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Aromaleigh Eyeshadow Swatches

Aromaleigh Eyeshadow Swatches

Happy Teal Thursday! Today I’ve got teal Aromaleigh eyeshadow swatches (plus other colors) to share with you. I bought these recently and thought they were gorgeous.

Aromaleigh Eyeshadow Swatches

Aromaleigh Eyeshadow Swatches

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All eyeshadows applied damp on Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Aromaleigh Alkyone swatch

a blue on blue duochrome, which ranges in color travel from blue/violet to blue/teal. The base is a rich navy blue frost.
Deep blue-toned violet base with teal blue shift. I love this one. Perfect for a Teal Thursday!

Aromaleigh Bellissima swatch

a gorgeously rich fig-purple with a gold duochrome and gold shimmer
Red-toned purple with gold shift.

Aromaleigh Hydra swatch

a rich deep blue-violet base with an incredible color traveling duochrome that ranges from gold to green to teal as you move it under a light source.
Deep blue-toned violet with turquoise blue to gold to green shift. (Can I get a hail Hydra?) Seriously though, this one is so cool. I love it. Also great and unusual for Teal Thursday.

Aromaleigh 666 Swatch

deep greyed blue base with a strong metallic copper shift.
Charcoal base with copper shift.

Aromaleigh Maia swatch

a satiny deep blue base with a color traveling duochrome that ranges from green to teal to blue.
Deep blue violet base with turquoise blue shift. More teal action!

Aromaleigh Jormungandr swatch

it looks purplish in the jar, it goes on as a deep smoked navy blue with a strong coppery red metallic shift.
No sparkle or glitter in this one, it’s satiny and lustrous.
Deep navy blue with red shift.

Aromaleigh Humanitas swatch

midtone periwinkle/lilac with a strong coppery rose interference shift.
Periwinkle with pink shift.

Aromaleigh Materialis swatch

a deep forest green-blue with strong coppery golden interference shift.
Awesome deep dark blue-green with gold and copper shift. A rich, jewel tone type of shade.

Aromaleigh Bain Enchantee swatch

Bain Enchantee
a lustrous, pale silvered heather with a myriad of borealis microshimmer.
Beautiful glowing light silvery lilac with rainbow shimmer. I love this as a lid shade.

Aromaleigh Opalia swatch

a delicate opalescent pink with bountiful pink to blue color shift.
Light warm pink with pink and blue sparkles. A perfect inner lid shade on me.

Aromaleigh Magellanic Cloud swatch

Magellanic Cloud
a buff base with an intense teal iridescence
Light beige with teal blue shift. This is such a pretty, subtle lid shade. I lovev the teal shift!

Aromaleigh Shimchong swatch

a gorgeous warm pink with a hint of gold, and shimmer of violet and green.
Warm pink with gold, violet and green sparks.

Aromaleigh Trickster swatch

a bright green, the color of newly-budded spring leaves, with a metallic olive undertone and color traveling shimmer. When moved under a light source, you’ll see the shimmers shift from teal/blue to violet and even pinkish rose.
Yellow toned green with blue sparkles. I love the blue sparkles in this.

Aromaleigh Topsy Turvy swatch

Topsy Turvy
a gorgeous multi-dimensional festive green with amber metallic lowlights and color-shifting highlight sparkles.
Pretty green with pink, blue, gold sparks.

Aromaleigh Daidalos swatch

a sandy tanned yellow with a vividly glowing blue interference shift.
Mustardy yellow with blue iridescence.

Aromaleigh Spiritus swatch

a deep chestnut with strong golden interference shift.
Deep red-toned brown with gold shift.

Alkyone, Hydra, Materialis, Bain Enchantee, Opalia, Magellanic Cloud, and Trickster are my favorites of this set.

What do you think of these shades? See any new favorites?



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