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Workout Motivation: Top 6 Reasons I Go to the Gym

Many of you have asked what is my workout motivation, so today I'm sharing my top 6 reasons I go to the gym. I'm currently lifting weights and biking 3 to 4 days a week.

Workout Motivation: Top 6 Reasons I Go to the Gym

Many of you have asked what is my workout motivation, so today I’m sharing my top 6 reasons I go to the gym. I’m currently lifting weights and biking 3 to 4 days a week. I’d like to up that to 5 days a week consistently, but it can be hard because of work. For the days that I absolutely cannot make it to the gym, I have free weights & a stationary bike at home to help me meet my goals.

Workout Motivation

1. To be Strong

Until I started lifting weights, I couldn’t lift anything. I was a wuss, and it bothered me by how much I had to rely on other people to help me move heavy things. After the first three months of lifting, I saw a significant improvement in my muscle definition and my ability to do some everyday tasks that used to give me trouble, like lifting 5-gallon water jugs.

Another reason this has become a workout motivation for me has been watching my 94-year-old grandmother’s strength wane. She can’t pick up my brother’s kids anymore. She has trouble doing some everyday things around her home. Watching her deal with that, I don’t want to experience it so lifting weights and taking calcium supplements is what I’m doing to counteract that.

2. To Be Healthy

When I’m working out regularly, I don’t get sick. I mean, it has to be a really nasty virus to affect me. I typically don’t get colds when I’m at the gym 3 or 4 days a week. It’s nice to be so resilient. Without exercise, I swear it seemed like I got sick every other month.

3. For My Husband’s Health

It’s easier to go to the gym when you have a partner, and Ray’s my partner. He also has high cholesterol, so making sure he gets exercise and gets to the gym is as good for him as it is for me. I want him to be around for a long, long time, so even when I don’t feel like going, I normally go once I remind myself of that.

4. Helps to Reduce My Anxiety

I take medication daily to reduce my anxiety. However, going to the gym also helps to reduce my overall anxiety and makes me feel more relaxed. It lets me burn off nervous energy and stress, which I find to be excellent workout motivation.

5. Better Sleep

When I’m working out regularly and physically tiring myself out, I sleep better. When I’m not working out and my anxiety is high, I have trouble falling asleep, as well as staying asleep. After a good workout, when I’m worn out, I sleep deeper.

6. More Energy

One of the biggest workout motivations for me is that I have more energy during the day and I need less sleep. It’s fantastic to feel well rested on less sleep because sometimes I just can’t count on as much sleep as I’d like.

So these are my top 6 reasons I go to the gym. It’s what keeps me motivated. What motivates you to work out?



  • Thanks for being open about your anxiety! I too take meds and find that the gym also helps keep it at bay (at least manageable). Sometimes with anxiety it’s hard to want to go to the gym even though it’s exactly what is needed.

  • Hi Courtney I Hope You Are Having a Lovely Day Today, it’s Dark & Gloomy Here Where I Live! Thanks So Much for Sharing Your Motivation for Going to the GYM Because I Could Really Use Some Extra Motivation! I Don’t Believe That You Only Have to Go to the GYM to Get into Shape But if I Could Afford it I Would Definitely Love to Join a GYM but I Also Enjoy Doing Some Low Maintenance Exercises Like Walking My Dog! I Think I Told You That I Was in a Really Bad Motorcycle Accident So I Now Have Really Bad Chronic Pain So I Can’t Really Do Anything Too Strenuous But I Like to Be Outside With a Beautiful View So I Like Going for Walks With My Dog in the Park! I Wish That I Could Push Myself to Do More But I End Up Feeling Awful When I Try to Do More! I Like Having a Friend to Go Walk With Too, it Makes the Time Go By Quicker! Well Thanks Again for Sharing Courtney, I Hope You Enjoy the Rest of Your Day! Take Care! – Jana

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