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Blackened Purple Hair

My January 2014 Hair compared to Decembec 2014

On Sunday I decided to darken my hair. I used Pravana Vivids Violet straight, without cutting it with conditioner, to make my blackened purple hair. I was trying to use up some of the old color in my stash, so I used a generous amount of Ion Color Brilliance Turquoise mixed with Manic Panic Siren’s Song and a drop of Pravana Vivids Green. I did apply Pravana Vivids Wild Orchid to the underside of my hair (and the right section of my fringe).

Blackened Purple Hair

I do really love to see the growth from January until now. It helps to remember (whenever I feel like my hair is growing too slow) that I’ve been growing out a pixie. I’ve got a ton of layers in my hair.

Makeup Geek Foiled Holiday Tutorial



I like the darker color, though it will lighten as I wash it.

What have you done with your hair lately?

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  • Love how it turned out! I picked up a bunch of manic panic shades on sale and am planning to do something multi-coloured for my next dye.

  • I love all your different hair looks! This shade and cut are beautiful. Love the side swept bangs.

  • That dark purple is so nice for the winter time! Right now I’m rocking an auburn to bright red ombre! My hair is down to my waist, but I think in the spring I’m going to cut it as short at your hair! Love that length 🙂

  • Super pretty! I’ve been curling my hair more often and trying a few prepping products to help get and hold the look I want. I am officially overdue for a cut and need to get in touch with my stylist to freshen things up. Life needs to slow down so I can find the time! What lip color are you wearing? It looks so smooth and the color is utterly delicious.

  • It looks beautiful! That lipstick looks fantastic on you, too.

    I got a razor-cut, choppy, super-short bob almost two years ago. I still haven’t grown out all the layers. 🙂

      • The razored ends started frizzing after 6 months or so. I’ve been growing it out, cutting off a few inches, growing it out again, cutting off a few inches, and so on. My hair is past my shoulders by about 4-5 inches now; slightly longer in the back. I did keep layers, they’re just longer now. I definitely need the volume.

        Before the bob, it was almost to my butt. I don’t think I’ll let it get that long again. It was a pain to color and wash.

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