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Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette Review

Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette Review

Today I’ve got the Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette review to share with you. This is a fun, playful palette from Too Faced! I love the candy hues in it. It even has a stunning purple!

PR sample.

Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette Review

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Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette Review

About Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette
Give eyes some sugar with our colorful palette of nine deliciously enticing, shimmer and glitter shadows in vanilla, chocolate and candy inspired hues that allow limitless, irresistibly sweet looks for eyes that sparkle and pop!

  • Our luxurious, silky smooth formula blends effortlessly for an airbrushed effect
  • 3 x 0.07 oz Eye shadow in Rock Candy, Strawberry Ice, Peach Fuzz
  • 6 x 0.03 oz Eye shadow in Macaroon, Malted Milk Ball, Sugared Violet, Blackberry, Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry
  • Paraben Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free


Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette Review

Too Faced Sugar Pop Rock Candy Swatch

Rock Candy
pale vanilla with gold micro-glitter

Too Faced Sugar Pop Peach Fuzz Swatch

Peach Fuzz
pale pastel peach beige with gold micro-glitter

Too Faced Sugar Pop Strawberry Ice Swatch

Strawberry Ice
icy pale pink

These first three shades are good as base shades or highlight shades. They’re on the sheer side and they’re meant to make it easier to blend with the other colors.

Too Faced Sugar Pop Malted Milk Ball Swatch

Malted Milk Ball
golden brown with gold micro-glitter

Too Faced Sugar Pop Blackberry Swatch

brown with plum tones matte

It wouldn’t be a Too Faced palette without some browns. Malted Milk Ball is a pretty shimmery brown that would be good for a crease shade. Blackberry is a brown with a bit of a plum tone to it, on the matte side, also perfect for a crease shade.

Too Faced Sugar Pop Sugared Violet Swatch

Sugared Violet
metallic violet purple

Too Faced Sugar Pop Macaron Swatch

soft orange with gold micro-glitter

Too Faced Sugar Pop Bubblegum Swatch

candy pink with pink micro-glitter

Too Faced Sugar Pop Blue Raspberry Swatch

Blue Raspberry
pearly aqua blue

These last 4 shades are the most fun shades I’ve seen from Too Faced since the Pretty Rebel palette. I love Sugared Violet because it’s a true purple shade. It looks like it belongs with the Cat Eyes palette. Macaron reminds me a little of Jardin from the A La Mode palette (another fun palette because of the Hot Pink!) Bubblegum is such a fun, girly pink. It’s really the epitome of the Too Faced girl. Blue Raspberry is the brightest aqua blue that I’ve seen Too Faced put out, definitely brighter than Mermaid from the Summer Eyes palette.

Too Faced Sugar Pop Eyeshadow Looks


The Too Faced Glamour Guide that comes with the palette gives you 3 looks to get you started with ideas on how to use the colors.Too Faced Summer 2015 Cruelty Free Sugar Pop Eyeshadow Palette

These really are the brightest colors that I’ve seen from Too Faced in a long time. If you’re afraid of color, dip your toes in with Macaron on the lid. Use Blackberry in the crease and blend it out with Peach Fuzz. Or go bold with Blue Raspberry on the lid and Malted Milk Ball in the crease, deepening the outer corner with Blackberry.

Overall, I really love this palette from Too Faced and think it’s perfect for some fun this Summer.

What do you think of the Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette? How would you wear it?



  • I just got some new palettes from Too FACED, they had 50 % off on their website and it motivated me try new colors. I love make-up but, look best in natural colors. I been watching Youtube and I love it when they put a little color on the edge of the corner of the eyes. I can picture adding a splash of color to my everyday look.

  • Malted Milk Ball and Sugared Violet are SO gorgeous. I don’t think I’d use enough of these shades to justify it. I’m just too much of a neutral girl LOL. Great swatches!

  • I bought this during the VIB sale. I finally got to really play with it this past weekend. I had a terrible sinus infection, so I couldn’t touch it when I purchased it. I went on a shopping spree and bought a bunch of stuff looked at it once and then had it let it sit there. It was so sad! Lol. My boyfriend even felt sorry for me once I made the comparison to him getting a new guitar and cutting his hand open the next day. Hahaha ? It’s so bright and happy. I’m glad TF went bold with this one.

  • Sugared Violet totally looks like it belongs in the Cat Eyes palette! This is a great palette, and I agree with you that I’ve not really seen this much pigment in a colorful palette from Too Faced before. I’m pretty impressed 🙂

  • the swatches are so pretty! I can’t wait to get this palette during the Sephora sale 🙂

  • I bought this the moment I saw it. I’ve had it for a few days and I am in love with every single color! I am THRILLED to have a colorful palette like this from TF! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! <333

    As for looks… I definitely want to give the Candy Coated look a try – aqua lid, candy pink crease…awesome! 😀 I have to say that I am in awe of Sugared Violet. It's so incredibly rich and glowy! (It's what I wanted Jungle Love to be.) I adore Macaron and Bubblegum! I definitely want to pair Macaron and Bubblegum for an orange and pink look! <—my favorite colors to wear on my eyes! Blue Raspberry is AMAZING! It's so bright and fun! I want to use it full blast of course…though I saw a neutral eye look with Blue Raspberry on the lower lash line that looked beautiful! Browns really make Blue Raspberry POP! I also want to try a complimentary color thing with Macaron and Blue Raspberry. I want to recreate TF's Chocolate Cat Eye look with Sugared Violet! I think that tutorial works with the colors of this palette; neutral, colorful, or both at the same time! Really…I love ALL of the colors. Every single color is truly beautiful and I love the formula! ITA though – the last four colors shown (Sugared Violet, Macaron, Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry) are The Reason I bought this palette. I am definitely going to have tons of fun with this palette! 😀

    I have one teeny tiny complaint. There are MINT GREEN macarons all over the packaging; the palette's tin, the box, and the Glamour Guide. The majority of the macarons are pink and peach…the one color that really POPS as far as the packaging is the mint green. So…why no mint green in the palette? I can totally see a mint green in place of Malted Milk Ball – right next to the beautiful soft orange of Macaron! *soft orange and mint together omg heavenly* A mint could have also gone in one of the bigger pans – I'd move Peach Fuzz up to the top left corner bc it goes well with Macaron and put a mint green in the lower left large pan. I love mint green and I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't all over the tin, box, and Glamour Guide. I'm in love with this palette and wouldn't have thought "This needs a mint green!" but as I admired the lovely packaging I couldn't help but notice the mint green macarons.

    Oh no I left another ridiculously long comment but I am just so super-super excited about this palette! Please forgive me! XD It's just so beautiful. . .it might be my favorite TF 9-pan palette ever! .< The matte shades were a BIG part of my motivation to buy Natural Eyes last year. They are BUTTER. The thought of a whole palette of BUTTER in beautiful colors is making me crazy/drool. Is it insane to buy Natural Matte when I already own Natural Eyes (tin version)?

  • It certainly does look like a fun summer palette. Very glad to see that SOMEONE is doing colours, not the boring repetition of neutral browns. This is your kind of palette I would say Phyrra!

  • I need this just to re-create the Sweet & Spicy look! Love the peachy-orange and brown combo.

  • Those shades are gorgeous. And I have a whole boatload of macarons that got delivered yesterday. I think I will go get one now!

  • I love the Sweet and Spicy look! Strawberry Ice and Peach Fuzz may be my favorites from this palette!

  • The top three… those are right up my alley. I’ve never been good with the bright colors. I wish I were more adventurous!

  • I thought this palette had one of the same shadows as the Chocolate Bar Palette, but it turns out that that one is Candied Violet and this one is Sugared Violet. So clearly, I have to have both.

  • I love this little palette so much. Blue Raspberry is my favorite, when I thought for sure it would be the pink (which I really like, too). I really like the violet shade. I was afraid it would be too close to the Candied Violet in the Candy Bar palette, but it’s darker and much bluer-toned. So nice not to get a repeat shade. I’ve been playing with my since I got it. I predict it will be my spring favorite.

    Oh, my Darling Girl Ghoul Schools arrived. Love! Thanks so much for telling us about them.

  • The colors are a departure for Too Faced. I almost think I could pull them off 😉

  • Those colors are awesome!! I would love to play around with all of those shades!

  • I’ve never tried Too Faced, but this might be the palette that changes my mind!

  • What a gorgeous palette, and your swatches are nothing short of amazing! Sugared Violet is so pretty!

  • This is gorgeous! Your suggestions for looks are very helpful. May I request a tutorial once your eyes are fully healed? Although you were rockin’ those sunglasses in your March favorites video, I’m sorry you were in pain *hugs*

    • Yes, once I can wear eyeshadow again I will be playing with these. I have so many different eyeshadows I want to wear! I just keep feeling like I should be healing faster, but my eyes are going as fast as they can.

      • Aw, no rush at all! I had surgery to correct a strabismus several years ago and know that healing can take longer than we like. I hope you’re feeling better every day and thank you for these swatches!

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