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Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set

Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set - Great for Hooded eyes!

Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set

I wanted to share my thoughts on the Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set. This magical set is so pretty! It has 9 different brushes for the eyes and face. The brushes are very hooded eye friendly, while the face brushes are very versatile. The Fantasy Brush Set is made of synthetic brushes, so they’re cruelty free and vegan.

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Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set – 9 Pieces

Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set

Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set

Saucebox Face Brushes

The face brushes.

Saucebox Fantasy Brushes

The eye brushes.

Saucebox Fantasy Foundation, Powder, or Blush brush
Foundation, Powder, or Blush brush

This brush is good for applying powder products like foundation, setting powder or blush.

Saucebox Fantasy Highlighter or Blush brush
Highlighter or Blush brush

I find this brush useful for applying highlighter or blush.

Saucebox Fantasy Contour or Blush brush
Contour or Blush brush

While this brush is meant for contouring I really like it for blush too. This has become my go-to blush brush.

Saucebox Crease Blender Brush
Crease Blender Brush

This brush is excellent for applying crease and transition shades, as well as creating the smoky dome shape.

Saucebox Base Blender Brush
Base Blender Brush

The largest blending brush is good for an all over wash of color or blending all over.

Saucebox Large Round Blender Brush
Large Round Blender Brush

I love using the large round blender brush for applying my medium crease color.

Saucebox Small Round Blender Brush
Small Round Blender Brush

I love using the small round blender brush for applying the accent or outer v color.

Saucebox Fantasy Pencil Brush
Pencil Brush

The pencil brush is great for smoking out color along the lashline or using to apply an accent shade.

Saucebox Fantasy Eyebrow or Liner Brush
Eyebrow or Liner Brush

This tiny brush is perfect for filling in brows or using as a liner brush.

I love the rainbow handles. They feel very mermaid / unicorn in theme. The bristles are nice and I like the blue color. I’ve washed them, as well as used Cinema Secrets to clean them and haven’t experienced any shedding.

You can see most of these brushes in action in my Glittery Blackened Berry Tutorial.

As I mentioned above, the Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set is excellent for hooded eyes. The brushes are soft and supple, so they’re excellent at diffusing eyeshadow the way I tend to find is most flattering for hooded eyes. The brush sizes are nice, too, as some are smaller, making them perfect for working with intense colors.

Finally, it’s hard to beat the $21.99 price tag. If you’re looking for a new brush set, the Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set is Phyrra approved!

What do you think of the Saucebox Fantasy Brush Set?



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