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A Night with Le Métier de Beauté

Friday night I was cordially invited to visit with Le Métier de Beauté in Neiman Marcus at International Plaza in Tampa. After finding out that Le Métier de Beauté is cruelty-free, I agreed to go. I asked Judi to accompany me. Le Métier de Beauté means “the craft (or art) of beauty”, as in a master craftsman.

Helen the Makeup ArtistHelen, the awesome makeup artist who educated us.

Judi getting cleansed
Judi getting cleansed

We were introduced to Le Métier de Beauté’s 6 core skincare products, as well as a few new ones. We started with Daily Renew Cleanser ($50 for 4 oz.). It’s a nice refreshing cleanser with a light citrus scent. That was followed by the Daily Refresh Tonic (a toner, $50, for 4 oz.). The tonic finished cleansing the skin and picked up dirt that the cleanser missed. There is also an eye cream, Revive Eye Concentrate ($175.00 for .5 oz).

My face getting cleansed
My face getting cleansed

We got to check out the Revitalizing Anti-Aging Day Crème SPF 15 ($285.00 for 1 oz), the Replenishing Daily Solution SPF 30 ($225.00 for 1.7 oz) and the Rejuvenating Night Crème ($350 for 1 oz). All three formulas use the Syntoc Actif technology that penetrates through all of the skin to work from the inside out. Helen, the makeup artist who educated us on the products, explained about the patents that Le Métier de Beauté own for the delivery mechanism of the treatment. She said that the Syntoc basically pulls the retinol, encapsuled in Vitamin E, along with the other antioxidants down to the lowest layer of skin and work its way up from the bottom.

The Rejuvenating Night Crème is really a night treatment. It’s something that you would use once to twice a week, which would let a jar last you for 6 to 8 months. If it’s a product that really works and it lasts 6 to 8 months, that breaks down to roughly $44 to $59 a month. The other 5 nights a week you’d need to use another moisturizer, and they typically recommend the Replenishing Daily Solution.

One of the very interesting things to me about Le Métier de Beauté is that they don’t advertise. They rely on word of mouth and bloggers!

Le Métier de Beauté CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set
Le Métier de Beauté CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set

After showing us the cleansers and moisturizers, we were ready for the main event! Judi and I were able to try out Le Métier de Beauté’s new spa treatment kit, CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask.

Me with the peel making my face shiny
Me with the peel making my face shiny

We did the peel first. The CHEM60 Pro-Peel uses the Syntoc Actif technology to help the salicylic and glycolic acids penetrate the skin’s surface and peel off dead skin cells to reveal younger-looking skin.

The CHEM60 Pro-Peel claims to:

  • Diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases hydration and reveals smoother-looking skin
  • Is appropriate for all skin types, including sensitive skin and those with rosacea
  • Can be used up to 3 times a week
  • Only needs to be applied for 60 seconds, but can be left on for up to 5 minutes

After using it on my sensitive skin (and remember, I do have rosacea), I felt no ill effects. In fact, it got a bit warm, but that was it. It wasn’t uncomfortable. It didn’t tingle, sting or any of those things that I was worried about. My skin felt soft after doing it.

GLOW10ai Mask
GLOW10ai Mask

Next we got to try the GLOW10ai Mask. The mask is supposed to infuse the skin with a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and hydrators, as well as help the skin to renew and rebuild, while strengthening the skin’s overall appearance.

Judi with the Mask on
Judi with the Mask
Me with the mask
Me with the mask

The GLOW10ai Mask:

  • A sophisticated blend of moisturizers helps revive appearance of damaged, dull-looking skin
  • The look of hyperpigmentation is noticeably lessened and improved
  • Irritation and redness caused by chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments are visibly diminished
  • Suppleness and smoothness are greatly restored, resulting in a fresh, hydrated surface
Judi after the mask treatment
Judi after the mask treatment
me after the mask treatment
me after the mask treatment

It is suggested to leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes. It’s a milky white sticky mask that looks similar to glue. Judi and I left ours on for the full 20 minutes. I was able to peel mine off in 2 or 3 separate pieces. My skin felt pretty good afterwards. In fact, my face had no redness! Normally when I was my face, my skin gets red. Before I started using my rosacea meds, it would quite literally steam (it could fog up my glasses). The mask really seemed to remove any impurities left in my skin, leaving it radiant and soft.

Eye Kaleidoscope

Helen then wanted to do our makeup. Judi and I both came in wearing minimal makeup. I had on a MUFE aqua cream black liner, mascara, my brows, and a touch of foundation. Judi had on pretty pink eyeshadow, a cat eye, and foundation. She chose the Spring Eye Kaleidoscope for me, and applied it from the darkest color to the lightest, layering the colors one on top of the other. The result was soft and flattering.

Judi's makeup
Judi’s makeup
Judi's taupe eyes and dark teal liner
Judi’s taupe eyes and dark teal liner

The Eye Kaleidoscopes are gorgeous and are $95 for .49 oz. They combine four hues that are designed to work harmoniously in concert—all in one stacking compact with a mirror. The packaging is gorgeous. They’re seasonal, and they often sell out in the blink of an eye. You can also purchase colors individually from the core line for $30. Water Sapphire, Fire Lilly and Sequoia were gorgeous.

The makeup that Helen applied
The makeup that Helen applied

After doing my eyes, Helen put their Light Tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 on my face and then dusted a bit of powder. I felt like it was too dark for my complexion, and she did bring it pretty far down my neck. In fact, once I got home, Dave commented on how strange my face looked.

Lip Kaleidoscope
Lip Kaleidoscope

Helen used a gorgeous Fall collection on Judi and she worked from the lightest to the darkest colors on her eyes. Then she used a Lip Kaleidoscope to make Judi a perfect red lip.

Judi wears red
Judi wears red

Helen said that the Mask and Peel set has sort of a Cinderella effect, you do it before you go out and you’ll look radiant. We had the peel and mask Friday evening. I thought I looked great on Saturday, but I felt like I looked even better on Sunday, which was surprising. For the first time in a long time, I felt like I didn’t need to wear much – if any – foundation.

My skin on Saturday
My skin on Saturday. I only had a bit of Pixi Beauty powder in Fair on my face.
My skin on Sunday. I only had a bit of Pixi Beauty powder in Fair on my t-zone.

I normally retouch my photos to remove any blemishes on my skin. I didn’t touch these images at all, because I wanted you to see the real skin. To me, my skin looks great, even with the blemishes.

The CHEM60 Pro-Peel and GLOW10ai Mask Set is $265. This set will give you 7 to 8 applications. If you apply it more sparingly, you might be able to get 12 applications out of it. I must admit, after using this set, I FINALLY feel like I’ve had a spa day that made a difference. All the previous facials and masks that I’ve tried have never yielded me results where I’ve seen my face look better for days afterwards. I’m thoroughly impressed with my results. Also? This makes me want to try more peels and masks. I think in the past (aside from when I’ve gone to a spa), I’ve only done one or the other at home. This Peel and mask are definitely gentle enough for my sensitive skin and I think if you have sensitive skin, it would be worth it to try this set. It’s nice to get results without any pain!

I want to learn more about the patent technology that Le Métier de Beauté uses in their skincare products. From the samples that I’ve tried, their skincare products seem to work very well.

Samples to take home
Samples to take home.

Helen was nice and provided us with some samples, including 2 uses worth of the peel and mask.

Lip gloss palette
Lip gloss palette

She also gave us a lip gloss palette. I liked the pink gloss she used on me, so I am looking forward to giving this a try.

Judi and I had a wonderful time at Neiman Marcus with Helen from Le Métier de Beauté. I hope you enjoyed reading about our Friday night.

How did you spend your Friday night? Have you ever tried Le Métier de Beauté? Do you love to use peels & masks?

Samples provided for consideration. All opinions are my own.


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  • Your skin looks so good! I hope this amps you up to try more skincare, it’s something I personally love reading more about (I have a healthy obsession ^_^)

  • I’ve never tried this line, but I’ve always been very curious so I really enjoyed your post. You and Judi have great looking skin to begin with, but it was interesting to read about each step. Love the photo of Judi with her gorgeous red lip color! Your skin looks great, Phyrra. No blemishes that I can see at all!!! Yes, I love peels and masks that I can do at home.

  • I have been dying to try le metier peel and mask. Your skin looks absolutely radiant and glowing after using. And what makes me feel much more comfortable about trying this product is that it didn’t irritate your sensitive skin at all.. I’ve read several reviews from bloggers who all raved about this product and every one looked fabulous. However, for almost $300, I still would like to try this peel and mask once before purchasing to ensure that I don’t have a bad reaction to it. I certainly don’t have money to burn. However, I will purchase a product such as this one if it really works on my skin. I’m just so torn about spending the money until I’ve had the chance to try this peel and mask and I can’t try it unless I purchase it. I don’t know what to do! All I can say is your skin looks absolutely fabulous and I’m a bit envious that you had the opportunity to try these fabulous products, but in a good way. Did you purchase a full size of this product?
    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

    • Dlori Hi! I haven’t purchased it yet but it is definitely on my wish list. I think it is something definitely worth buying because I can’t get over the difference in my skin.
      I am fairly certain that you could visit your local Neiman Marcus counter to ask for a product sample. I think that they are confident in this product and how it will make you look.

  • Your skin looks so nice after this! I don’t see any of the usual redness & it really glows. The lip gloss palette you received looks gorgeous as well.

  • Your skin looks amazing! And what blemishes? I don’t see any in your Sunday pic!The price gives me pause though. I don’t regularly get facials because, like you, I don’t feel like they do anything more than making me slow down & relax for the length of the facial. I’ve left a couple of facials with red skin because my skin & a product just didn’t jive! 
    Even if you take the conservative estimate of 7 applications – it breaks down to approx – $39/facial which is cheaper than even going to a beauty school & having one done by a student. So from that angle – this is a great deal. It’s just paying for all of your facials at once!

  • Your skin looks great! glad it works for your skin. the price is a bit much for me though, otherwise i would like to try it out.

  • We are headed over to Orlando to try it tomorrow.  I can’t wait after reading your review.  How long were you there between the mask, peel and makeover?

    • IvoryandOlive About 2 hours, though I don’t really feel like we had makeovers done. It was more just a ‘add some color so you don’t walk out naked’.

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