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Perfect Foundations for Pale Skin

Perfect Foundations

I’ve been emailed recently to ask which foundations do I consider a perfect match with my skintone. I’ve done several foundation posts, including my Best Vegan Foundations and Favorite Foundations. My idea of the perfect foundation match has changed over the past 6 years, as well as with my skin type changing. I was sensitive combo oily (oily t-zone and cheeks) and now I’m more sensitive combo dry (dry under eyes, oily t-zone, normal on cheeks)

Perfect Foundations for Pale Skin

Right now, I find my face to be an annoyance because of my rosacea, but hopefully that will change soon. With my rosacea, I flush all along my hair line and jaw line, which gives my skin a faint pink overtone. It’s super annoying to me. When I use my Mirvaso medication, it completely removes this flush and makes my skin lighter and more neutral in tone.

Yesterday (July 31st) I had my first IPL treatment for my rosacea. It should take 5 or so days to see the results of the first treatment. I have 2 more treatments scheduled to reduce my rosacea.

Because of my rosacea, I prefer to match my foundation to my neck and chest, rather than my face. If I match to my face I look like a lobster. Matching to my chest and neck looks more natural.

NARS Europa and Lysithea Eyeshadow Look
Wearing Cover FX CC Cream in N Light mixed with Face Atelier Zero Minus

My favorite foundation product to reach for more than anything else is Cover FX CC Cream in N Light (vegan). I mix that with Face Atelier Zero Minus (vegan) and then I have the perfect color and coverage for my taste. For me the best way to apply this is to start with a primer and tap the primer into my pores on my nose and cheeks. Then apply Cover FX Matte Setting powder in Light (vegan) or Illuminating Setting Powder in Light (vegan) to my face. Finally, I take the CC Cream and Zero Minus and dot them around my face. Then I use a damp beauty blender to bounce it around on my face and blend it into my skin. I feel like it does an incredible job of melding with my skin and it does not oxidize on me.

You can check my current complexion routine video out. This may give you a better idea on how to apply these products.


Wearing N10 on the left side of this picture and bare skin on the right side.
Wearing N10 on the left side of this picture and bare skin on the right side.

I’m also a big fan of Silk Naturals HD Cream foundation in N10 (vegan). N10 (Neutral) is a perfect match without tweaking. It’s a cream foundation with ceramic microspheres that are supposed to give you a flawless airbrushed finish. It dries to a matte finish, but I still think it should be set with a powder. It’s gluten free, too. However, when my face is angry / red / hot, it’s not a good product for me to apply.

Pretty Zombie cosmetics Purple Poison
Wearing only OCC Skin Conceal in Y0 and e.l.f. HD Undereye Setting Powder.

Lately I’ve been loving Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Skin Conceal in Y0 (vegan). If I’m having a good skin day and wearing Mirvaso, so there’s not any pink tones to my skin,  I will use this to conceal under my eyes and one or two places around my face and call it done. To do this, I start by applying primer. Then I apply NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder or Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Powder or Cover FX Illuminating Setting Powder in Light. then I use Skin Conceal and blend it out. I will set under the eyes with e.l.f. HD Undereye Setting Powder.

I really wish that OCC made a foundation like Y0. I love the consistency and coverage of it. It’s pretty perfect in my opinion.

I really like the shade, formula and finish of The All Natural Face cream foundation in Porcelain Kissed by Honey (vegan). It does a nice job of matching my skin and being comfortable to wear.

Wearing Snowie. See my review
Wearing Snowie. See my review

I like Performance Colors Snowie (ultra pale neutral)(vegan) and I just ordered Performance Colors Chalk (palest neutral) to see if that’s a closer match when I am lacking any of the pink from rosacea. This is a neat cream product that dries to a matte finish and works better without a primer.

I’m also a big fan of Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese (vegan) mixed with a bit of Snow Lynx to lighten it up a touch to better match my skintone. I’m trying to find a way that I can wear it comfortably again, since it’s such a great match, but I feel like a lot of powders are drying.

All of these foundations are cruelty free and to the best of my knowledge they’re all vegan. I love that the match my skintone so well. They have great formulas and wearability.

So to recap, here are what I consider my current matches to be

  • Cover FX CC Cream in N Light mixed with Face Atelier Zero Minus
  • Silk Naturals HD Creme Foundation in N10
  • OCC Skin Conceal (concealer) in Y0
  • The All Natural Face foundation in Porcelain Kissed by Honey
  • Performance Colors Oil Free foundation in Snowie
  • Meow Cosmetics Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese mixed with Snow Lynx

What are your current best foundation matches? Are they mostly indie or mainstream brands? Let me know below!




  • Right now I’m trying out Estee Lauder’s Double Wear, it’s a fairly good match but I think I have to go up a shade because of the summer!

  • I’m excited to hear how the IPL works for you. I don’t have rosacea, but my Mom does, so I always reference your recommendations for her lol. I personally use the IT Cosmetics bye bye redness, but it’s only when I self tan. It’s too bad it isn’t in lighter/darker shades. 🙂

  • I agree with Kendra – you do a fabulous job with your foundations and I’d never know you had rosacea just by looking at you. I’m still a big fan of the Cover FX BB Gel, but right now I’m playing with powder foundations. I’m loving the It Cosmetics and Physician’s Formula powder foundations, with the It Cosmetics one fast becoming an HG products for my oily skin. I can often get away without using concealer if I take the smaller end of their powder brush and apply a little more powder under my eyes and around my nose, too.

  • Great suggestions! It’s nice to see you’re more matched to indie vs mainstream brands

    • Many mainstream brands don’t go pale enough for me, or dark enough for some of my friends. Thankfully lots of indies do 🙂

  • I am super fair, so I feel your pain! I am not sure if it is vegan/cruelty free, but Gosh has a CC cream in Porcelain that is amazing and uber light! 😀

  • I also have rosacea and have to match my neck and décolletage rather than my face. I have ridiculously dry and sensitive skin, and through years of trial and error have discovered I can’t wear cream or liquid foundations, as they highlight the dryness. I use powder foundations – sounds counterintuitive but it works. For years I used Stila’s IPF, but now that they’re using 3rd party testers I’m back to using Meow. It is drier than the IPF (which is why I had stopped using it), but it’s the best solution I’ve found for now. I have to use the Flawless formula because I need the Zinc Oxide, so it is heavier, but it just means I use a very light covering.

    The way I use it is to layer moisturisers: it’s winter here so I start with a homemade cream (in summer I use a homemade serum), followed by my daily moisturiser with sunscreen (QV Face), then let that set and put on some Chantecaille jasmine emulsion in my really dry spots, let that dry then top with a Korres moisturising primer (another product I’ll have to find a replacement for when my backups run out, thanks to testing…). I let it all dry then apply a light dusting of Meow, then concealer if needed (Becca or OCC). And to finish I spritz it all with hydrosols.

    It sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s quite quick, and I just get dressed, make lunch etc in between. I do still get some dry patches when I’m at my worst, but they’re not as noticeable as with creams or liquids – and I think that with dry skin it’s just always going to happen.

    • All of these brands cater to a wider range of skintones than your standard brands. Cover FX has like 28 shades and Meow has like 80 shades. So they offer colors for the more extreme ends of the spectrum if you’re pale like I am or deeper in skintone. Many brands don’t run deep enough for some of my friends, but these do 🙂

  • Great article. So interesting to learn about all those indie brands that you mentioned. I also appreciated your tip on applying powder first then foundation, and have been doing that since you recommended it.

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