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Yule Trees

Yule Trees

Yule Trees

I wanted to share quick photos of my Yule Trees. I put these up not too long after Halloween. Prior to 2020, my tradition was to put the tree up the day after Friendsgiving, because Grandma always put her tree up the day after Thanksgiving. 2020 was a game changer because Dave and I both wanted the trees up as soon as possible.

I prefer artificial trees for a few reasons. First, I’m allergic to pine. Second, I hate the mess of a real tree. Third, I used to have cats who would go crazy in a real tree but were fine with fake trees. I understand that fake trees aren’t everyone’s cup o’ tea, but they work for me.

For my more traditional looking tree (I think it’s only 7 or 8 feet tall), I put red, green, and purple glitter ornaments, along with handmade glass Jack Skellington ornaments (that I’m replacing with handmade plastic ones once they arrive). This tree has built in round ball lights, but I also added lights. My favorite lights that I’ve had for 15+ years are these gorgeous star lights that link rainbow colors. I also added small snowflake lights this year that blink at random intervals. The tree topper is an icy blue star. I’ve also got my various Disney, pug and poodle ornaments on it.

The purple tree is a small 6 foot tall tree that I found on Amazon. I have a string of purple bat lights on it. It’s decorated with black and purple ornaments, along with some custom-made Jack Skellington gold ornaments. I think I bought the more traditional looking tree from Target several years ago.

This year, Dave asked to put the purple tree in the bedroom. It’s not finished being decorated yet as I only finally located a bat tree topper for it (along with a few matching bat ornaments), which i ordered from an indie designer in the UK. Once it arrives, I’ll take proper photos that better show off both trees.

How are you decorating for the holidays this year? Let me know here or in the Phyrra Nyx Facebook Group! If you haven’t joined the group yet, we’d love to have you. Just remember to fill out the membership questions.



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  • This year, I decided to try something unique. I had my kids make about half of the ornaments. The ornaments were quick, easy, red/green/gold crafts that they could create with minimal supervision. This worked out well with my store bought ornaments in silver and white. They loved being part of the whole tree decorating process. I got to travel down “memory lane” and recall how I made my own Christmas ornaments as a kid.

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