Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny Review

Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny Review

Happy Caturday! I’m happy to share with you today my Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny review. I’ve got a video portion to show you the product in action, as well as this written review. The Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny is a luxury makeup organizer. It’s been a huge hit among celebrities such as Lily Ghalichi and Gretchen Rossi. You saw me mention this recently in my Makeup Wars Best Ways to Organize Makeup.

PR sample.

The ICEbOX is made from very high quality lucite that really glows under the light. Lucite was created by Dupont and it really gives the ICEbOX a crystal clear effect. Under my daylight bulbs it looks beautiful. The handles fit seamlessly into the design. They don’t look bulky or glued on, as I’ve seen with other organizers.

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Please keep in mind that I do not have your average size makeup collection. I’ve got a huge collection due to the fact that I’ve been blogging for over 5 years. Before that I was almost exclusively a MAC makeupaholic and my entire MAC makeup collection fits into 1 drawer. So if you have an average size makeup collection, you’ll have plenty of extra room!

The eDiva Princess next to the ICEbOX Skinny
You can see how the eDiva has rounded corners and thicker acrylic. The ICEbOX Skinny is more delicate in appearance and really catches the light.

$365 – Shorty Skinny
$365 – Shorty Wide
$395 – ICEbOX Skinny
$395 – ICEbOX Wide

You can purchase them at Sherrieblossom.com, Amazon, and Neiman Marcus.

Measurements for the ICEbOX Skinny
12″ L x 12″ W x 15″
The lid section is 5″ tall.
The drawers are 2″ tall.

My Filled Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny

My Thoughts on the ICEbOX Skinny
The Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny is perfect if you have narrow counter space or don’t want this to take up too much room on your dresser. It’s a 5 drawer, 6 tier organizer. There are removable inserts that can be L shaped, X shaped or grid shaped so that you can choose how to most effectively organize your makeup. My eDiva only has X shaped organizers in each drawer, so I really find this flexibility in the Sherrieblossom to be invaluable.

Top of my sherrieblossom icebox skinny
You can see my Too Faced primer, Paula’s Choice foundation, Tarina Tarantino Primer, Face Atelier (for color correcting foundation), Illamasqua Skin base, and a tarte highlighter.

The crown jewel of the organizer, to me, is the lid area. It’s about 5″ tall, which accommodates almost all of my foundations, highlighters, sunscreens etc. What took up 2.5 drawers in my eDiva can fit into the lid area of the ICEbOX skinny, which is really nice. It’s also much easier to find what I’m looking for since I don’t have to rummage through a drawer or three.

Top of my sherrieblossom icebox skinny
I’ve got powders in the back X. In the right side I have my airbrush makeup, Silk naturals lipsticks, primers, highlighters. In the left X I have foundations. In the front X I have foundations and a few powders.

Beneath my top lid area is my Sugarpill drawer.

Phyrra's Sugarpill Makeup Collection

This is my Sugarpill makeup collection. The drawer still has plenty of space. It’s holding my 3 Sugarpill palettes, all of my Chromalusts, my Cold Chemistry, Sparkle Baby, and LE colors. The space behind the palettes could easily hold another 6 palettes. These drawers are really deep and able to hold a ton of products.

Phyrra's Silk Naturals eyeshadows

Below that I have my Silk Naturals eyeshadows. This is about 3/4 of my Silk Naturals collection. I have more eyeshadows, blushes and lippies in another drawer.

Phyrra's Fyrinnae collection

This is about half of my Fyrinnae collection. I’ve got nearly one entire drawer full in my 10 drawer organizer of Fyrinnae jar sample sizes.

Phyrra's Urban Decay Single Eyeshadows

This is my Urban Decay drawer. it has my Build your own palettes (quads and 6s), Glinda palette, Theodora palette, etc. The rest of my UD palettes are in my 10 drawer organizers.

The Sherrieblossom Bottom Drawer

The bottom drawer of the Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny has Sherrieblossom beautifully engraved on it. You can see the light catching the handle. So pretty! Because of what I have my Sherrieblossom sitting on, I can only fit shallow palettes into it, such as my tarte Romancing the Glow palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish palette. On a dresser or another surface you can easily fit many more palettes or eyeshadows or lipsticks into this drawer.

The ICEbOX needs to be placed entirely upon a flat surface, so that all 4 rubber bumpers on the bottom of it are on the surface, like a dresser. This stable base allows it to work exactly as designed. Also, don’t completely overload your drawers. Make sure you fill the entire bottom of the drawer before you start stacking. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it.

My thoughts for improving this would be to make the base thicker (or base and sides), so that there’s no chance of it bowing outwards if it is not completely on a flat surface. However, if you use it the way it’s intended, on a completely flat, stable surface, you won’t ever see it bow out.

As you can tell from the video, my pictures, and my organization post, I have a ton of makeup. I’ve spent a lot of time and money on trying to figure out the best way to organize my makeup. I looked for the perfect black vanity with a mirror and storage to no avail, which is what led me to picking up cheaper storage options such as my three 10 drawer organizers. They work ok, but not great, and they’re flimsy. If you overfull the drawer they pop off their rack. The Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny is able to hold a ton of products in a little space and it looks really nice if you set it on a dresser (unlike what I’ve got it sitting on), so it can be a very stylish and useful organizer.

Yes, it is expensive, but you really do get what you pay for. This is a luxury organizer that makes it easy to find your makeup. If you’re an average makeupaholic, you’ll be able to fit your entire collection in this and have room to spare. You could even probably use the top section for your perfume, too!

What do you think of the Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny? Love it? Hate it? Let me know below!


  1. Mine was placed in on a flat surface and still bowed. My drawers no longer fit and Sherrie blossom does not stand behind their product further than 48 hours from delivery. My recommendation is for the price do not purchase the product. Many reviews online state that the product bows eventually. Mine did within five months !!

    1. I’ve had mine for 3 years at this point and it hasn’t bowed. However, I store it on top of my Ikea Alex (short). So it’s a large, flat sturdy surface.

      1. So far, from those that I’ve spoken to (i’ve emailed a few people who have purchased the product and posted about it) .. you are the first to not have had the drawers not give you a problem due to the product bowing. You are so lucky! Mine is on a marble surface.

  2. I love organziation videos, so this appealed to me. I don’t have a large makeup collection, so I couldn’t justify (or even fill!) this organzier. But, as I said, I absolutely love anything to do with organizing.

    1. If Youtube ever finishes processing the videos I uploaded 8 hours ago, you can see my entire makeup collection organization.

  3. It looks like it could hold a lot of stuff (I would probably need 3-4 of them for my entire collection) but the drawers don’t look like they are tall enough to store lipsticks upside-down so you can see the names of the colors. Lipsticks are probably the biggest part of my makeup collection, and if the drawers were tall enough for that, it would be much more useful for me.

    1. You can only fit lipsticks in the top area that is 5″ tall, because lipsticks are about 3″ tall, so they’re too tall for the 2″ drawers.

    2. I just tried fitting my lipsticks into the top section. It can hold almost all of them. the problem lies in the ones with the rounded bullet tops, like MAC, because you can’t stand them upside down. You also need to pack them in there like sardines so that you can read the names on the bottom.

      1. Oh no! I didn’t mean for you to go crazy trying to get your lipsticks to stand upside down in there, LOL! Sometimes that project can be the cause of a nervous breakdown! I have 3 clear train cases with MAC bullet-top lipsticks upside down, but getting them that way was an adventure, to say the least. Once they were full, it was fine – it was getting them to stay upright while I was putting them all in that was the problem! I know what you mean about having to pack them in there like sardines! Thanks for letting me know how it went. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. It’s ok, you’ll see pictures soon. I did a tour of my makeup collection video, so once that’s live you’ll see it in there.

  4. Unfortunately the price is waaaaayy outta my range. I had to rewind the video to make sure I heard you correctly. $395? Yikes. I also like Being able to compartmentalize my stuff too,,but I don’t have counter space either, so everything goes in my bathroom drawers instead. Nice review though ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah, it is definitely a luxury item. If you have drawers that’s nice! My house was designed by a funky interior designer, so the bathrooms have NO storage. There are no drawers in my master bathroom or my guest bathroom. It drives me crazy.

  5. Wow! This one really holds a LOT of stuff! I am impressed with how much fits in each drawer. I have an Original Beauty Box and it holds a good bit of my stash, but I wish I’d gotten the deluxe version that has an extra one of the taller drawers so I could store more stuff on it’s side versus flat. This one looks perfect! Loved your video, Phyrra! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Phyrra,
        I’m thinking of getting the icebox, but I have heard negative reviews such as small air bubbles, drawers bowing out despite the unit being placed on a hard surface. Can you do an updated post on your icebox? thank you!

        1. Sure thing! I’m actually really happy with it. It’s currently living on my short alex. I haven’t had any issues with drawers bowing out or air bubbles and I use it on a daily basis.

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