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11 Best Indie Nail Polish Alternatives to Mentality Polish

11 Best Indie Nail Polish Alternatives to Mentality Polish

I wanted to put together a quick 11 best indie nail polish alternatives to Mentality Polish. With all the drama unfolding around this brand, I’m very glad that I never bought them. However, I also don’t want to see anyone turned off of indie nail polish because of this brand. It makes me think of the Glittersniffer drama all over again! I promise you, there are many awesome and upstanding brands out there! Read about the drama here, here, and here.

11 Best Indie Nail Polish Alternatives to Mentality Polish

This post contains a mix of press samples and products purchased by me.

1. KB Shimmer
KB Shimmer is an awesome indie nail polish brand. I’ve reviewed them many times over. You’ll love them. See my KB Shimmer features.

2. Literary Lacquers
Literary Lacquers is the queen of holos. So many beautiful polishes, all safely handmade. I collaborated to help create Camille with LL. See my features.

3. GlitterDaze
I adore the Mythical collection from this brand. It’s pretty on it own or layered. See my articles.

4. CrowsToes
I love CrowsToes! Everyone needs Nidavellir. This brand has stunning, complex polishes. See my posts.

5. Girly Bits
Proudly made in Canada, Girly Bits has some amazing colors. I collaborated with Girly Bits to create Defying Gravity. See my features.

Based in the city of sin, Las Vegas, you’ll feel like you’re indulging with some of the beauties from ILNP. See my features.

7. Pretty Serious Cosmetics
I just recently placed another order with PS to pick up Bloody Bride and The Crimson Pearl. CANNOT WAIT for them to get here! See my posts.

8. Sugarpill Cosmetics
While certainly better known for their eyeshadows, Sugarpill recently entered the nail polish game. I’ve purchased some but have yet to review them. See my Sugarpill posts.

9. Superifically Colorful Lacquers
SC Lacquers is a lovely tiny company based in Israel. I love their brights! See my features.

10. Cirque Colors
Cirque has a ton of gorgeous colors and only recently been available at Nordstrom. See my posts featuring Cirque.

11. Rainbow Honey
If you love glitter bombs and jellies, you’ll adore Rainbow Honey. See my posts.

If you’ve been injured with Mentallity Nail Polish, report it here.

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  • I am fond of KBShimmer. I also like Serum No.5. and Colors by Llarowe. I also buy nail polish base from TKB Trading and mixing my own up with various solvent-proof glitters I’ve found.

  • OMG! Thank you so very much for including little me among this amazing list of giants!!! <3
    and as a nail polish user – I totally agree with each and every word!!

  • Digital Nails and Ellagee are two more amazing brands. The makers are so sweet and responsible!

  • Thank You So Much for including us Phyrra! I wholeheartedly echo the sentiments expressed so perfectly by Pretty Serious., You are the BOMB-DIGGITY lady!!! 😀

  • I’m quite sad because I actually love Mentaility polish.. they have beautiful colors and formulas.. but thank you for the alternatives!

  • So many great Indies out there…I rarely buy commercial brands anymore. What a great list….a few I may need to try out, thanks Phyrra! You were the one who got me to look into indie beauty in the first place, so I thank you 🙂

  • Oh yes, you definitely need to try Elevation. So much attention, care, and science (!) goes into Elevation’s polishes.

  • Awesome post and as an indie polish lover, THANK YOU! Great list! My favorite indie brands are Elevation Polish and a-England (although a-England is more of a “boutique” brand – still an indie but made in a lab instead of being hand-poured.) I trust both of those companies with my nails forever. (That’s in addition to some of the brands you already listed.)

    • I think I have 3 a-England polishes that I’ve bought. I need to review them. I haven’t tried Elevation but I think they’re gorgeous! And you’re welcome 🙂 I just don’t want people to be afraid of indie because of one bad brand.

      • I hope one of them is Sleeping Palace. That has been my #1 favorite polish of all time, of any brand, indie or mainstream, since it came out. It’s my “one polish from a burning fire” or “one polish on a deserted island” polish.

        • I recently purchased Captive Goddess. The other 2 I have just didn’t look like what I’d seen on everyone else, Tristram and Ophelia. Captive Goddess is more gorgeous in person. I haven’t seen Sleeping Palace.

  • I’d never bought from Mentality, but I’ve been reading about what happened, and Mentality’s response. It’s sickening. I have bought from KBShimmer, but none of the others listed. They all look like they have beautiful polishes, though. Thanks for your wonderful list.

  • Fantastic post – so glad to see the community getting together, and the experts speaking out about what is positive in the indie brand market!!!

  • You hit the best brands. I’ve bought a lot of ILNP, KB Shimmer, Pretty Serious and Cirque. I’ve seen lots of pots on the others and they are gorgeous.

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