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Rock Your Hair – Michael O’Rourke – Bombshell & New Cuts

While at the Premiere Orlando beauty show on Sunday Brittany, Kimberly, Cristina, Toni and I walked past the Rock Your Hair booth.

Michael O’Rourke, the founder of Rock Your Hair and master hair stylist, had several stylists working the event with him. One of them saw our hair and picked us both out for an on-stage cut. Because of my ‘rockeresque, fashion forward’ hair, Michael wanted to cut my hair. I was excited. I told them that I didn’t care what they ended up doing to my hair, because I was happy with most possible lengths. Cristina said she didn’t want too much length gone. We were in for a treat!

We ended up both having our hair cut shorter than anticipated. Michael asked me while on stage if he could cut it shorter. I said sure, because I figured I would love it no matter the length, and I was right. He gave me a chic pixie. Cristina’s awesome stylist gave her a fun A line.

I really was planning on growing my hair out for a while because I’d watched some of my older YouTube Videos with my longer hair and was missing it, but I always look at shorter cuts and love them, too, so this took the decision out of my hands and I’m quite happy!

Cristina and I both loved our hair!

The two products that Michael used on my hair were:
1. Rock Your Hair Miracle Leave in Treatment
2. Rock Your Hair Bombshell.

Miracle is like a leave in conditioning treatment, so works well as a detangler and a heat protectant.

Bombshell is a powder that emulsifies into a gel for AMAZING lift. You already know that I love the Redken Powder Grip that is similar to this. Dare I say it, but this has more oomph and adds more volume!

While we were on stage, Michael was teaching how to add volume to hair with cuts. He said to cut downward when you want the hair to lay down, but cut upwards when you want volume.

The way he demonstrated the upward cut was to take a section of hair near the crown, hold it at an appropriate angle about an inch from the head, and then scissor from the underside of the section of hair, fading it out and blending in as he snipped further out towards the ends. It never failed to add volume at the crown, and it seems to be quite different from a lot of the techniques I’ve seen demonstrated in the past where layers are cut in at the crown to remove the weight and add volume.

I really loved how my hair looked, so once Michael had finished with me, I hopped off to purchase Bombshell. I can’t wait to play with it.

Cristina also liked it so later on we came back and she bought a bottle. Really great stuff!

I’ve got some hair bling in my hair.

I slapped on Artisan Beauty Pink Poodle lipstick for a few photos with my glasses.

I’ve got a lot of events to write up for you from this weekend, but this is the first. The Rock Your Hair experience from the event was my favorite! It was awesome for Cristina and I both to be chosen to be impromptu hair models and get cuts from such talented stylists.

You can expect a detailed review on Rock Your Hair Bombshell.

What do you think of Cristina’s new cut? How about mine?

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