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Concrete Minerals Spring 2015 Review

Concrete Minerals Spring 2015 Review Swatches -

Today I’m sharing the Concrete Minerals Spring 2015 Collection with you. It’s a collection of 8 eyeshadows and when I saw it go live I jumped and ordered all the eyeshadows because I’m an eyeshadow fiend. Concrete Minerals is a cruelty free, gluten free and vegan mineral makeup company based in California. They’re certified by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program.

Concrete Minerals Spring 2015 Review

Where to Buy
Concrete Minerals

$9 pro matte eyeshadows
$8 eyeshadows

Concrete Minerals Spring 2015 Review Swatches -

The logo has been updated since I last ordered and I love the new logo design. I love the new lettering for the name. The packaging for Concrete Minerals  has changed since I last ordered, too. They’re slightly taller and thicker. They sort of remind me of the old Medusa’s Makeup jars.

Old Jars vs. New jars.

The regular eyeshadows contain more product than before. They used to say 1.5 grams (.05 oz) and now they say 2 grams (.07 oz).

Old Pro Mattes vs. New Pro Mattes


There’s less product in the pro mattes. The pro matte jars say they are 2 grams (.07 oz). The pro matte jars used to be $8 for 2.5 g (.09 oz) jar. (see my previous review here.)

While I love that the names of the eyeshadows are easier to read on the new jars, I hate that the font is also much harder to read for the net weight info. I consider that information to be very important. The website only says ‘net weight 2 grams’ and I definitely feel that it’s necessary to see the .oz information since that allows you to accurately compare eyeshadows.

All colors swatched on Coastal Scents Step 1 Primer.

Concrete Minerals Still Ill Swatch

Still Ill
frosted white-gold
My Thoughts
To me this is an iridescent white with a gold shift. It reminds me of Fyrinnae Polar Bear. Very pretty. A nice highlighter for the eyes or face.

Concrete Minerals P.Y.T. Swatch

pinky peach with gold sparkle
My Thoughts
This is a lovely peach with pink tones and gold sparkle. It would make a great lid shade.

Concrete Minerals West Coast Swatch

West Coast
vibrant ocean blue green
My Take
bright turquoise with a subtle turquoise green shift pearl. This would make a nice lid or lower lid shade.

Concrete Minerals Psycho Holiday Swatch

Psycho Holiday
vibrant teal green
My Take
bright turquoise green pearl. This would make a nice lid or lower lid shade.

Concrete Minerals Notorious Swatch

bright magenta purple (pro matte)
My Take
super bright magenta pink with purple tones matte. Easily my favorite of the bunch. Perfect for brightening up your looks.

Concrete Minerals Cosmonaut Swatch

pale cream nude (pro matte)
My Take
pale peachy cream nude matte. This is a nice base or transition color.

Concrete Minerals Bandit Swatch

soft dusty rose (pro matte)
My Take
light beige nude pink matte. This would make a nice transition or lid shade.

Concrete Minerals Disturbia Swatch

warm chocolate brown (pro matte)
My Take
milk chocolate brown matte. This would make a nice crease or liner color if you like brown.

Concrete Minerals Spring 2015 Collection Swatches

I have to admit, I was really disappointed with this order from Concrete Minerals. I ordered on April 4, 2015. On April 19, I emailed to ask what was going on with my order but I did not receive a response. The next day, I received a notice of shipment on April 20, 2015. My actual package didn’t go out to USPS until April 25. It just sat there. I finally received my order on April 29, 2015. The CM website says that all orders are processed within 5 to 7 business days. 7 business days would have been April 14. My order was processed well outside of that window.

If the company had responded to my email with something like ‘we’re behind on orders’, no problem. I’ve had 2 companies recently email me to tell me that my orders were going to be delayed, and I have no problem with that at all. Those companies were being proactive. However, Concrete Minerals chose not to respond at all to my email, which really left me feeling like their customer service was lacking. As someone who has been a customer of theirs since 2009, it definitely makes me sad and it makes me hesitate to order from them again in the future.

Wearing Concrete Minerals Notorious, P.Y.T., and Cosmonaut
Wearing Concrete Minerals Notorious all over the lid and crease, P.Y.T applied with Nyx Dewy spray to the inner lid and lower lid, and Cosmonaut to blend out the edge of Notorious on the browbone and along the lower lid. Saucebox Magic to highlight.

I really do love the colors I bought, especially Notorious, P.Y.T. and Cosmonaut.. Notorious is my favorite, hands down. It’s so bright and vibrant. P.Y.T. is beautiful too. Shades like Cosmonaut and Bandit are useful staples. Still Ill makes for a nice warm highlighter. Disturbia is great for deepening the crease or as a liner.

What do you think of the new Concrete Minerals Spring 2015 shades?

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  • I unfortunately still have to receive my package from CM (which was ordered in February) Needless to say I’ve given up on receiving my product, a refund or even something as little as an apology.

  • I’m loving that magenta-purple color-Notorious, and I love how that teal-green color Psycho Holiday shows up. Great swatches as always!

  • Your eye look… I’m absolutely in love with it. I always preferred their packaging and logos but I think Concrete is one of those brands that are ever evolving. Glad to see they are still in the game and producing awesome products.

  • Personally I prefer the old packaging & lettering. I didn’t pick any of the new shadows but I have a few of their mineral ones and they’re nice. I still haven’t found a way to make their primer work on me without creasing, I have hooded eyes just like you.

  • PYT and Notorious are pretty! They really should be more proactive with their customer service – there are more great Indies out there doing bright, fun, innovative colors in vegan/cruelty-free formulas that are going to take their business!

  • I must say that I love the vibrant colours the most. They are really pretty. I couldn’t access the comments section on your previous blog – where you road tested the Melt cosmetics. The comment I was going to make was that I could understand why you were not totally comfortable with browns. Even though your eye look was lovely, I agree with you that browns are not really your colour. Vibrant greens, teals, blues, purples and even greys really suit you well.

  • Sorry the customer service wasn’t more on point, but the shades are very pretty. I love that they have a lot of mattes and I have a definite fondness for peach shades like PYT

  • I’ve never tried this brand. These are gorgeous. How stunning is Notorious?

    But if the customer service sucks, I’m not going to order from them. What a darn shame.

  • It’s funny because I stumbled onto some swatches of their pro matte shadows a couple of weeks ago; after discovering their website I thought “I want aalll the colors!” but was leery about ordering from a small business I hadn’t heard anything about. It’s so hard to tell with so many indie companies around, such a shame that they couldn’t pair these gorgeous shadows with decent customer service.

    • I find it ironic that I’ve been purchasing from them since 2009 but they couldn’t respond to my email or stay within their stated TAT.

      Some great indies with great customer service are Makeup Geek, Sugarpill, Saucebox, Darling Girl, Fyrinnae, and Melt Cosmetics.

      • That’s pretty bad – I would’ve been upset as a new customer but when companies I’ve been loyal to let me down it’s a real disappointment.

  • I love the bottom row of colours and I LOVE that look you did!! Perfect. (Shame about the service, that’s happened to me a few times and I have to say that I tend to blacklist when it happens, which is harsh, I know. I just feel that there are so many indie companies out there that provide excellent service, why waste my moolah on those that don’t.)

    • Aww thank you! I had fun playing with the colors. Cosmonaut, Notorious and P.Y.T. (I have no idea what this stands for) are all really pretty and easy to work with. I do agree with you, it’s easier to forget a company with bad service and move on to new ones.

      • P.Y.T. is “Pretty Young Thing.” It’s from a Michael Jackson song from the 80s.

  • I like Cosmonaut a lot. It’s a shame that their CS needs improvement if their products are this nice.

  • These colors are gorgeous. Hope they improve their shipping and customer service.

  • I LOOOVE the look you did with the bright pink! That is gorgeous. Definitely sucks that they couldn’t even give you a heads up on what was going on, though.

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