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Best Under Eye Brightening Secrets

Best Under Eye Brightening Secrets

Best Under Eye Brightening Secrets

Happy Makeup Wars Monday! Today I’m bringing you the best undereye brightening secrets and products. First, you have to know by now that skincare really does help give you an edge against things like puffiness, undereye circles and more. I highly recommend using an eye cream with SPF like my favorite Supergoop! Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 37. I’m on my 3rd tube of this product because it really does help to brighten the under eye area, even if it’s the only thing you’re wearing. If this isn’t your thing, look for eye creams that have Vitamin C and Caffeine to help reduce puffiness in eyes.

This post contains a mix of press samples and products purchased by me.

Supergoop! Eye Cream
Supergoop! Eye Cream

Some days, I feel like I have awful dark circles. Other days, I just know that I’ve lost a bit of volume under my eyes because of age. I also would benefit from upping the amount of water that I drink. So on the days I need it, I use concealer. I’ve swatched several of my concealers here for you.

Concealer Colors

  • Pink, Peachy Pink, Orange and Salmon – work to neutralize blue / purple undereye circles
  • Yellow – works to neutralize deep purple undereye circles
  • Green – works to neutralize redness
  • Lavender – works to brighten the complexion

Cruelty Free Concealers for Pale Skin

1. Illamasqua Skin Base Lift in White Light – This is an absolute white concealer and it will brighten the face wherever you use it.
2. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden – One of my local BFFs swears by using this for her undereye circles; it’s a peachy beige. She says it doesn’t crease and it’s pigmented enough to cover her circles.
3.  OCC Skin Conceal Y0 – This is a really nice match for my skintone and I like it under my eyes or around my face as it has excellent pigmentation.
4. BECCA Undereye Brightening Corrector – This is a peachy pink color corrector for under the eyes to help cancel out dark circles.
5. Alba Botanica Fast Fix for Undereye Circles – This is a peachy yellow color corrector for under the eyes to help cancel out dark circles.
6. bareMinerals Stroke of Light 1 – This is a peachy pink color correcter for under the eyes to help cancel out dark circles.
7. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Fair Neutral – I love this one under my eyes as it doesn’t crease but I wish it had slightly more pigmentation.
8. Cover FX Cream Concealer in N-Xtra Light – I don’t normally use under my eyes but around my face and it has nice pigmentation.
9. NARS Concealer in Chantilly – This is a really nice match for my skintone and works under my eyes or around my face and has great pigmentation because it’s in stick form.

Apply Undereye Concealer in an Upside Down Triangle
Apply in an upside down triangle shape and blend it out, don’t apply just along your under eye area or you’ll end up with reverse raccoon eyes. The concealer I dotted on is Alba Botanica’s Fast Fix.
I used Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer and slightly too much powder when setting. I should have used Josie Maran Argan Oil Light to fix it! See my tutorial.
Before and After Makeup
I used Alba Botanica Fast Fix for Undereye Circles + my foundation & Laura Geller Porcelain here. See the tutorial.
Wearing Sugarpill Poison Plum, Elemental Chaos and Frostine for my brows
I used UD Naked Skin Concealer here and set with a mix of Tarte Setting Powder in Fair & MAC Lightscapade. See the look.

If you suffer from occasional undereye darkness, like I do, you’re probably better off with something like Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer or OCC Skin Conceal. If you have heavy duty dark circles a color corrector might be more helpful, like the Alba Botanica, BECCA, bareMinerals or Eden. For extreme brightening, you might like the Illamasqua.

As a general rule, if you’re using a powder foundation, apply your concealer first, then apply the powder foundation. If you’re using a liquid foundation, apply your foundation first, then your concealer. However, if you’re using a color correcting product you’ll have to apply the color corrector first, then the foundation. This is where a beauty blender is really helpful because you can apply a thin layer of the color corrector, then a thin layer of foundation on top of it, and make sure it blends with the rest of your face.

If you end up with your undereye concealer creasing, which is a very common problem, try blending it out with a damp beauty blender and then use a tissue to blot off any excess oil.

Best Undereye Setting Powders

1. Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten Foundation in Porcelain – I like to use this to add a subtle glow to my face, mix with other powders, or to set a cream product.
2. Silk Naturals Flattery Illuminating Powder – this is a mix of white, light pink and gold to give your skin a subtle glow
3. Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminousity Glow Powder – a subtle white powder
4. e.l.f. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder – this is a pinkish white powder that looks like it has a lot of shimmer to it but it doesn’t once it’s applied to the skin.
5. NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder – one of my all time favorite powders for anywhere on the face, but definitely under the eyes.
6. Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Cameo – This is a pale peachy pink matte powder. It’s basically the pale girl’s version of Banana powder. You know, the stuff that Kim Kardashian made people go crazy over. This is actually the product I like the least out of these 7 but I get questions about it frequently so I included it here.
7. Silk Naturals Brightening Concealer #1 – It’s lighter than Anastasia Banana and Peaches & Cream, as it’s made for pale skin and it’s slightly tinted peachy-yellow. You can actually use this on its own or use it to set undereye concealer.

After you apply your undereye concealer, you absolutely need to set it. I swatched my favorite powders here. The trick is, whether you’re using a loose or pressed powder, tap off your brush after you get product on it and before you apply it. Then pat the powder on sparingly. You can also use a beauty blender to apply the setting powder if you’re not comfortable using a brush. I typically apply setting powder under the eyes with a brush like the Makeup Geek Soft Dome Brush or the real Techniques Base Eyeshadow Brush.

Wear Smudgeproof Eyeliner, Mascara and Eyeshadow Primer
Just used my foundation + Laura Geller Porcelain. See the tutorial.
Too Faced Stardust Vegas Nay Look
I didn’t conceal here at all. Instead I relied on my foundation + Laura Geller Porcelain to brighten the under eye area. See the look.

If you apply too much powder and dry out your under eye area, reach for something like Josie Maran’s Argan Oil Light and use half a drop to slightly moisten the area, then blot again. This will keep you from looking crazy dry.

Depending on how bad your undereye circles, you absolutely might be able to get away with using your foundation and a brightening powder, which I tend to think works pretty well on me.

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What are your under eye brightening secrets and products? Share below!

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  • Such a great informative post. I love how you explained things plus I always love your swatches. I need to find my OCC Concealer now since it got shoved in the back of a drawer and I forgot about it.

  • Oh perfect post, and so timely bc I just tweeted asking for your fave brightening concealer recommendations, lol! 🙂 I really want to try two from bareMinerals and I have to pick up a nice, light-reflecting loose powder, bc setting with any kind of pressed powder takes away the luminosity I try to achieve under my eyes. If I just want to correct and conceal, I tend to use the salmon-colored corrector from Pixi and then the UD Naked concealer over top to match my skin tone. If I want a more “brightening” look, however, what do you recommend? Concealing-to-match first and then covering with something like Stroke of Light? Or maybe I should just use a brightening powder. So many questions and permutations! lol thanks for this very helpful guide and tutorial, Phyrra!

  • I wish that I could just use foundation plus a brightening powder…but, alas, my dark circles are super dark and deep. You gave some really great tips here!!! I am taking note. 🙂 I really do need to do the triangle method for application! Great tips for products, too! 🙂

  • I love this! I’ve been trying new undereye concealers lately! Adding a few of yours to the list!

  • Thank you for this informative review of products that can be used to fix under eye problems. I don’t really get dark circles – just a few wrinkles and your products looks useful to me. Love, love and love your looks – so stunning.

  • Great guide: Another one in the bookmarks. Fortunately, I don’t get dark eye circles very often. I occasionally get them when my insomnia is really bad or if I’m really ill. For under the eyes, I usually just use e.l.f. Studio HD Concealer in Brightening. It cancels out the purple and dries completely, so I don’t need a powder over it. If my lids are dark, which is even less often, I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Lemon Drop or UD Primer Potion in Envy (the gold one, but I think was LE). I don’t use it a lot, but I have the e.l.f. HD Undereye setting powder. I think it’s nice for a little boost when needed. I’ve heard it can look pinkish on some skin tones, but I don’t have that issue.

    • So happy you like the guide Rachel 🙂 I need to check out the elf concealer, since I like their undereye setting powder. I’m not sure if you can tell in the swatch above, the elf powder is kind of pinkish white, but it does brighten. When people see shimmer in a product like that or a mineral foundation they worry they look like a disco ball, but it is really subtle and just brightens the skin.

  • This is such an amazing, helpful post! *have so many posts to catch up on*

    Ever since I saw you create the upside down triangle under the eye using Illmasqua White Light I knew I had to get it. Definite HG – it blends perfectly over my very pale/neutral skin tone & brightens my skin so much! It also covers any discoloration I may be experiencing. I also love the NARS Chantilly Concealer Stick! Perfect shade, perfect coverage, & so creamy/easy to blend!

    I am still using my beloved Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation in NO/NZero and decided to give it a try as an under-eye concealer. I applied as usual (w/ a dampened Beauty Blender) to my face but also included my under-eye area. It worked beautifully! Easy to blend, great coverage, no creasing, great wear time…perfect! I’ve worn it as both foundation & concealer a lot! LOVE IT!!! <333

    I need to get the NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder! It looks AMAZING. It is like a checklist of what I'm looking for in a powder right now! *bookmarking this post too* I need to make a Phyrra Folder for all the bookmarks of the posts I refer back to! XD

    Many, many thanks as I would have never known of the products I mentioned without you! <333

    • Cover FX really needs to offer N0 in all their product lines! Happy to hear that the Total Cover Cream works as an under eye concealer for you.

      • Sorry! I know this is an older comment but I had to send a reply because…

        The Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation IS NOW AVAILABLE IN N0 (N Zero)!!!!!!!

        I purchased it immediately! It is available on both the Cover FX site and Sephora RIGHT NOW! 😀 I said I would purchase any (skin appropriate) Cover FX product if it was offered in N0 and I kept my word, lol. XD *so happy*

        I hope Cover FX will offer more of their products in N0 (esp the Custom Color Drops!)! Endless thanks for introducing me to Cover FX! <333

        • So Cover FX Sent me N0 in the liquid and I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I don’t have to mix anything in to lighten it to match me. I love it! I hope the Custom Cover Drops will come in N0 too, because I need it 🙂 You are so very welcome!

  • Because of the hue and depth of my undereye circles I have to correct, then conceal. I really like Amazing Cosmetics concealer for non-creasing concealer because I have a reasonably pronounced fold!

  • I use IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye. It hides every imperfection and puffy eyes. I use it as a concealer everywhere on my face and not just under the eys. I set it with NARS Edie eye shadow…very unconventional, but it is the perfect color (for me) to brighten my eye area.

  • I need to look for that Supergoop! It’s such a good line and I didn’t know they made an eye cream!

  • sigh… i have deep set eyes and have always had shadows under them my entire life just because of how they are set in the sockets and my bone structure. If i have direct light in my face, they don’t seem as noticeable but they have plagued me my whole life. I’ve tried every concealer and foundation I can afford and some are more satisfactory than others. I have yet to find a HG concealer. Maybelline brightener is something I go back to and on good days I can use that without foundation or powder setting it or anything else. I may try some of the things on your list. MUFE HD has worked pretty well (but still no HG). I will try just about any concealer I can afford! I am a concealer junkie!!! This post was perfect for me!

    • So happy to help Kelly! I find that because I’m in my mid-30s my skin under the eyes gets dry, so I can’t use too much concealer or it creases. So using a bit of a brigthening / light diffusing powder seems to work better for me most days.

  • I have the UD in Eden but haven’t tried it under my eyes. Thanks for the tip, I’m doing that today!

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