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Sourpuss Teal Blue Curio Skull Cropped Hoodie

Sourpuss Teal Blue Curio Skull Cropped Hoodie
Happy Teal Thursday! Today I’m sharing my lust for this Sourpuss Teal Blue Curio Skull Cropped Hoodie. It’s a really cute lightweight teal blue hoodie that’s 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Now, I need another hoodie like I need another piercing, which is to say sure I’d like one but I don’t really need one. This one is tempting me to buy it, regardless!

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On a personal note I’ve been playing catch up all week with work, trying to make up for being gone last week while I was visiting my Grandma. My Grandma is doing a lot better than she was previously. We’re pretty sure it’s because she’s actually eating more food (more protein) and not just salad. Her kidneys are functioning much better than they were, she has more energy and she’s happy. She now feels like she has something to live for again – her grandchildren and great grandchildren (my niece and nephew).

How are you doing?

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