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Say Goodbye to Clumpy Lashes with the Perfect Lash Comb – Review

Let me preface this review with I’ve always found mascara difficult to use. I’ve always found the zig zag wiggle challenging to implement properly, so I would suffer from clumpy lashes. I tried a variety of plastic lash combs, but they sucked. I found ONE metal lash comb at Sally’s, which I tried and it was merely mediocre. However, this lash comb, which I ran across on the lovely Cybele’s blog of Cybele Says, is aptly named Perfect Lash Comb, is the queen of all lash combs!

The Website Claims:
Perfect Lash Comb Extends, Lifts and Intensifies Lashes
-Curved to reach all lashes evenly
-Side guards to protect sensitive skin areas
-Stainless steel teeth are tapered to allow an easy glide into the eyelashes
-Wide open supports to allow clear visibility
-Angled inward for comfort
-Easy-grip handle for a secure hold!

$18.94 including tax and shipping

Purple, Blue, Black & Gold, Black & Silver

The Website Design:
The website itself is very basic in design, and it’s relatively easy to order from. It’s the only place that I’ve ordered from in years that when I emailed to ask a question about shipping required me to fill out a request on earthlink. However, the owner got back with me quickly and the product shipped quickly.

Does it live up to its claims?
Yes! Let me tell you why this works for me. First, the metal teeth are curved, much the same way your lash line is curved. Second, the teeth point upwards, so you can comb upwards or downwards, whatever is easiest for you. I sometimes find it easier to slide the comb downwards, as in towards my cheek. It’s easy to clean, as you can just take some makeup remover on a cotton pad to clean off the metal teeth.

Would I purchase again?
Absolutely! After trying all kinds of combs that didn’t work at all or only moderately well, this comb is awesome. If you find yourself falling prey to clumpy lashes, the Perfect Lash Comb is worth trying out.

Product purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

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  • Apparently I’m not alone in my thoughts that this looks like a torture device, but, hey, that’s never stopped me before. I too have the Coastal Scents metal comb and it works fine for me, but this seems like a viable option too. Much better than the old trick of using a straight pin- talk about torture!

    • The other metal lash comb I have the teeth are definitely too close together, making it very difficult to use. This one is really good, in my opinion.

  • wow if only this wasn’t so damn expensive!! but anyway this goes to my wishlist πŸ˜€
    thanks for the review needed such a lash comb!!

    • Sadly I had spent more on crappy combs that didn’t work. For me it was worth the price and I wish i’d bought it sooner.

  • Is this just a comb for after applying your mascara normally or do you use this as an applicator? Looks very interesting!

  • Hooray! This looks great! Thanks for the heads up! I hate how clumpy mascara gets on me. I have very thick, densely packed eyelashes, and the ones at the corners of my eyes (the outer) point straight down. It’s frequently difficult to grab them with either mascara OR a comb. I sometimes have to pluck eyelashes which decide to grow on the tightline. It drives me bananas! But, since I wear glasses, it’s common for me to wear, or want to wear, mascara to really pump a look up. This looks like it’d be a great item for me to own, to help me really define my lashes and not end up with super clumps because of how dense my eyelashes are, which I’ve just had to put up with. Yessssssssssss!

  • Bit expensive for a lash comb. Plus, I never use lash combs. I think I’ll probably skip this and use a spoolie if I need to.

    • I’ve tried a spoolie too, but I can’t always get all the clumps. (I just fail some days) This thing has really helped me out. And I’ve spent more on all the fail lash combs I’ve tried, so I was happy to find one that works for me πŸ™‚

  • Good LORD! That thing would NEVER get near my eyes :S Nothing says “put me near your eyeballs!” like pointed metal needles…

  • Looks like it could double as a torture device, too. Does combing your lashes with help keep the shape after applying mascara? Especially if you have short lashes?

    • For me, I only comb my lashes to get rid of clumps of mascara. I’m not sure about combing to keep the shape.

  • I don’t wear mascara at all because of clumpiness. It feels too much like I’ve constantly got something in my eye. I may need to look into this.

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