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Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | 7 Ways to Use the Cover FX Perfect Pencil

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial 7 Ways to Use the Cover FX Perfect Pencil

Cover FX Perfect Pencil

Today I’m bringing you 7 Ways to Use the Cover FX Perfect Pencil. The Perfect Pencil a brand new, ultra pigmented concealer pencil that Cover FX recently released and I wanted to share how to use this versatile pencil; to help you think a little outside the box.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | 7 Ways to Use the Cover FX Perfect Pencil

This conversation is sponsored by Cover FX. The opinions and text are all mine.

As you know, Cover FX is one of my favorite cruelty-free beauty brands, offering foundations in all global shades of beauty. Their products are cruelty free and vegan. They’re also free of the inflammatory five – fragrance (what normally causes me to break out), talc, mineral oil, gluten and parabens.


Where to Buy
Cover FX

$20 for .01 oz

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Cover FX Primer, Foundation, CC Cream, Perfect Pencil and Lip Primer

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | How to Use the Cover FX Perfect Pencil

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | How to Use the Cover FX Perfect Pencil

The Cover FX Perfect Pencil looks so sleek!

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Cover FX Perfect Pencil in N-Xtra Light

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Cover FX Perfect Pencil in N-Xtra Light

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Cover FX Perfect Pencil in N-Xtra Light with Cream Concealer and Blemish Treatment Concealer

Above I swatched the Cover FX Cream Concealer in N-Xtra Light, Perfect Pencil in N-Xtra Light and Blemish Treatment Concealer in N-Xtra Light. You can see that the Cover FX Perfect Pencil is the lightest of the three, followed by the Blemish Stick, and the cream concealer is the darkest.

If you’re unsure of what Cover FX Perfect Pencil shade to try, check out my suggestions below or try Cover FX’s shade finder.

  • N-Xtra Light – for porcelain to light skin with neutral undertones (N0, N10)
  • N Light – for fair to light skin with neutral undertones (N20, N25, N30)
  • N Medium – for medium skin with neutral undertones (N35, N40, N50, P50, P60)
  • N Medium-Deep – for medium to deep skin with neutral undertones (N60, N70, G70, G80)
  • N Deep – for deep medium skin with neutral undertones (N80, N85, N90, G90)
  • N X-Deep – for deep skin with neutral undertones (N100, N110, N120, P100, P110, P120, P125, G100, G110)
  • P Light – for fair to light skin with pink undertones (P10, P20)
  • P Medium – for medium skin with pink undertones (P30, P40)
  • G Light – for fair to light skin with golden undertones (G10, G20, G30)
  • G Medium – for medium skin with golden undertones (G40, G+40, G50, G+50, G60, G+60)

First, let me tell you more about the Cover FX Perfect Pencil. Aside from being available in 10 shades, this pencil is waterproof. It’s got a fine point for precise application. Cover FX is famous for their high pigment loaded products, so it should be no surprise that this pencil has great pigmentation too. You don’t ever have to sharpen it as it’s a twist up pencil. To reshape the pencil, Cover FX recommends twisting it up a bit and then rolling the edge against a clean, flat surface.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Bare Face

Here’s my bare face, so you can see what I have to work with. I have rosacea, though my redness has been reduced from my current skincare regime. I’ve got hyperpigmentation in places, some blemishes and a cherry angioma.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Conceal Redness around the face, like a cherry angioma

1. Conceal redness.

Now, I typically have a lot of redness from rosacea, so I wouldn’t use the Cover FX Perfect Pencil to conceal my entire face, but I would use it for the cherry angioma that I have on my forehead. You can use the Perfect Pencil before or after your foundation for precise concealing.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Conceal Blemishes and Pigmentation or hyperpigmentation around the face
2. Conceal blemishes or pigmentation spots.

The Cover FX Perfect Pencil works well to conceal hyperpigmentation or blemishes around the face. That spot on my right cheek (left in the photo), is a different texture than the rest of my face, so I sometimes find it hard to conceal.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Brighten the eyes to look more awake Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Line the Lower Waterline to look more awake

3. Brighten the eyes.

You can see in the full face shot above that the eye on the left side of the photo (my right side of the face), has the Cover FX Perfect Pencil on the waterline and it looks more open and awake. This helps to brighten the eyes.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Define the Brows Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Define the Brows

4. Define the brows.

Use the Cover FX Perfect Pencil above and below the brows to clean up the shape and give you an instant brow lift.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Line the Outside of Your Lips to Prevent Your Lipstick from Feathering

5. Reverse line your lips.

Line the outside of your lips with the Cover FX Perfect Pencil to prep for lipstick and prevent feathering. You can also use the Perfect Pencil to have a matte highlight at the cupid’s bow, which makes your lips look larger.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Define Winged Liner

6. Define winged liner.

Apply the Cover FX Perfect Pencil under your winged liner to define it or clean up any mistakes.

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Erase Lip Liner Mistakes

7. Erase lipliner or lipstick mistakes.

If you accidentally take your lipliner or lipstick too high, use the cruelty-free Cover FX Perfect Pencil to clean up the line. You can also contour the lips with the Perfect Pencil.
Before and After with Cover FX

Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial | Wearing Cover FX N0 mixed with Nyx Opalescent mixer

I didn’t retouch the photo above the way I normally would so that you could see how well the Cover FX Perfect Pencil worked with my Cover FX N0 foundation.
Cover FX Perfect Pencil is Perfect for my makeup bag

This really is the Perfect Pencil to toss into your makeup bag and keep with you during the day. It can handle just about anything you throw at it. The high pigment load makes it ideal for spot concealing and just blending out the edge with you finger tip. It really lives up to its name.

How would you use the cruelty-free Cover FX Perfect pencil?


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  • How does the coverage on this compare to their Total Cover Cream Foundation? I’ve been using that as my concealer lately.

  • I want so badly to try this!! Seems so versatile and perfect 🙂 Cover F/X might be one of my fave beauty and skincare brands as well. They are consistently putting out quality/ingenious products that I feel myself unable to live without, lol! Thanks for this great post!!

  • Oh my gosh, so many great uses for that pencil! I really love the definition on the brows! I need to try this out asap!

  • I wonder if the extra light pencil would work for my ginger. We have trouble finding anything light enough for her.

  • Wow! Love what the Perfect Pencil did for brightening up your eyes! I need something like that. 🙂

  • These pencils look great! I totally need to do the waterline trick, i’m typically to lazy 🙂

  • That is a product that has many uses, and I love that in makeup. I think this would be amazing for my when I attempt the wing liner.

  • I’m still new to Coverfx products, just got the custom cover drops, but I’m loving them so far.

  • I really like Cover FX. Have never tried these pencils – but I need to, because they are so versatile!!

  • I love the use of brightening eyes! I’m a huge fan of using lighter colors on the eyes, it really gives you a glow!!
    And by the way- that bag is adorable!!

  • I was just thinking about CoverFX since I’ve been using the Illuminating Primer lately. I’m impressed with all you can do with this.

    • Yeah it’s really awesome @Phyrra:disqus is just awesome in general, and these are awesome techniques! , I love the Illuminating primer too-I usually don’t go for illuminating priming products because my skin is combo to oily and I have some redness, but this one just gives you a gorgeous glow and brightens and tightens skin, my mom LOVES it! They have the Perfect Pencil and also these new Click Sticks, where you can choose to put these new color correctors they have(green for redness, lavender etc), you can get an illuminating stick(they have several shades) AND you can get a stick with Total Cover Cream Foundation, (awesome as foundation and as contour!)

    • Yeah they have a ton of stuff for different skin types, so if you try more you are bound to find something that you’ll like. @Phyrra:disqus is a brand ambassador so she knows the brand reallllly well! <3 and I'm sure she could help

  • Amazing, these are wonderful ways, cleaning up and highlighting liner, and brightening the area around it, ie inner eyes is great. I’m so glad you talked about the different textures on your right and left cheek, I have the same issue. I don’t have rosacea like I told you just like little redness areas from post breakouts. And the Nars Concealer in Chantilly is great for my undereye, however-I think with the redness the texture of this pencil will reallly help! And the matte highlight for the brow area, and the lips, is an awesome idea. TY! xo Souhaila And I’m going to shoot some photos with the click stick in green and send them to you, and then the TTCream Foundation Click as well! I wanted that coverage, and I think Goss #2 is awesome for blending, and just for precision and contour by the way. LOL I wrote him and told him one brush and I’m in love lol.

    • Also, wanted to tell you, you probably know this-but the Illamasqua Color Correctors are pretty nice-(Bedaub is the mint, Dab is the Lavender for sallowness, and Emerge is just to neutralize <3 I've seen in photos on, and I want to try those I'm planning on trying as well, looking to do a full blog post, I'm getting the hang of the collage, WIndows 10 actually comes with it's own or maybe it's this laptop, and my phone does too, so it's pretty awesome.

  • I never knew what the red dot on my face was called until now; cherry angioma! I have been looking for a concealer pigmented enough to cover it so I need to give this one a try 🙂

  • Another really great product by FX – so many shades to choose from. Great post Phyrra.

  • Thanks for showing us your bare face and how this Cover FX Pencil will take care of it. Love my Color FX CC foundation.

  • That looks seriously awesome! No sharpening away the product! And it’s pale!

  • Amazing that it comes in so many shades, plus it looks like it will stay put!

  • It looks as though it has nice, opaque coverage. With it being waterproof, it might actually stand up to my oily skin.

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