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Colour Pop Holiday Colors

Colour Pop Holiday Colors Review Swatches Video

I’ve got a ton of Colour Pop Holiday Colors to share with you today. Nix the Nice and Forget the Fruitcake were sent for consideration. Not So Silent, Not a Box of Chocolates and everything else purchased by me.  All opinions are, of course, my own. All duplicate shades I’ve put into my giveaway pile for my upcoming holiday giveaway.

Colour Pop Holiday Colors

Colour Pop is proudly cruelty free.

Colour Pop Holiday Colours

Nix the Nice – $20
Glitterati, La-La, Hot Totty, Roulette

Forget the Fruitcake – $30
Cookie, Tuxedo, Confetti, Cheers, Tutu, Lady

Not a Box of Chocolates – $30
Halo, Sleigh, Tinsel, Drift, Partridge, Doe-A-Deer

Not So Silent – $30
Bound, Bound pencil, Tuxedo, Scandy, Tutu, Ellarie pencil

$5 for individual eyeshadows, lippie stix or lip pencils

Colour Pop

All eyeshadows swatched on bare skin this time. I normally swatch on primer but did not today.

Colour Pop Nix the Nice Swatches Review
La La – Hot Totty – Roulette – Glitterati

La La – rose gold. I really like this.
Hot Totty – cherry red. I think this is pretty.
Roulette – sheer matte black. I don’t like this. It’s too sheer for my taste, though I suppose that might make it easier to work with for contouring / shading at the outer crease.
Glitterati – icy silver with tons of gold glitter. I love this!

Colour Pop Not a Box of Chocolates 1
Drift – Doe- A- Deer – Tinsel – Sleigh

Drift – pearly cranberry red. I like this.
Doe- A- Deer – blackened violet with brown undertones. I like this.
Tinsel – greyed out mauve with glitter
Sleigh – icy sage with glitter

Colour Pop Not a Box of Chocolates 2
Partridge – Halo – Cricket – Hustle

Partridge – brown base with green iridescence. A lot of companies do this color.
Halo – yellow with gold iridescence
Cricket – smoky plum with gold and rainbow sparkle. I bought Cricket to go with Hustle. I like it.
Hustle – burgundy violet. Since the lippie stix that I love Grind says ‘hustle sold separately’ I just had to buy Hustle. It’s a pretty color.

Colour Pop Forget the Fruitcake
Cookie- Bound pencil – Bound – Frida – Lumiere

Cookie – nude beige
Bound pencil – brown with pink tones
Bound – pink with slight brown undertones
Frida – midtone nude pink. I think I like this.
Lumiere – dusty mauve pink. I like this.

Colour Pop Brills, Leather, Feminist, Wet, Swatches
Brills – Leather – Feminist – Feminist pencil – Wet pencil – Wet

Brills – pinky purple lavender. I love this better in person than when I saw it online.
Leather – rich red violet purple. Love this so hard!
Feminist – blackened purple. Love this!
Feminist pencil – blackened purple. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Wet pencil – cool-toned taupe gunmetal. I like this.
Wet – cool-toned taupe gunmetal. This color has grown on me.

Feminist Pencil as a base, Leather to fill in, Brills to highlight

I did this while I was in Indiana for Thanksgiving, so I had crappy lighting (not my studio lighting). I used Feminist Pencil to line the lips. I filled in with Leather. I highighted at the center with Brills.

Colour Pop Lippie Stix Charm, Gossip, Tuxedo, Confetti, Cheers, Lady
Charm – Gossip – Tuxedo – Confetti – Cheers – Lady

Charm – light minty green (more accurate in the video this is too light). This will be a fun shade for layering.
Gossip – blue-toned bubblegum pink. I really like this!
Tuxedo – neon pink. This is super bright and I love it!
Confetti – blue-toned red, love this!
Cheers – raspberry red
Lady – burgundy with brown tones

Colour Pop Confetti, Ellarie, Tutu
Confetti – Ellarie pencil – Ellarie pencil with Confetti on top – Tutu

Confetti – blue-toned red.
Ellarie – vampy burgundy. I love this so much!
Ellarie + Confetti – vampy red. This combo is amazing on me. I adore it.
Tutu – red wine

Wearing Ellarie with Confetti on top
Wearing Ellarie with Confetti on top
See a Halo eye tutorial with Colour Pop
See a Halo Eye Tutorial with Colour Pop

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For anyone who’s curious, it took me 47 minutes to film this video. It took me 5 hours to edit the video, photos, and put the post together. That’s why my blog is a labor of love 🙂

Wearing Ellarie+Confetti makes me want to start wearing red lips again. I think they look pretty fantastic with my current hair color. Of course I love the Brills+Leather+Feminist combo too. I’m planning a look with Glitterati, Cricket and Hustle. What sort of eye look would you wear with Wet?

What are your favorites from today’s video?

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