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Stila After Glow Lip Colors Review

Stila After Glow Lip Color Review

Today I’ve got three of the Stila After Glow Lip Colors reviewed for you. I’ve reviewed Tangerine Dream individually (see my previous post for the ingredients listing), but I also wanted to review Electric Pink and Vivid Violet. And of course, I wanted to share lots of blacklight photos with you!

Press samples.

$18 for .1 oz from Nordstrom, Sephora, Amazon, etc

Shades Available
Tangerine Dream – bright tangerine (to me it’s a reddish orange)
Vivid Violet – rich violet (very pretty violet magenta shade)
Festive Fuchsia – vibrant fuchsia
*Electric Pink – hot pink (lush hot pink)
Rave Red – bright red
Party Pink – deep pink

Stila After Glow Lip color, Tangerine Dream, Vivid Violet, Electric Pink, Swatches, Review

The Website Says
Dazzle by day and glow by night. Stila’s blacklight responsive lip color contains florescent pigments that are three times brighter than conventional colors, creating a vibrant pop of color in the sunlight. Once the sun goes down, blacklight sensitive pigments cause the product to glow when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.

Stila After Glow Electric Pink, Vivid Violet, Tangerine Dream under BlacklightFrom L to R: Electric Pink – Vivid Violet – Tangerine Dream

To me, they look very similar under the black light. Tangerine Dream looks more more reddish orange, Vivid Violet looks more reddish pink, and Electric Pink looks like a pinkish red. They were not distinctly hot pink, purple violet or orange. While I was slightly disappointed by this, I didn’t buy them primarily for their blacklight abilities, so I’m ok with the fact that they look similar under blacklight.

Vivid Violet reminds me of MAC Heroine, MAC Violetta, and Milani Violet Volt. So here’s another great cruelty-free alternative to MAC Violetta or Heroine.

Features & Benefits:

  • * Medium, buildable coverage with staining properties for lasting color
  • * Sunflower seed oil nourishes and moisturizes, while oat kernel extract soothes and calms the lips
  • * Algae extract helps retain moisture and contains antioxidant benefits
  • * Glycerin attracts water from the environment and the lower layers of the skin increasing hydration levels
  • * Natural blend of waxes deliver a creamy, easy-to-apply consistency
  • * Vitamins C & E provide antioxidant benefits
  • * Cherry flavored
  • * Cruelty-free
I’ve got a bunch of blacklight photos. I love taking blacklight photos!
Wearing Vivid Violet on my lipsThis was taken with a long exposure against the blacklight. I’ve got Vivid Violet on my lips. The green parts of my hair are Manic Panic Electric Lizard and the pink parts are the leftover bleedthrough from Manic Panic Electric Lava.
Wearing Manic Panic and Stila After Glow Lip Color
I’m right under a blacklight with Vivid Violet on my lips.
This was my favorite shot of this series under the blacklight, probably because you can see the glimpse of Electric Lizard at the back of my hair. Wearing Vivid Violet on my lips.
Stil After Glow Lip Color Blacklight SwatchesFrom top to bottom: Tangerine Dream, Vivid Violet and Electric Pink
Wearing Manic Panic and Stila After Glow Lip Color
Wearing Vivid Violet above.


As a reminder, or in case you don’t know, blacklight reactive means it glows under blacklight. This means it will not it glow in the dark unless it’s near a blacklight. If you’re just outside in the dark, it’s not going to glow.


What I wore to my BFF's Birthday Pool Party - Vivid Violet.
What I wore to my BFF’s Birthday Pool Party – Vivid Violet. See the look.

I really like how this lip turned out. To recreate it, line your lips with Vivid Violet, and fill them in 2/3 of the way. Then fill in the center of the lips with Electric Pink.

My thoughts
Much like with Tangerine Dream, I love Vivid Violet and Electric Pink. For me, the colors felt moisturizing on the lips. I have a tendancy towards dry lips and I’m desperately trying to break my habit of biting my lips. I should note that before I go to wear any lip color these days, I exfoliate my lips with a sugar scrub and then I apply a lip balm with SPF. I leave that on for a few minutes, and then I blot it off. After that, I apply my lip color. With these pencils, sometimes I blot, sometimes I don’t.

I do find it easy to build up the color and it really does leave a stain behind! This is why I chose to wear the After Glow lip color in Vivid Violet to my best friend’s birthday pool party! Even after 8 hours of wear, I still had some color to my lips.

I think these are an amazing product and one of my top picks for Summer. I hope that Stila decides to make this line and formula permanent because the colors that I have are gorgeous. If you like lip crayons, like I do, don’t miss out on these! I think they’re awesome.

Have you tried the Stila After Glow Lip Colors? What’s your favorite shade? Tell me in the comments below & don’t forget to share if you love this post!



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  • omg you look wonderful and I love how they glow on the black light now I need one, you’re so bad for my no buy policy >.<

  • Ooooh, I really like that these are blacklight reactive! I’ll have to snag a few of them. ^_^

  • I really want Tangerine Dream, it;s so pretty!! And off topic but I love your necklace!! (the one with the bat) Where did you get it? 🙂

  • I resisted buying these until I read your review on the tangerine dream, then I bought that one and electric pink, I LOVE them! They really are wonderfully pigmented and feel so smooth and moisturizing even if I never wear them under a blacklight at a party I’ll still get great use of them. I still must have vivid violet!

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