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5 Beauty Gadgets That Really Work

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This is a contributing post by my good friend Carleen.

This post comes from Carleen Coulter at the blog Beauty and Fashion Tech. Carleen also just took over the international fashion site Just For Trendy Girls, which she is reformatting into native English.

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You see them on infomercials, in stores and at mall kiosks, an arsenal of beauty gadgets that the salespeople tout to be the latest and greatest. We want to believe them, but deep in our hearts, we’re afraid. Dewy-eyed and naive, we’ve spent $300 on the “best straightener ever” only to end up with our hair on fire. Is there really a holy grail product? You might be pleasantly surprised! For all the beauty without the burn, take a minute to check out these five beauty gadgets that really work.

1. Rotating Styling Irons
Rotating hot irons claim to leave your hair shinier, healthier and sleeker than traditional straightening tools. According to rave user reviews, it’s absolutely true. The rotating barrel polishes your hair into a brilliant shine. Instead of clamping your hair down into a limp curtain, rotating irons lift your hair to help create gorgeous volume. The movement of the barrel also helps minimize heat damage.

Rotating irons are multi-use styling tools. They can create everything from stick straight to bouncy curls. In fact, they are so effective that they became popular in salons. InStyler, the original rotating iron manufacturers, released a salon version of their product in 2012.

2. Personal Teeth Whitening Devices
Whitening toothpastes can only brighten your smile so much, and if you whiten on a regular basis, the price of strips or dentist’s trays can add up. Tanda and GLO whitening systems use the same peroxide solution and light combination as a dentist for gorgeous results. Your teeth will be noticeably brighter in just a few days with little to no sensitivity.

Reviewers note that it’s important to follow the directions carefully to get great results. The whitening solution is also easiest to apply with a make up brush. If you go for the GLO or Tanda devices, be sure to grab a drugstore lip brush for even application.

3. At-Home Gel Nail Color Systems
Gel nail color is a one-stop shop for a super manicure. The mirror-like shine and vibrant color can last up to two weeks without chipping. Sephora and OPI bring this salon favorite home with their personal gel color system, while Sensationail is another system that can be found at Target. Gel color junkies will love being able to get salon-quality results at home. The only downside is that removal is a bit more difficult.

Be sure to follow the directions for optimal results both when applying and removing the color. Applying the gel base too thick or without cleaning your nails will cause premature chipping. The kits normally come with one gel color of your choice.

4. Home Laser Hair Removal

Home lasers are often FDA approved and effective for the right people. If you have fair skin with dark hair, you are the perfect candidate. However, those with dark skin should not use a laser for safety reasons, while those with light hair might not get good results. It takes 6-8 moths of regular use, but these devices do work if you are are a good candidate and are patient. They also are much cheaper over time than spa laser treatments.

The two most popular home devices are the Silk’n Flash & Go and the Tria. For a comparison of the two check out this Silk’n v. Tria article.

5. Skin Cleansing Brushes

It may seem like using an electric toothbrush on your face, but battery-operated cleansing brushes are all the rage for good reason. Gentle brushes buff dead skin from your face and make your skin more readily accept the moisturizers, creams and serums that you use. Users notice improvements in skin tone and texture in just one use, and the brushes are effective on all skin types. Sonic systems add even deeper cleaning.

From Clarisonic to Olay, many major brands are now releasing their own line of cleansing brushes. Choose what will work best in your price range and say hello to softer, more even skin.

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  • The Instyler seems to have 2 sides to the reviews. Some people have found it very effective but others have had theirs break quickly or burn them! Customer service has also been problematic. The home laser removal also has similar issues. Of course buyer beware is necessary but quality and safety would make these top notch if they did do it!

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