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Urban Decay Lashes

Urban Decay Lashes

Urban Decay Lashes are now available! Lots of people love false lashes and some of my friends even wear them daily. I’m not skilled at wearing false lashes (and I’m allergic to lash glue), so I don’t wear them that often.

Urban Decay Lashes

$15 each

Urban Decay, Sephora

However, I’m really excited to see the new lashes that UD has released because they have the demi size that I prefer!

Urban Decay Instaflare
Urban Decay Instalush
Urban Decay Instalure

There are 3 Partial False Lash sets (which I refer to as demi):

  • Instalush – crisscross partial lash
  • Instaflare – 1/3 lash with a rounded flare at the outer corner
  • Instalure – partial winged lash with long,battable flair shape
Urban Decay Glitter Dip
Glitter dip
UD Bait
UD Trap

There are 3 Perversion lash sets

  • Glitter Dip – thick, winged lash with iridescent glitter
  • Trap – thick, fluffy bundles of lashes spaced out on a thin band
  • Bait – lush, full lash

For the demi-lashes you get 2 pair per pack. And yes, these are reusable!

Each set of lashes is handmade with cruelty free synthetic hair so these are even vegan.

I really love the partial lashes and can’t wait to try them in a look.

Do you wear false lashes? How do you prefer yours? Full or demi?

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  • This is so exciting!! I love partial lashes – I hope they are released in the UK soon! I will defo get all three of the demis.

  • I ordered Bait. Full lashes are more my thing because my natural lashes are sooo sparse at the inner corners. I don’t wear them daily, but I just started wearing them more often 🙂

  • I got an email of these today! I’m with you, I would love to try the Demi ones! I also love the ones with the glitter on the outside portion, just beautiful!!!

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