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Cocoa Pink Review

Cocoa Pink Perfume and Body Butter Review

Hello! Today I’ve got a Cocoa Pink Review. Cocoa Pink is a cruelty free indie company that creates hand crafted perfumes, lotions, scrubs, and more. I purchased several perfume samples to try out. Let’s check them out! Please remember, scents are very subjective, based on your own personal tastes and body chemistry. What I love you may not like, and what you like I may not care for. With that in mind, I personally love a lot of food scents, and a few florals (think Hugo Boss Deep Red or Alfred Sung Shi). I detest lavender because it gives me headaches and can trigger migraines (yuck).

Cocoa Pink Review

Cocoa Pink Perfume Scent Review

Animal Testing Policy
Cocoa Pink Animal Testing Policy

Price for Cocoa Pink Products
$3.50 for 3.55 ml of fragrance. (1 dram)
$18 for 6 vials of 3.55 ml each
$11.95 for perfume oil 10 ml roll on Perfume Oil
$15.50 for perfume oil 30 ml Perfume Spray
$7.50 for 2.75 oz of Voluptuous Body Butter
$13.99 for 4.75 oz of Voluptuous Body Butter

Cocoa Pink Voluptuous Body Butter Review

Black Kittens Voluptuous Body Butter (Free Sample)
Scent Description
CP exclusive: two types of rich amber resins and a little something more – this is that delish sexy note in our “black” blends, Lemon Curd and Vanilla Bean Noel.  It’s a wonderful creamy lemon scent, a drop of Egyptian Musk.

Water, organic shea butter, babassu oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil, meadowfoam oil, polyglyceryl distearate, calendula oil, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, aloe extract, vitamin E, fragrance, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid.

This is paraben free and vegan.

First and foremost, I LOVE this scent! It’s divine. I love how the lemon contrasts with the amber and musk. This really lives up to the voluptuous name! It’s decadent on the skin. I need a full size, stat! It’s a super rich moisturizer that my skin really soaks up. 2 hours after application I can smell the scent on my skin

Cocoa Pink Black Chocolate Raspberry Vanilla Review

Black Chocolate Raspberries (perfume)
Fresh, juicy raspberries coated in a layer of rich dark chocolate with a hint of seduction. (has the 2 types of amber resin in it like all ‘Black’ blends)

Perfumer’s alcohol, Fragrance Oil.

Delicious dark chocolate and raspberries. I love this scent! I love foodie scents, perhaps because I can easily pick out the scent notes. Or perhaps because I love raspberries and chocolate in any combination.

Cocoa Pink Black Vanilla Scent Review

Black Vanilla (perfume)
CocoaPink’s rich black amber blended with three different Vanillas.

This is a delectable buttery vanilla. I love the black amber base.

Cocoa Pink Marshmallow Pumpkin Perfume Review

Marshmallow Pumpkin (perfume)
Sweet pumpkin blended with our wonderfully light and airy marshmallow.

I love the sweet pumpkin mixed with the sugary marshmallow.

Cocoa Pink Bing Cherry Coconut Frosting Perfume Review

Bing Cherry Coconut Frosting (perfume)
Rich black cherries soaked in vanilla extract then whipped in creamy coconut milk and buttercream frosting.

I love black cherry and vanilla. This is a nice blend of the two.

Cocoa Pink Black Chocolate Pumpkin Perfume Review

Black Chocolate Pumpkin (perfume)
Slices of sweet pumpkin dipped in our bestselling Black Chocolate, dark complex Belgian chocolate laced with two types of rich amber resin. Our chocolate does not morph on the skin, but remains a lovely true scent.

This is a delicious chocolate pumpkin scent. I think the amber really helps it stay true without morphing.

Cocoa Pink Naughty Pumpkin Perfume Review

Naughty Pumpkins (perfume)
CocoaPink is the best at “sexy foody scents”. This pumpkin blend demonstrates exactly why. Naughty begins with two of our bestselling fragrance oils specially formulated just for CocoaPink: Spiritueuse Double Vanilla and our exclusive triple amber blend that we call “CP Black”. We then added some of our “Sweet Pumpkin” for a blend that raises the bar for foody scents to new heights.

I took a risk trying this scent because I didn’t like the Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, but I love Sweet Pumpkin and amber. This is a really interesting vanilla, amber and pumpkin blend that I love.

I get about 2 hours of wear with the Perfumer’s alcohol base. I’m not sure if the oil base would last longer or not, since I didn’t get any scents in that formula to try out.

I’m planning on trying the Cocoa Pink Princess Poo (shampoo) and Argan Therapy Creme (conditioner) in Naughty Pumpkin, of course. I also want to try the Coco Mango Body Butter in Black Chocolate Raspberry to see how it compares to the Voluptuous Body Butter, too.

What are your favorite scents from Cocoa Pink? Any favorite products to share? Let me know in the comments below!



  • AmberM I’m excited to hear that you love all those fragrances! I ordered the Argan conditioner and shampoo, so we’ll see how it goes.

  • I love so much from Cocoa Pink. I love Ends With Benefits, Glissade, the Argan Conditioner and the perfume vials.  My favorite fragrances are Midnight Hag (blackberry fragrance) Poison Caramel Apple and Naughty Pumpkins.  I also love Black Cat in the Pumpkin patch as well. In the summer, I was loving Sea Glass as well. I cannot say enough good things.

  • Cocoa Pink does make the best foodie scents! Their hair conditioners have always made my hair super soft and shiny. I haven’t tried anything from them in a couple of years, but I know they still have most everything I used to get regularly. Oh, they used to have a shower butter that you use like an in shower balm/lotion. It was AMAZING…
    If they still make Marshmallow Cake on Mondays it’s to die for in the perfume and VBB. It’s the most amazing almondy cinnamon (but not the headachy cinnamon) coffee cake scent!  I like the VBB over the Coco Mango butter, as I just felt it was a bit more moisturizing. 
    Thanks for the great reviews! You’ve got me craving CP again! 😉

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