago. It’s a nice product but I think it’s more full coverage, less buildable coverage. This is much easier to control how much coverage you want, especially if you use a beauty blender for application.

  • I’ve been using the custom cover drops, with the illuminating primer, and I’ve been finding them a little hard to work with. I’ve been using 3 drops mixed in, applied with a beauty blender, and it still doesn’t cover that well, and it also starts to “melt” off pretty quickly during the day. Maybe the CC cream would work better for me — but I’m super pale also, so I guess I’d need to make a custom mix. I really need to get some of the Life’s Entropy white drops, but just haven’t done so yet. Where do you find that bottle you used to put your custom mix?

    • I bought the bottle from amazon ->

      Ok, so if it’s melting off on you, I would try mixing it with something more geared towards oily skin? Maybe the mattifying primer, or Paula’s Choice PC4MEN SPF 30?

      • Thanks for the link to the bottles — that’ll come in handy, I’m sure.

        Maybe melting isn’t the right word? It looks like I have no foundation on at all within an hour or so. I actually have quite dry skin. It’s also the summer, in New Mexico, so it’s possible it’s just plain *sweating* off of me.

        • It sounds like it’s wearing away. Ok, so definitely try the Wayne Goss method that I demo in the video above. Take a primer (you have the illuminating) and apply that. Take a loose setting powder (preferably one with a slight tint) and press it into your skin all over your face (make sure you tap off the excess before you press it into your skin or you will end up with some cakey areas, which happened to me the first time I tried this). Then take the Custom Cover Drops and whatever you’re mixing it with and apply it on your face. If you really want to go all out use a setting spray.

          • I’ll try that. Do you think any mineral powder will work as a setting powder? I’m unsure of whether they’re two different products, entirely. I always use a mineral powder to set everything after I apply foundation. I’ve never tried it before the foundation. I *always* use a setting spray. Otherwise, even my eyeshadow disappears. I have dry skin, but oily lids.

            When I was younger, I never needed very much on my face — would just use tinted moisturizer and then powder. But as I get older, I need more coverage, and I’m finding myself flailing all over the place trying to find the right combination of products and techniques. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the advice!

            • Your skin sounds similar to mine. I have oily, hooded eyes. My skin used to be really oily but now it’s more normal to dry.

              Do you use eyeshadow primer? That’s a must for me.

              I don’t know the ingredients in the mineral powder. The setting powders that I have and love are NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder, Cover FX Loose Setting Powder, Urban Decay Loose Setting Powder, Urban Decay Pressed Setting Powder and Tarte Pressed Setting Powder.

              If you do primer first, then setting powder, then liquid foundation, you will use less foundation and end up with more coverage. I don’t know if you could tell in the video, but because of this technique I didn’t need to conceal under my eyes, which had pretty bad dark circles because of me only having 3.5 hours of sleep.

              • Always eye primer! πŸ™‚ And sometimes a sticky base.

                The powder I’ve been using is from Mary Kay, back from the days I used to sell it. Even though I have zero interest in selling it anymore, I still like a lot of their products, and am still using up my stash. I’ll try using it — the worst that’ll happen is I have to re-wash my face. When this jar is gone, I’ll take a trip to Sephora, and try out a few other brands.

                I didn’t notice dark circles at all, so it definitely did the trick!

                • The only other thing you can really do for your skin is drink more water. When I cut back on caffeine (can’t stop it completely), and up my water intake I really notice a difference.

                  Definitely good to finish up stuff in your stash!

              • Perfect advice. Using primer, and powder under foundation works so well, not just for coverage, but helps keep the oil at bay really well. I don’t know about all mineral powders, but I’ve used BareMinerals Mineral Veil (Translucent) and some of Everyday Minerals mineral Finishing Dusts, and they’ve worked great under foundations.

  • The results are amazing! I’m new to Cover FX because Bare Minerals was starting to bother my skin. I can’t wait to try more Cover FX products.

  • Hi Phyrra, Do you know if they increased their color lines? Because the one I got was too dark, It was a sample and all but it didn’t work for me, unless I was 3 shades darker! But the consistancy was AMAZING, it went on sooo smooth, I hope I have a chance to win! Thank you for the giveaway girlie! I love your vids!

    • My shade is custom made to match N Xtra Light in the concealer. In the CC Cream line they only go to N-Light, which is around N20, and I’m between N0-N10. When a product is too dark what I do is use Life’s Entropy White Elixir to lighten it to match my skintone.

  • I’ve tried the cover fx cream foundation for spot concealing and redness on my cheeks, but the cc cream looks like it would be a lovely option as well.

  • This seems like a wonderful option! It can be so hard to find products that don’t irritate my skin. I love that it’s vegan too

  • I’m so excited to see a really pale CC cream- most are too yellow toned! Aa! I’m glad you posted this. It has really good coverage!

    • My shade is a custom mix to match the N-Xtra Light concealer, so it’s between N0-N10. The lightest shade offered in the CC Cream is N-Light, which is around N20. You can custom mix like I do with Life’s Entropy White foundation elixir to make it lighter.

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