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Aromaleigh Eyeshadow Swatches

Aromaleigh Eyeshadow Swatches

I recently ordered some more Aromaleigh eyeshadows and I wanted to share swatches with you. I ordered a lot of purples, because I love purples. I also ordered 3 multi-purposes powders to use for crease colors, but they can also be used as contour or blush shades.

Aromaleigh Eyeshadow Swatches

All of these eyeshadows are swatched on Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Aromaleigh Alternating Current swatch Aromaleigh Alternating Current swatch

Alternating Current
Vivid warm purple with bluish interference glow.
Bright warm purple with blue sparkles. I love this bright shade.

Aromaleigh Carina swatch Aromaleigh Carina swatch

A rich violet with a strong teal duochrome shift.
Midtone violet with turquoise blue shift. This is a lovely shade.

Aromaleigh Sthenno swatch Aromaleigh Sthenno swatch

A deep blue violet with strong metallic red shift.
Deep blackened violet with copper red shift. This is an unusual shade, but very pretty.

Aromaleigh Aconitum Napellus swatch

Aconitum Napellus
Inspired by the poisonous plant Monkshood, this is a greyed violet powder. (cheek or eyeshadow)
Greyed purple matte. It doesn’t have any shimmer in it but a bit of Pegasos drifted onto this shade. I love it.

Aromaleigh Digitalis Purpurea swatch

Digitalis Purpurea
Inspired by pale blue Foxglove flowers, this is a grey-blue powder. (cheek or eyeshadow)
Grey with blue tones matte. It doesn’t have any shimmer in it but a bit of Pegasos drifted onto this shade. This is my favorite of the 3 mattes.

Aromaleigh Heloderma Suspectum swatch

Heloderma Suspectum
Inspired by the venemous Gila monster, this is a warm greyed buff powder. (cheek or eyeshadow)
Warm peachy brown. It doesn’t have any shimmer in it but a bit of Pegasos drifted onto this shade.

Aromaleigh Pegasos swatch Aromaleigh Pegasos swatch

a silvery highlighter with aqua interference highlight, from the Medusa Menagerie collection.
Silver with subtle turquoise green shift.

Aromaleigh Proserpina swatch Aromaleigh Proserpina swatch

An ashen base reveals a vibrant purple, glowing iridescent shift.
Deep grey with pinky purple glowing shift.

Aromaleigh Origami Unicorn swatch Aromaleigh Origami Unicorn swatch

Origami Unicorn
A pale silvery wisp with a strong copper to rose iridescent shimmer.
Light silvery grey with pink, copper and gold iridescence. I love this shade and it’s a perfect lid color.

Aromaleigh Windflowers swatch Aromaleigh Windflowers swatch

A fresh bloom of coppery rose from within the ashes of the underworld.
Light grey with coppery pink shift.

Aromaleigh Abundantia swatch Aromaleigh Abundantia swatch

a wearable coppery brown with green, gold and rosy sparkles. (free gift with  purchase)
Warm deep copper with golden-green sparks.

Aromaleigh Light Silvery eyeshadows
L to R – Abundantia – Windflowers – Origami Unicorn – Proserpina – Pegasos
Aromaleigh Multi Purpose Matte Eyeshadows, contours, blushes
L to R – Heloderma Suspectum – Digitalis – Purpurea – Aconitum Napellus
Aromaleigh Purple eyeshadows
L to R – Digitalis Purpurea – Aconitum Napellus – Sthenno – Carina – Aternating Current

Friday night swatching featuring @aromaleighcosmetics. On UDPP Primer, Top to Bottom Alternating Current Carina Sthenno Aconitum Napellus Digitalis Purpurea Heloderma Suspectum Pegasos Prosperina Origami Unicorn Windflowers Abundantia My favorites are Origami Unicorn, Alternating Current, Carina, Aconitum Napellus, Digitalis Purpurea and Heloderma Suspectum. I bought the last 3 to be used as hood / crease colors in addition to cheek colors. #aromaleigh #crueltyfree #artisancosmetics #indiepromote #indiefeature #igbeauty #igcosmetics #igmakeup #indiemakeup #indiebeauty #beautyforall #mua #makeupaddiction #makeupaddict #blogger #bbloggers #beautyblogger #lipstickleague #makeupmafia #stylehunters #darlingweekend #liveauthentic #myunicornlife #livecolorfully #AMBlifeiscolorful #prettylittlething #ABMHappyHour #pursuepretty

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I think the video really shows off some of these shades nicely.

Of the shades I bought, my favorites are Origami Unicorn (what a cute name!), Alternating Current, Carina, Aconitum Napellus, Digitalis Purpurea, and Heloderma Suspectum.

What do you think of these eyeshadows?

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