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Bright Lips or Bold Eyes?

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Question – Bright Lips or Bold Eyes?
Answer – I love both, but if I’m in a hurry I’ll go for bright lips over bold eyes since it brightens my face.

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  • CONFESSION: Bold Lips. I love bold eye looks (esp color!) but. . .I need my bold lips! And I am so guilty of doing BOTH at the same time, hahahaha! XD At least they were monochromatic looks! XD Like bold orange eye look / orange-coral blush / bold orange lip. I do the same thing with pink, red, and coral.

    I still need UD Bittersweet blush so I can do an all~purple look, hehe. XD Btw Bittersweet looked EPIC on you (you applied it in a video and I was like OOOOOOOOoooooOOOooohhhh WOW so pretty!!!!!!). 😀

  • you look amaZing!!! I loooooove your eyes and eye makeup! omg. I actually like bold eyes with a kind of nude/mauvey glossy lip….,..

  • Definitely Bold /bright lips for me nuetral eyes or just nothing I use a skin colored eyeshadow to take of the dark/purple coloring from my eyelids.

  • The same as you. Both. But if I’m in a hurry, I go with bright lips. Bold eye looks are too easy to mess up if I have only 10 mins to get ready.

  • I tend to wear a bold eye because I wear glasses and it isn’t so bold once they are in place. You look today is gorgeous! I love the cheek color. It matches your eye shadow. I love purples and am so happy to see all the beautiful shades of lavendar, purple, orchid and such that are now available in cheeks and lips too from the cosmetics companies.

  • I like both too but I go for bright lips more often. I’m chronically ill and I’ve found that wearing bold eye makeup can make me look more sick while rocking bright lips actually makes me look healthier and awake!

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