Aromaleigh Highlighters, Blushes and Contours

Aromaleigh Highlighters, Blushes and Contours

Today I have Aromaleigh Highlighters, Blushes and Contours to share with you. I really love these cheek products. It can be very difficult to find a wide range of multi-purpose contouring powders that work on pale skin, and I feel like Aromaleigh has really done well with the unusual and fun shades they offer.

Aromaleigh Highlighters, Blushes and Contours

All colors are cruelty free. The shades that I know are vegan are marked as such.

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Aromaleigh Ostara Highlighter swatch

Ostara (vegan)
Pale peach beige with violet purple shift. This really gives a gorgeous, refined highlight that you can intensify if you use wet.

Aromaleigh Magellanic Cloud Highlighter swatch

Magellanic Cloud
a buff base with an intense teal iridescence.
Pale pink beige with turquoise blue shift.

Aromaleigh Conspiracy of Silence Highlighter swatch

Conspiracy of Silence
Silvered pale pinkish copper with silvery shimmer.
Silvery pink.

Aromaleigh Minerva Blush swatch

Minerva (vegan)
a very wearable soft pink with peach tones, and blue and copper shimmer.
Pale pink with peach undertone. It’s perfect on pale skin.

Aromaleigh Ishtar Blush swatch

Ishtar (vegan)
a vivid berry pink with a strong blue/teal interference shimmer. 
Bold cool toned berry pink with teal blue shimmer. I LOVE this blush. Seriously love it! It’s a gorgeous duochrome shade.

Aromaleigh Pharmakon blush swatch

a vivid purple blush with an iridescent green shift.
Bright purple with green iridescence. This is an unusual and fun color.

Aromaleigh Amphisbaena contour swatch

a curiously flattering cool greyed mauve.
Deep mauve with grey tones.

Aromaleigh Heloderma Suspectum contour swatch

Heloderma Suspectum (vegan)
a warm greyed buff powder.
Brown with pink and grey tones.

Aromaleigh Digitalis Purpurea contour swatch

Digitalis Purpurea (vegan)
a grey-blue powder.
Grey with blue tones.

Aromaleigh Aconitum Napellus contour swatch

Aconitum Napellus (vegan)
a greyed violet powder.
Grey with violet tones.

Aromaleigh Lilith blush swatch

Lilith (vegan)
a vivid berry pink with a subtle luster finish.
Hot pink blush.

Aromaleigh Colonization blush swatch

soft coppered rose glow with blue shimmer.
Peachy coppery blush with subtle blue shimmer.

Wearing Aromaleigh Ishtar Blush
Wearing Aromaleigh Ishtar Blush and Ostara mixed with Notoriously Morbid Osteomancy. See the look.

Aromaleigh Highlighters, Blushes and Contours
Aromaleigh Highlighters, Blushes and Contours swatchesRow 1 – Pharmakon – Ishtar – Minerva – Conspiracy of Silence – Magellanic Cloud – Ostara
Row 2 – Colonization – Lilith – Aconitum Napellus – Digitalis Purpurea – Heloderma Suspectum – Ampisbaena

I love each and every one of these multi-purpose contour powders. They can be used on the eyes or cheeks. I really love the blushes, but especially Ishtar. I think it’s the perfect color on me, especially with my pink hair.

What do you think of the Aromaleigh highlighters, blushes and contours?


  1. The packaging alone makes me want them but the colours are di-voon! Thanks for the swatches. It’s wonderful as a pale girl to see how they’ll look on my skin.

  2. You should give them a try, Kassie. They’re cruelty free, mostly vegan, and really inexpensive. A really good indie brand!

  3. I’ve never tried Aromaleigh but every single one of these is beautiful. I’m particularly loving the look of Conspiracy of Silence, Amphisbaena and Heloderma Suspectum!

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