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Amethyst Geode Cake

Amethyst Geode Cake

Amethyst Geode Cake

There are certain things in life that I go all out for. One of those things is my birthday cake. I always tell Ray & Dave what type of cake I want each year and this year it was an amethyst geode cake.

Purchased by Dave.

Happiness 101 Bakery in Tampa

Amethyst Geode Cake with cherry filling and buttercream icing Amethyst Geode Cake with cherry filling and buttercream icing

Dave did an amazing job by hiring Happiness 101 Bakery (we’ve used their services a few times and they’ve always been excellent) to make my cake. I told him I wanted cherry filling and buttercream icing, no fondant.  It turned out amazing! She used purple rock candy to help make it look more like a geode. I love the silver foil detailing and of course the gorgeous purple-blue icing color.

If you’re looking to get a special cake made, it’s helpful to bring reference photos to the bakery. I used Pinterest to provide Dave with reference photos. I also told him that having it be tasty was more important than perfect looks. I’m very happy with it.

I just had to share a few photos of my cake with you! If you’re in the Tampa area, check out Happiness 101 Bakery . They really did deliver me happiness with my amethyst geode cake!

What type of cake is your favorite?

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  • That is one beautiful cake, I am a fan of geode and they did a great job. It would have been so hard to cut into that cake. But bet it was really good………..

  • Oh my stars! That cake is a work of art! You almost don’t want to cut into it, because it’s so beautiful!

  • That is unreal … I have never seen such a cake before! Didn’t the rock candy make it crunchy, or did you just kind of eat around it? The icing is blinding! I LOVE CAKE!!!

    • Ooolala lovin this cake.happy birthday.i just celebrated mine june 25th and my kids actually make a cake at my request.this year i opted for a strawberry and cream cake.mmmm.this geode cake looks fabulous and its different.i like different.

  • I love me a good birthday cake, and I’m glad your men went all out for your special day. I have seen a geode cake on Facebook, but none around here. It is quite breathtaking, and absolutely your colors. I’m glad you had a great cake for your celebration

  • Omg that is seriously one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever seen! I would love to do a geode cake for my wedding! Love the purple too! Amethyst is one of my fav stones!

  • Happy Birthday! I love the Geode cake, so cool, and the color….LOVE. I want one!!! Did it taste good? Hope so.

  • Happy belated birthday! I love the cake; it looks amazing and sounds like it was delicious. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite cake as I like chocolate, lemon, and strawberry shortcake lol!

  • My wonderful niece is leaving Michigan and is moving to Tampa. She’s a dermatologist and already has a job. I’ve got to tell her about this bakery and any other recommendations you have. Love the purpleness of this cake.

  • I like the theme and color of your cake. For my bday next week (July 4), I told my husband to get me the vegan blackberry croissant at a place where we usually go for vegan food so I’m going excited for it, lol

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