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Viseart Bright Editorial Palette

Viseart Bright Editorial Palette Review and swatches

Today I’m sharing the Viseart Bright Editorial Palette with you. This is a gorgeous bright matte palette that I bought last year and I absolutely love it. My friend Norah from Norah Loves Makeup had been raving about Viseart and got me interested in the brand. I’d say Viseart deserves the raves that they receive.

Viseart Bright Editorial Palette

Where to Buy
Sephora, Beautylish

$80 for .84 oz (.07 oz each x 12)

About the Brand
Viseart fuses together quality with integrity and innovation. They create high quality health conscious makeup. Their products are made without petroleum, parabens, silicons, butylene glycol or propylene glycol, phthalates, or artificial dyes. They are cruelty free and some products are vegan friendly.

(+/-) MAY CONTAIN: MINERAL PIGMENTS: TITANIUM DIOXIDE (77891), IRON OXIDES (77491, 77492, 77499), BLUE 1 (42090), CARMINE (75470), MICA (77019).

Viseart Bright Editorial Palette Review and swatches

Viseart Bright Editorial White Swatch
1 – White
Viseart Bright Editorial Magenta Purple Swatch
11 – Magenta Purple
Viseart Bright Editorial Burgundy Red Swatch
10 – Burgundy Red
Viseart Bright Editorial True Red Swatch
9 – True Red
Viseart Bright Editorial Hot Pink Swatch
5 – Hot Pink
Viseart Bright Editorial Orange Swatch
6 – Orange
Viseart Bright Editorial Yellow Swatch
7 – Yellow
Viseart Bright Editorial Chartreuse Swatch
2 – Chartreuse
Viseart Bright Editorial Grass Green Swatch
3 – Grass Green
Viseart Bright Editorial Aquamarine Swatch
4- Aquamarine
Viseart Bright Editorial Turquoise Blue Swatch
8 – Turquoise Blue
Viseart Bright Editorial Royal Blue Swatch
12 – Royal Blue
Viseart Bright Editorial Palette Review and swatches
9 – 10 – 11 – 1
Viseart Bright Editorial Palette Review and swatches
6 – 5 – 9
Viseart Bright Editorial Palette Review and swatches
2 – 7 – 6
Viseart Bright Editorial Palette Review and swatches
8 – 4 – 3 – 2
Viseart Bright Editorial Palette Review and swatches
12 – 8 – 4
What makeup product are you currently obsessed with?
Wearing 11 Magenta Purple

The packaging for this palette is super simple. It’s slightly larger than my hand. It’s efficiently designed, to make it ideal for packing in a makeup artist’s kit. However, the packaging holds a high quality product, so don’t be put off by it. The eyeshadows are made with organic ingredients in small batches to maintain high quality consistency and pigmentation, which I know appeals to many of you.

I swatched this palette on primer and on bare skin and the colors were as vibrant on and off, which I found impressive. I found the colors easy to work with, too. With hooded eyes, I’m told that I need to wear mattes (or satin-mattes) in the crease (hood) for flattering makeup looks. I bought this palette to supplement my collection because I was sorely lacking in bright mattes and it does not disappoint. My favorite color in the palette is 11 Magenta Purple. It’s a color that was missing in my collection and I’m happy to have it.  It’s perfect to use with my favorite Urban Decay eyeshadows.

Because these are mattes, they’re extremely versatile. They’re easy to blend together to create a custom shade. You can also easily layer glitter on top of these shades if you want. One of the easiest ways to create a fun bright look for with this palette is to pick a color, any color, and apply it in the smoky dome shape to the lid and crease (make sure you use a skintone base shade to blend out the edges in the crease). Then use a sticky primer and pop an iridescent glitter on the lid. Boom, instant fun, bright look that only requires 2 eyeshadows.

With the exception of 4 Aquamarine, I felt like the colors applied on my skin true to what I see in the pan. 4 Aquamarine is more of a teal green than I expected. It makes me think of an 80s teal shade.

Now, I want to talk about the value of this palette. This palette is $80 for 12 eyeshadows that are .07 oz each. That breaks down to about  $6.66 per eyeshadow, and they’re larger than your average full size eyeshadow. By comparison, Urban Decay is $19 for .05 oz for an eyeshadow single. If you’re more familiar with MAC, each MAC eyeshadow refill pan is $6 for .04 oz. So the Viseart eyeshadows are almost twice the size (.07 vs .04) for about the same price (if the Viseart were available individually). And of course, Viseart is cruelty free, where MAC is not. I definitely feel like this palette has been money well spent for me.

What do you think of the Viseart Bright Editorial Palette? How would you wear it?

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  • The lushness of the texture and pigmentation is mind blowing! This is the colorful palette to have-you can see it in your eye look. That’s what I love about their palettes, the amazing quality, and the versatility of what you can do. And it’s an investment palette for sure, but a worthy one. Like you were saying they do it in small batches to ensure the quality. With the other matte palettes(the matte netural has been on my lust list-you can do your entire face with it) Sultry Muse is another pretty one, and they have a good selection at Beautylish.

    • Color Magic, if I had seen this I would have tweetted you right away lol. You can see the stunning vibrancy in the shades, and in your eye look. A few of them are on my lust list! The magenta is majestic!!

  • I’ve been interested in Viseart but thought it seemed expensive. So glad you included the price break down – I will give them a more thorough look for sure!

    • It is, but at least you know it’s a totally worthy splurge, total quality and superb pigmentation. And they have several to choose one, I’m not a huge color person but these shades are so stunning! Beautylish has several, and the versatility makes them amazing, the matte nude you can do your whole face with, contour, brows, they have cool nude, Paris nudes, and Sultry Muse are pretty too. These shades though are color magic!

  • I just wish they would cut the product sizes in half and cut the price in half, haha. That $80 price tag is holding me back so far.

    • Yeah the Visearts are pricey, but if you are going to get an “investment” palette or want to do a splurge I would call them a very worthy splurge. I’m not that much of a color person, I have added some color to my collection-from Sugarpill, the Saucebox new singles. But the Viseart Matte if you like mattes is also amazing-they are used in the french film/fashion so the quality is outstanding, when you buy one you know it will be amazing, ie, the matte you can do your whole face with, brows contour., Beautylish has a cool selection, if you aren’t that into matte they have a Sultry Muse that’s really pretty too. Totally hear you though, the worst though would be splurging on something that turns out to be not worth it at all, big bummer 🙁

  • That’s such a gorgeous palette. The aquamarine does look a lot more blue in the pan, but at least it’s still a pretty color. One of these days I’ll snag it.

  • I really love your pretty purple cutcrease! What is the lid shade you are wearing in the picture? I couldn’t find it in the post but my brains are a little scrambly.

  • It’s a beautiful palette and when you see the cost breakdown it’s not a bad deal. However, when I tried to see this palette on Sephora the other day, it looked different. It looks like they changed the colors in it.

    • They have like 6 palettes at Sephora, but you can get this palette at Beautylish if you’re worried aboutg it not being bright.

  • I bought this palette and was kind of disappointed 🙁 I found with most shades I really needed something like NYX Milk to make them pop (especially the greens and the teal). The pink/yellow/orange worked well for me, but I guess the formula just wasn’t for me. I’m glad to see it worked for you though!

  • You know when you’re hoping a review won’t be good because it’s a pricey item? The second I scrolled down and saw the first swatch I knew it would be no such luck. I can’t get over the vibrant colors and payoff.

    • After seeing how much product you get per pan, I don’t feel that it’s that pricey, plus it has great ingredients. The color payoff is pretty amazing.

      • Yeah Melissa I was telling someone the same thing, at least you know that if you do invest the money in a Viseart palette, it’s stunning quality that can’t be beat, and it does have a lot per pan. I’ve had my eye on the matte and the sultry muse palettes from them for a while! Saw the store when I lived in Paris went in was like ahhhh-but I was living/studying abroad, did not have the extra money LOL

      • The Conceal/Correct Palettes are really nice too, they aren’t in stock very often at Sephora, and I haven’t seen them at BL yet.

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